10 Ways To Make Money From Scratch

Sometimes when you’re starting out, you have
very little or no money to start with. So in this episode I want to offer you 10
ways that you can make money from scratch, starting with absolutely nothing. That’s right. You heard me starting with no money. We’re not investing a thousand dollars or
even $100 into this. How can we start from scratch? So I’m going to go through 10 different ideas. Some of these I actually do to make quite
a lot of money in my own business. Some of them make me a tiny bit on the side. Some of them I don’t do because I can’t be
bothered, but they might suit you. So without further ado, let’s get into it. Number one is an idea that I got from Gary
V, which is to go on the Gumtree free section. Now, in order to do this, just get a gum tree
type in search terms, putting your location and hit search. Then on the lefthand side you’ll get some
search criteria. You can go to the price and you can select
free and as people giving away free stuff. When I did this activity for Granola in Sydney,
I found a bunch of free furniture. I even found a free industrial photocopier
that I’m sure is worth money to someone, so a bunch of this freestyle people just want
to get rid of it, but it’s actually worth money. So if you could pick that up, you could then
resell it on Gumtree or you could resell it on Ebay or you could sell it to someone that
you know or sell it on facebook marketplace and you can go ahead and do that. So that’s the easiest way to get started. Just go to the free section on Gumtree or
if you’re outside of Australia like you’ve been here in the US, then maybe Craig’s list
and the free section in craigslist would be better than gum tree, but that’s a really
easy way to start making money for free. Now obviously you need to have a car in order
to pick some of this stuff up. You got to pay for petrol, so don’t have accounts
as typically like actually afraid, but I’m sure you can rope in some of your friends
to help you pick something up. Friends are generally open to helping you
pick out furniture if they can. It’s up to you. You can make this happen and it takes very
little if not no investment. The second one is to do consulting, so that’s
the take skills that you have and to consult to a business for money. Now this is like going and getting a job and
working for money, but it’s a bit higher level than that. You can do consulting where you’re paid by
the hour or you can do consulting where you actually sell a consulting gig. I will be your consultant. I will teach you how to set up x and you’ll
pay me x amount. I prefer consulting where you’re not paid
by the hour where you’re paid for the deliverable that you actually provide, and this just requires
you to have a skill in your life that another person or another business may find valuable. For me, that consulting would easily be marketing,
would easily be content creation, could be around or things like that could be around
public speaking as well. I’ve had people request me to consult, will
be their coach for public speaking. There’s a bunch of areas in my life where
I know more than the average person and I could go ahead and be a consultant for them. I’ve got friends who consult as health coaches. I’ve got friends who consult in it and computer
systems just go out there, find what your better than most people at that a business
or a person would find valuable and then the goal is to get them to obviously pay you to
consult, so if it’s going to require some sales in there, you’re going to have to be
brave in order to get those consulting gigs, but they’re out there. I could go to multiple different businesses
in my local area now, show them what I’ve done online and talk about the skills that
I have and I could get paid to consult for them. The reason I liked consulting over doing the
actual client work, so I would prefer to teach people how to create content and what to create
rather than actually creating that content for them is there’s less work involved in
consulting than there is in actually going ahead and creating the deliverables for that
person, like creating the content, so consulting is the second one on the list. The third one is youtube and creating youtube
videos. Almost all of you have a video camera in your
pocket. I’m guessing you’ve got an iphone or a fairly
decent android phone where you can go ahead and you can start creating youtube videos. One’s like this, what am I doing? I’ve got a phone set up on a stand and I’m
recording this. Now I have a stand that cost me maybe $80
and a microphone that costs me $100. You don’t need to go to that extent. Some of the first videos I ever made were
on my phone with no other camera. If you get in a nice quiet place than the
audio can actually be pretty good from your phone, especially considering if you’re not
too far away from the camera either. What I would recommend with youtube, you really
going to make much money from youtube advertising. Youtube had these new rules at the moment
where you need to have a certain amount of watch time and you need to have a thousand
subscribers in order to start making money from youtube. Some channels that I have that used to make
money because they get good traffic don’t make me money anymore because I don’t have
a thousand plus subscribers and sound channels I have with over a thousand subscribers. They didn’t have enough watch time in order
for me to advertise the content that I do have on there and even when you do advertise
on youtube or make money in advertising, it’s a very minuscule amount, so I wouldn’t recommend
that you rely on Youtube adsense. What I would do if I was going to start from
scratch in youtube is I would do product reviews and I would be an affiliate for someone like
Amazon. In the US or some other type of service like
that, even for on property, for example, I do book reviews. I have reviewed the thousand dollar project
book as well as the barefoot investor and I recommend that people purchase those books
through, which is an Australian bookstore. I lead the links in the description down below,
which I’ll do in this video as well, and when people click on those and buy those books,
