Hello guys, all right? I’m Guilherme and I’m going to teach another Chris Brown choreography. Choreography of the new clip which is called “Pills and Automobiles”, and it is this video here Choreography is very simple. Just needs to be trained a few times
But it’s very easy to learn I’ll leave it at the end of the video. In the box here on the screen with the cover I made, which is available on facebook and here on youtube. I’m recording this video in the same the day I recorded the cover. But I’ll post the cover first and then the tutorial. So if you’re watching the tutorial today it means that the cover is already rolling in the channel. Watch there the video cover very quickly, leave here paused and after that watch come back here and learn from me. Get ready! And let’s do it !! Come on, the beginning is very easy. You should be facing the right side. On the right side, at the time that Chris screams you should turn to the left side. It is on the right side, oh. As soon as you hear him scream, turn to the left side fast, example: “Uaaau”, turn. When you turn, do this with your arms. As if they were opening up giving space to the breast and come down with your hands closed up to the waist. With the breast always raised, to give a good effect. The third time, stay with your chest up, do not go down again. 1,2,3 … turn the body to the right side will come. 1,2,3 … turned … to the right side On the right side, you will do the same thing with the breast But there’s a different beat, coming one behind the other. He does “tumtum”, the first time he did “tum … tum”. No breaks in the beat. Then, in this beat you will have to move the chest together Doing… No need to go up and down the breast Half raise the upper breast. Do: 1,2,3 … Turn, and do “tum tum” and do not complete the third. Why should you turn your body to the other side Come on! 3 times,
1,2,3 Turned to the right side now.
1.2 … 3 When you are finished with your breast, turn to the other side. He will have to go to the left, back, right side and end up going up. I’ll do it in front of the mirror. contains, 1.2..3. The fourth time, turn the body to the left, back and right side In circular motion.
Fast! turn around! When you turn, go up and go down. The body rises, with the arms back, with the left leg flexed and the right stretched. Come on, one more time. Turn, to, up and down the next move is with the two arms Like this. Go up, down … 1,2 Remember that part? He goes up, down, left arm, right arm Climb with your left leg, not too much. Just to have a legal effect 1,2,3,4,5 There are 5 steps. 1,2,3,4…5 When the foot is on the ground, make the movement “nae nae” AN IMPORTANT TIP: When you learn some choreography from Chris Brown Never look at Chris Brown. To truly learn, look at his dancers. They are the ones doing the complete choreography without changing anything Chris Brown always adds something in the middle of the dance. and confuses a little at the time of dancing. On the foot part, do the dancers alike.
But if you want to make “Chris Brown” no problem Up, down, left, right, left leg goes up the little and the right leg goes up When the leg goes down, the right arm goes up. And do it. All this turned to the left side Chris Brown does so, and goes back But if you notice, the dancers do to the left side *** It’s the same as this, except that this is done with the arm too 3 times Do: 1,2,3 and when done do this movement with the left arm First left, then right and take three more steps back Come on
Up, down, left, right, left leg, right, 1,2,3, left arm, right arm and down Do it very fast. Look! Left right 1,2,3
Left, right and down. When you’re done, take a few steps back and then a few steps forward. Stop like this with both hands at waist height and both legs apart. Turn the head to the left side Turn your head and do it Raise your left leg tilt the body to the right side thus, count, 1,2,3,4 four steps. In the third step make this movement and in the fourth step finish. Once again. Now at normal speed. Now start with the left arm making this move to the right side 2x 1,2 Turn! 3,4 Turn to the left side with hands at head height. Rotate with your left leg to the floor and the right raised just a spin. When done with your arms, do it with your leg. It is the scene where they are in the water, and they play up Right after Chris Brown does this open the leg to the right side and with the foot, bring the body to the center Start, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and play now on his back. Now is the second part of the clip. It starts like this: OK? I’ll do it now. start with your hands like this, then lower your arm with legs apart. Lower your arms and hands Cross your right hand with your left hand It raises both arms, and finishes like this. When lowering your arms, do this with your legs as if an energy passed from the arms to the legs The knees to the inside and heels outward now the arms rise at the height of the head and will return. right arm in front and left back move both shoulders to give effect to step and place the right leg behind the left threaten to climb right foot and come back finishing the previous step, we will once again play the left leg behind the right. but your left hand on your chest and your right hand like that, as if you were looking at the mirror. on here Bring it fast! Then take a jump and turn 2x two turns My sneakers today do not allow you to make those two turns (LOL). But I’ll slow it down. two turns Lift and take both arms on the left side to the right. When you get to chest height do this do one side and then the other 1,2 1.2 … then 3, 4, 5 Ending with open arms, do this Walking Forward four steps 1,2,3,4 and make the move as if you were throwing something up and turn to the right side do this, 1,2,3,4 On the right side, you will do this first leg RIGHT ** throw both arms down and the leg goes up repeat 4x. The fourth time, your leg will not go down, it should be thrown to the left side. Turn around and make the move to throw something to the other side played, lower the body and raise the left arm Played … and back like this. Play, come back, stop and do it. Like throwing something forward again. But at the time in the belly. Straighten your right arm, pull back twice Raise your arm and take two steps back. 1 … 2 Again Now in this position, do this with the arm and leg Repeat the movement by walking forward Start with the left arm, at the same time the left leg I’ll go face the mirror and you’ll repeat it the way I do. I hope you liked the video Comment if you liked it Leave suggestions for dances and tutorials I really like Chris Brown. So whenever he throws something I go there and do it. Leave in the comments other artists you want me to imitate and teach the choreography. I will enjoy and answer all of you Enjoy my Facebook page and access the description links Ah! I’m on a project to teach some Popping techniques Teach those American dances, type “Reverse” If you want this too, leave it in the comments. Until next time … Bye !!


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