10 Most Expensive YouTuber Cars (Logan Paul, David Dobrik, Ace Family, Dobre Brothers)

When you’re a world famous YouTuber and rolling
in money, you want to make sure you’re spending it wisely, and what better investment is there
than a luxury car? Not only is it fast and fashionable, it always
makes for an awesome thumbnail. Somehow it almost seems like youtubers these
days are in a constant competition to determine who has the coolest cars on the site. So who’s cars are the coolest? Logan or Jake? Or maybe FaZe Clan blows them out of the water. Well today I’m gonna show you their coolest
and most expensive cars and you can come to your own conclusion. Let’s get on! Logan Paul
The internet sensation Logan Paul has had quite a history on YouTube, but through it
all he’s kept one thing consistent: his love for impressive cars. Logan’s not just built up quite the collection
over the years, but also customized many of his cars to fit his personality perfectly. Most famous among his collection is arguably
his Mercedes Benz known as the Yeti, which costs a staggering 150,000 dollars up front,
and that’s not including the massive 12 thousand-dollar snow-plow he had specially added to the front. You know, for those famous Los Angeles snow
storms. Logan’s also spent well over 150 thousand
on a tricked out sprinter van, and over 50 thousand on what he calls the “Cool Bus”,
which was just a regular old school bus when he got it, until he turned it into a truly
awesome party bus for his squad. When he wants to come off as a little more
humble, Logan casually whips around in his Dodge Challenger, which comes in at a cool
28 thousand and has a maximum speed of 182 miles per hour. As if that weren’t enough, in 2019 Logan got
himself a Polaris Slingshot, coming in at 30 thousand dollars for his 24th birthday
exclusively because he had driven it once in Hawaii and liked it. Guess that’s the kind of impulse purchase
you’re able to make when you’ve got youtube money. Jake Paul
Much like his older brother Logan, Jake Paul is no stranger to collecting cool cars. Unlike his brother however, Jake’s taste in
cars ranges on the more flashy and expensive kinds. His collection includes an incredible Lamborghini
Hurracan Performante, a car that costs a whopping 280 thousand dollars and can clock speeds
of over 300 miles per hour! Of course, Jake also cares about the environment,
which he combined with his love of luxury to purchase a Tesla Model X, the souped up
fully electric car with one of the fastest street legal 0 to 60 accelerations in the
world. But of course, that’s not all the younger
Paul brother is riding around in; he’s also the owner of an absolutely epic custom made
truck that converts into an on the go merch shop, decked out with its own merch gatling
gun on the roof. Now that’s a kicking ride. Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox is a massively popular vlogger who’s made a huge fortune that’ll last the
rest of his life before even hitting legal adulthood. Considering he’s too young to pop bottles
at the club like a lot of other wealthy young people, the American youtuber has instead
decided to start building up a collection of expensive cars. Among his collection is of course, the Tesla
Model X, which by this point you might’ve realized is pretty much a youtuber standard. But Tanner has also gotten himself some seriously
tricked out custom cars, like his 2017 Nissan GTR worth over 150 thousand dollars and made
completely unique with an ever expanding set of custom modifications. After getting a taste with the GTR, Tanner
custom ordered a Porsche GT3RS from Porsche in Germany and went in person to pick it up,
giving us one of the craziest reactions on YouTube when he first took the cover off and
got to see the one of a kind 190-thousand dollar car. The Dobre Brothers
The Dobre Brothers are one of the most divisive youtubers around today, after all it’s not
easy to pick whether Lucas or Marcus is your favorite. Equally divisive is trying to pick which of
the brothers insanely expensive cars is the coolest. Through their massive success, the Dobre’s
have made a lot of money, and have spent it on some completely awesome cars, and just
like they share their channel and their success, they also share most of their whips. Their Mercedes Benz 4-by-4 comes in at 150
thousand dollars, their Nissan GTR Nismo is a souped up sports car with a souped up 180
thousand dollar price tag, but jumping way up in price range is the first car that’s
actually not shared between the brothers, is Lucas’ personal 294 thousand dollar Porsche
GT2 RS, one of the fastest street legal cars around with an unbelievable 700 horse power
and top speeds of 211-miles per hour. In a little bit of sibling rivalry though,
Marcus one upped his brother with his own personal car, the outrageous 350 thousand-dollar
Ferrari 458 Pista, with an equally outrageous 710 horsepower and top speeds of well over
220-miles per hour. Now that might just be the coolest car on
youtube. FaZe Rug
Faze Clan has quickly become one of the most popular and rapidly growing groups to dominate
the YouTube scene, and along with all those views and subscribers comes a whole lot of
dough. One of the most prolific members of the ensemble,
FaZe Rug, has found an awesome way to show off all that success with his exotic cars. FaZe purchased himself a Lamborghini Hurracan,
a car that comes in well over 250 thousand dollars, but by some unbelievable circumstances
he actually got bored of it and ended up selling the 300 mile per hour beast in order to upgrade
to the Lamborghini URUS, a 200 thousand dollar feat of Italian engineering and sophistication. The larger URUS can’t pull off the speeds
of the Hurracan, but it does have room to carry more of his FaZe Clan friends in it,
because what’s the point of success if you have no one to share it with. If Rug doesn’t want to get the URUS dirty
or put too many miles on it however, he’s also got the modest 2016 Range Rover sitting
in his driveway, a 90 thousand dollar luxury SUV decked out with screens passengers can