I get a small commission for that. So what I would do about starting on Youtube,
I wouldn’t rely on the ad revenue because that’s going to come later. If ever I will do product reviews and I would
do good quality solid reviews on products that people are searching for. So then when people search into Google or
when I search into youtube, you’re going to come up. You’re going to provide a great review for
those people and then you’re going to encourage them to buy the product through your links,
which will be in the description down below. Or you can often add links to the end cards
as well. But I’m not sure we actually allowed to affiliate
link outside of the hand card, so basically in the description down below, I would do
that. So I’ve made money on Youtube, I continue
to make money on youtube using this strategy, doing product reviews, leaving a link to the
product below, and if they click that link, then you make a commission for that Amazon,
probably the best place to start, create content for the US audience. And so find some products that you can review. You might have products a lying around your
house that you can just go ahead and start reviewing. You don’t need to buy any of it, or you could
borrow products, are friends and do reviews for their products. And then leave the links to that in the description
down below so people can buy it. And then as you start to make money and the
checks start coming, then you can use that money to reinvest into transcriptions, reinvest
into a website, reinvest into buying more products and reviewing more products. So that’s number three. Create Youtube videos where I’m doing product
reviews. Now four is a dumb one and you make very little
money doing this, but you do make money for free and that’s what’s called crypto currency
faucets. So cryptocurrency is things like bit coin,
light coin, Doge coin, um, you may have heard of these and there’s these things called faucets,
which are websites that are jam packed with advertising that actually offer you free crypto
currency in exchange for filling out a capture. So you click on the capture, you might have
to select where the cars in this picture, things like that, and then they give you a
small amount of money. The reason they can do that is because they’re
making more in advertising than they’re giving you in free cryptocurrency. The payouts are extremely small. Each time you do one of these websites, you
might make a point to have a scent or something like that. There’s about five to 10 websites that I’ve
used in order to get free cryptocurrency. And these websites also have referral programs
as well. So if you refer friends to get free cryptocurrency,
if they do it, then you get some for free as well. So I used to manually do it myself, I now
just refer people to it through youtube videos that I’ve done actually, and I make around
$20 per month or something in cryptocurrency through this method. So I’ll leave the links to the crypto faucets
in the description down below if you want to start and give that a go. Again, the payouts are ridiculously small,
probably not worth your time, but hey, you can get started in it and if crypto continues
to grow over time, then you might only make a small amount now. But if you hold it in the future, it could
be worth a lot more. And so yeah, those links are the crypto for
sets their referrals for me as well. So if you do that, you’ll get crypto for free
and so will I. and so there is number three and action, which is the youtube videos, linking
people to things that if they do something or buy something, you’ll make some money. So do that if you want. Again, as I said, it’s very small amounts
of money and the reason they can do it is that they earn more in advertising than they
pay you out and they are legitimate because I have actually withdrawn from these sites
into my own cryptocurrency wallets, so I know that I have that cryptocurrency in my ownership
that they can’t take away, so they seemed scammy, but they are actually legitimate,
so I’ll leave the links to those in the description down below. The fifth one would be instagram marketing,
so you can create an instagram account if you put good photos on there, use hashtags
correctly. If you start following people in your market,
you comment on their photos and engage with them. You can build up a sizeable instagram audience. I started a public instagram called Ryan Mcclain,
so you can go and follow me over there if you want. Within a day I’ve got about four to 500 instagram
followers. I stopped after a day because I just didn’t
really want to do that. That eventually fell down to about 200 followers,
but I’m sure if I was active on there putting on good photos, using the right hashtags,
you can grow that significantly. I’ve got many friends who have over 10,000
instagram followers. I’ve got friends who have over 100,000 instagram
followers. Once you start getting up there in terms of
follow account and engagement, then you can start working with brands to make money to
promote on your instagram story or to promote through your instagram posts. So that’s a way to do it for free. It’s gonna take a lot of work. It’s you’re going to need some good photos. You’re going to need to know how to market
on Instagram, but you can learn all of that stuff on youtube and so if you want to go
ahead and do that, then that’s one avenue you can take. I personally don’t like it because I just,
yeah, I liked the passive income sort of stuff and instagram just requires you to be on multiple
times a day doing lots of stories every day and so it’s not my vibe, but it’s definitely
something that you can do for free and as you grow your follower account you can start
making money or at least getting free stuff, which you could then go ahead and sell like
step number one, which was the getting free stuff on country, so you might be able to
get free products that you can then flip and sell after you’ve done the promotion for them. Step number six is one that my eight year
old daughter has done that is creating and selling kindle books. So my daughter wrote her first book called
