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Parent/School Relations



An orientation meeting is scheduled at the beginning of the school year that all parents are required to attend. The purpose is to orientate parents about any changes to the school and provide the opportunity for the administration to address parental concerns and answer questions.


PTA/Parent–Teacher Association (PTA)

          The Parent–Teacher Association  (PTA) consists of the school’s principal, administrators, and a group of parents who wish to be involved in the decision making process of the school. The PTA is scheduled to meet every month to discuss school matters. If a decision needs to be made promptly, a meeting will be immediately arranged to discuss the issue at hand.


Parent–Teacher Conferences

          A Parent–Teacher Conference will be held once at the end of each semester that all parents and teachers are required to attend. A report card will be issued at this meeting.  In addition, parents and teachers will be able to discuss students’ progress and/or concerns.


School Information

          School announcements will be placed on the school bulletin boards and also send directly to parents by letter. 

          The school maintains a website ( which contains information about the teachers, a school calendar, class schedule, list of up-coming events, reviews of past activities and events, learning topics by grade, and the monthly newsletter.

          The school can also be contracted via email  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Parent Observations

          Parents are welcome to observe classes but are asked to make arrangements with the educational coordinator or assistants and classroom teacher prior to doing so.






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