play Fortnite on. We’ve all gotta be sensible after all. David Dobrik
David Dobrik is no stranger to buying cars, having bought his friends, family and even
strangers 16 cars so far, with a total price range approaching a million dollars. Of course, the Slovakian youtuber doesn’t
just treat his friends to sick whips and indulges himself too. Dobrik famously drives around in a fully electric
Tesla Model X, which he features in a majority of his vlogs. As a guy with a lot of friends, the extra
seating and leg room really comes in handy and for Dobrik it’s probably completely
worth the $135,000 price tag. Of course, sometimes you’ve gotta think of
yourself first, and that’s exactly why David copped himself the 2 seater Ferrari 458 spider,
coming in at the incredibly high price of 245 thousand dollars, or almost 2 Tesla Model
X’s. The 458 spider comes with a 570 horsepower
V8 engine and can clock speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. I mean, I guess he can fit one other friend
inside. Jeffreestar
A near billionaire make up mogul whose had an entire documentary series made about him,
what more could Jeffreestar ask for? Well, how about a ton of hyper luxurious cars? Jeffrey has a wide range to choose from when
he needs to go for a ride, with a driveway with a total value of well over a million
dollars in front of his home. Let’s start with the car that puts him in
the same league as David Dobrik, the Tesla Model X, the 135-thousand dollar electric
dream of Elon Musk. Moving up the ladder in terms of price is
a car Jeffree doesn’t even own, but still bought: the 150 thousand dollar Aston Martin
Vantage which he bought for his boyfriend Nathan in 2019, which as a matter of fact
was actually his dream car. Sure wish I was that lucky. Rising on up in price, Jefree’s also got a
bright yellow Lamborghini Urus Super, the upgraded version of the already insanely luxurious
Italian SUV, with a price tag of about 200 thousand dollars. Of course, the Jeffreestar brand wouldn’t
be complete without some bright pink, and that’s where his most expensive car comes
into play. With a price tag of 320 thousand dollars,
the Rolls Royce Wraith, with a custom Jeffreestar approved pink paint job unlike that of any
other Rolls Royce in the world. Maybe I should start a make-up channel myself. Brawadis
Topping off the second set of brothers on our list is Brawadis, brother of fellow automobile
enthusiast FaZe Rug. Brawadis started his car collection off back
in 2017 when he was able to treat himself to a brand new BMW i8, a car that looks like
it came out of a scifi movie. Brandon must have worked hard to get to the
point of spoiling himself so well, because the i8 costs 150 thousand dollars, which certainly
isn’t chump change. But as time went on, Brawadis managed to become
even more successful, and, obviously that meant getting to upgrade what treating himself
meant. In late 2019 the gamer and vlogger copped
himself a McLaren 570 Spider, a supercar with an accompanying super price tag of 220-thousand
dollars. The 570 Spider has butterfly doors, but that
doesn’t mean it’s fragile; with its 570 horsepower, it can go 0 to 60 in a neck-breaking
3.1 seconds. Makes sense that someone who became successful
so quickly would want such a fast car. Ace Family
The Ace Family is one of the biggest family Vlogging channels around. So big in fact, that the humble and relatable
origins which gave them their initial popularity have given way to shows of extreme excess
and luxury that viewers take a vicarious pleasure in watching play out. Along with expensive vacations, stunts and
colossal mansions, the Ace Family have of course indulged in some crazy luxury vehicles. To start off, the family has a collection
of 3 different colored Jeeps. Each Jeep is worth over 30 thousand dollars,
bringing the collection of the three to a total cost of almost 100 thousand. Now, three cars for a hundred thousand sounds
pretty reasonable, but what about one car for 300 thousand? Well, add a little bit onto that and you’ve
got the outrageous price tag on the Ace Family’s 320 thousand-dollar Rolls Royce, the car that’s
stood the test of time as an absolute symbol of class, luxury and of course, big bucks. If you thought that was all though, you obviously
haven’t seen this family’s massive driveway; no way are they gonna leave a huge spot of
it open. And that’s exactly what Ace Family mom and
wife Catherine thought when she surprised her husband Austin with a brand-new Lamborghini
Hurracan EVO for his birthday. The souped up version of the Hurracan has
an insane 610 horse power V10 engine capable of speeds well over 200 miles per hour and
the astonishing price tag of 280 thousand dollars! Now that’s an expensive set of wheels. Salomondrin
Salomondrin is a youtuber that’s taken exotic cars from a hobby to an all out business. The car enthusiast buys and sells expensive
cars, but only after he’s gotten to show them off to his audience in a video. After selling his previous fleet of luxury
cars, he’s still left with some of the most exclusive cars in the world, such as his Rolls
Royce Ghost, a car that’s made for the ultimate level of luxury and enjoyment. The exclusive work of craftsmanship comes
in at a staggering 320 thousand dollars. Alongside that, his wife drives around in
an AMG G63, a beautiful matte gold SUV that turns heads wherever it goes with it’s unique
but unmistakably classic design. Staying within the Mercedes family, Salomondrin
has come into possession of a true hot rod that’ll give you wingzzz. With 3 z’s I mean, we’re not trying to get
sued like Red Bull. Maybe to help with paying off that settlement,
they sold off their custom AMG GTR to Salomondrin at the fair price of 197 thousand dollars,
which is an absolute steal for such a powerful machine. Speaking of powerful machines, one of my personal
favorites from Salomondrin’s collection is the Aston Martin DB11 Volante, which is actually
his wife’s car too. Happy wife, happy life they say, and with
this 255 thousand dollar sleek, luxurious car, how could she not be happy?


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