Wolf Tooth and the secret cave. It’s about a bulldog explorer who goes exploring
in caves and she wrote that story I think when she was seven years old. We went through and edited that. We took photos of the pictures that she drew,
and so we added them in. Basically created a word document with her
book that she had written manually and we then listed that on kindle first sale for
ninety nine cents or whatever it was. Kendall takes the bulk of, it’s like 70 percent
or something like that, but we actually got sales from that book. We talked to friends, we talked to family
who obviously bought the book, but the funny thing was we actually made sales overseas
as well, so people in the USA bought my daughter’s book will lift off and the Secret Cape, so
she’s got plans to publish a lot more books in the future, start building up her income
and that doesn’t cost anything. You need a computer obviously, but we pretty
much all have computers or if you don’t, you know someone that you can borrow a computer
from or you might be able to get free time at a library. Do they still exist? I don’t even know. There’s a way that you can get access to a
word document, write a book and publish it on kindle. Then when it’s up there, any sales that you
make, that’s passive income and so that’s a really good strategy to start making money
online as well. Number seven is the way that I make the majority
of my income online and that’s through what’s called niche websites, so these are websites
focused around one particular topic where you write articles, you create videos around
that topic, publish them on your website. People come to your website, you put advertising
on there. When they click on the ads, you make some
money or the same with a youtube strategy. You put affiliate links on there, so if they
click through to Amazon and buy something, then you make a commission for it. Niche websites are a great way to build up
not only online income, but actually passive income because once you’ve written one article,
that article then stays on there and can rank and generate traffic and income for years
to come. You can get started doing this for free. If you go to wordpress.com, you can get a
free website over there, or if you want to be a little more sophisticated, step it up
a bit and have your own website, your own.com. Then you can start for about $4 per month
with bluehost, which is a good host out there. It’s a good cheap hosts. I’ll leave the links to that in the description
down below. Again, that’s my affiliate link or go on property.com
dot EU slash bluehost, and they offer you a free domain name and then you pay $4 per
month to host your website on there. You can then run wordpress. They’ve got a pretty easy installation of
that over there and you can start creating articles and you can start making money. Now. This is not going to happen overnight and
it does take time for Google to recognize and to trash your website and you’ve got to
create really good content. My strategy has always been whatever content
is out there, make something better than that content, and so I advise that same strategy. Find an area, find a niche, find a market
where there’s not a lot of competition, so don’t go into the make money online space
where it’s highly competitive. Go into some other space, create really good
content, answer people’s questions by creating articles that just completely answered their
question. My method that I take towards this is I say
if someone’s typing a phrase into Google, I want them to come to my website to come
to my article and that article completely answers their question and any others that
they might have that they don’t need to go back to Google and they don’t need to search
anymore that I just completely answer that question and then I make money in advertising
or make money in affiliate sales so you can start a website for [email protected], but
it’s not ideal to do it that way because you’d have your website.wordpress.com. It’s better to have just your website.com
and so you can start that for $4 per month. If you’ve got that extra cash lying around
those two gold coins. Can you afford it? I don’t know, but links to both of those in
the description down below the eighth one is to go ahead and set up websites for other
people. This was always going to be my backup plan. If I didn’t make enough money online, what
I was going to do was to set up websites for other people and rather than charging them
excessive amounts of money to do this, I figured I could offer them this service for free. If they sign up for hosting through my affiliate
link. Now there’s limits in how you can do that. They would have to sign up themselves for
their own ip address, etc. But if they use my link and they were paid
$4 per month just to host their website, which they would have to pay anyway, I could set
them up a basic website for free and then you get a commission from the host because
they signed up through your affiliate link, so that was an idea that I have that I never
implemented that I could go ahead and set up these basic websites for businesses with
their contact details and stuff like that. You could help them put the content on there,
you could help them get a different theme that they like, etc. There wouldn’t Be a great deal of work involved,
but you will get paid by the hosting company rather than by the client themselves. You could also obviously charge the client
different packages as well. You could have a free package where you set
up a basic website, but you don’t put any content on there. You can have a more expensive package where
you do the content than a more expensive one where he’d do the content and the theme and
offer support. There’s lots of different options that you
can do with that. One. Number nine is freelancing, so rather than
working in a job, you can freelance and get paid by the hour or you can get paid for the
job that you do. There’s a couple of sites that you can look
at. One’s called upwork, one’s called freelancer,
where people post jobs that they need done. Some of these jobs are online, some. These are writing articles. Some of these. There’s so many different things that people
need done. You can go ahead on their, check it out and
you could freelance for people in order to make extra money. Again, links to those will be in the description
down below and the last one on my list now, 10 is what I call value arbitrage and this
is buying things and then selling them for more than you purchased them for. I’ve had friends do this with clothing, so
they’ll take clothing that they purchased for themselves, war for a year or however
long they were for, and then they went and sold that product for more than they actually
purchase it for this is because they purchased it from a website in the us that does really
cheap clothing, but really nice clothing. They also did great model shots in order to
sell that clothing on facebook marketplace and make extra money. You can also do this by going to guard sales,
purchasing things really cheap and then selling them. Often stores have big sales as well where
they sell things for less than what they would sell for on somewhere like bay or somewhere
like gum tree. Things like lego. If you can get them on like a super special,
then you can go ahead and resell that stuff on ebay and resell it on gumtree. There’s lots of different opportunities for
this value arbitrage. Now, technically this isn’t starting from
scratch, but if you have things in your life already that you’ve purchased, you may be
able to sell it for more than what you paid for it. I’ve done this once in my life where we purchased
a bugaboo pram, a bugaboo bee thing. We paid $600 for this program and then when
we sold it after six months of using it, we sold it for $625, so you’re at six months
out of it. We sold it. We made a little bit of extra money. I could then take that extra money and invest
into buying more things and then scaling up the value arbitrage there. Guard showers are probably going to be your
best bet where you can buy stuff extremely cheap and then sell it online. Otherwise, often stores have sales and you
just got to keep your eyes out for those different value arbitrage opportunity. So you can start with your own staff and then
you can scale up from there as you find different opportunities. But there’s people who this is their full
time job, they will go to local stores and purchase items on sale, then list those same
items online on amazon, on ebay, and they will sell them for more than they bought them
for because they shop in the bargain bins and things like that and they make a full
time income doing this. So this is definitely a possible strategy
to make money from almost scratch or scratch if you start with items that you already have. So they had 10 different ideas on how to make
money from scratch. Some of those, I use myself, youtube, for
example, niche websites or some of the biggest ways that I make money. The crypto faucets as well. I make some money doing that. I don’t even manually do it anymore. I just have people who do it and because I
referred them to it, I make a little bit from them. So as you can say, there’s a few things in
here where I’m actually making money from scratch. And even now that I have a successful online
business, I’m still doing youtube and it still doesn’t cost me anything to create this video
and put this video online. This didn’t cost me anything except my time
and this will then go on to earn revenue for me and to make me money. So you can take these steps. I’ll go over them super quickly and then we’ll
finish off. So go through these again really quickly to
finish off, but also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and to like this video as we’ve
got multiple videos coming out every single week. So give us a thumbs up if you liked this video
and don’t forget to subscribe. So the first one was using the gumtree or
craigslist free section to go and get free stuff to then resell it. The second one was consulting work, so if
you have a skill that a business or a person would find valuable, they can pay you to consult
for them. The third one was used youtube and I recommended
doing product reviews and then linking through with an affiliate link for people to purchase
those products. If they wanted to and pump these out and do
as many as you can. The fourth one was crypto faucets where you
can make a small, tiny amount of money in cryptocurrency and you can build that up over
time links or those faucets in the description down below. The fifth one was building up an instagram
following, doing instagram marketing, and then getting paid to do promotions or getting
free stuff, which you could then sell. the six one was one that my daughter’s done
and that’s writing and publishing kindle books. I actually want to do some of those myself. I want to do some kids books that I’ll go
ahead and publish. The seventh one was niche websites where you
go ahead and create a website around a particular topic and you answer people’s questions and
create really helpful articles and make money in advertising or in affiliate sales. The eighth one was to go ahead and set up
websites for other people and do client work. The ninth one was to do freelancing through
upwork or freelancer.com, and then the 10th one was value arbitrage, so take things that
you have, sell them for more than you purchased them for, and then repeat and find things
that you can purchase and then sell instantly or quite quickly for more than what you paid
for them so that you have 10 at ways to make money from scratch. I hope you can take one of these strategies
and start applying it in your life and then take that money that you make to then go ahead
and pay off your debt, so go ahead and invest it or go ahead and build up your business
using that money. Don’t just take that money and then spend
it frivolously. Use it to build wealth and to build long lasting
financial freedom in your life. I hope that this has been helpful for more
informatIon on how I make money online. Then go ahead and check out this video on
how I became financially free. I 28 through my online income. Check that out. You’ll fInd it really interesting and until
next time, stay positive.


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