2015-2017 Mustang MP Concepts GT350 Style Front Bumper – Unpainted Review & Install

Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanMuscle, and today, we’re
gonna be taking a closer look at the MP Concepts GT350 Style Front Bumper-Unpainted, fitting
all ’15 to ’17 S550 GTs, EcoBoosts, and V6s. So this gonna be a great option for you if
you’re looking to upgrade your S550’s front-end with some awesome Shelby styling. So, first thing’s first, let’s talk about
what this bumper is made out of, and that is gonna be a high-quality automotive-grade
polypropylene. Now, that’s gonna be very, very similar to
the factory stuff, durable yet lightweight at the same time. Now, that is going to apply to just the bumper,
and this is sold as a kit. So you’re getting a little bit more than just
that. This upper grille right here, this is gonna
be very similar to the factory stuff. It’s gonna be that textured black plastic,
same thing with the fangs here, chin spoiler, lower grille. That is all gonna be that textured black plastic,
very similar to what you’d find on the factory front bumper. Now, you’re perfectly fine to roll with all
of that stuff in that black textured finish. It looks just like the factory GT350. However, this bumper is going to come unpainted
and unprimed. So, on top of the cost of this product, you
will need to take it to the paint shop, get this primed, and then paint it to match whatever
color your Mustang is. But once that’s done, this is gonna go right
in place on your GT, EcoBoost, V6. This is gonna fit the front-end of any regular
Mustang. This will not be a replacement for the actual
Shelby GT350 front bumper. Now, with that in mind, if you do have that
GT EcoBoost V6, this is also gonna work with some other GT350 mods you could do, any sort
of aftermarket hoods this will work just fine with. If you do go with a set of like carbon fiber
GT350 fenders, this is gonna mate up to that just fine, all because it’s intended to go
on that GT, EcoBoost, or V6. Now, one thing that is specific are gonna
be the grilles, the splitter. You’re not gonna be able to run any aftermarket
grilles or splitters with a front bumper like this one without some custom work at least. Another thing I do wanna mention is this is
gonna reuse a lot of factory parts. So if you’ve been in the front end accident
and your factory stuff is a little bit dinged-up, you wanna be careful because we’re gonna be
transferring a lot of that stuff over. So let’s talk a little bit about pricing. For the entire kit here, it’s really not that
bad of a price, around 630 bucks. Now, just to compare that to something here,
Roush does offer a similar front fascia kit like this one that includes all the grilles,
a little bit of different Roush styling, however. And that costs right around the $1,300 range. So, to pick up something like this just north
of that $500 price point is really a good value for money. Keep in mind, though, this is gonna ship unpainted,
so factor paint cost into that total price. Now, before we move on to our install, one
thing I do wanna make a quick note of here. This is a Performance Pack car, and the belly
pan is a little bit different to mate up to that Performance Pack. So, this bumper is not going to be able to
accommodate that. If you have a Performance Pack S550, you’re
gonna be stuck in the same boat. I’m sure you could get it to work with the
zip ties. However, in our case, we are not gonna be
able to show you how to reattach that belly pan. It’s gonna be on a case by case basis. However, if you have a non-Performance Pack
car, that factory belly pan is gonna go right back up no problem. So, let’s move on to the good stuff. Let me show you how to get this on your Mustang. It is going to be really easy. However, there is a lot of work that goes
into something like this, and for that, I’m gonna give it a two out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter. Should take you at most two to four hours
in the driveway with nothing but some basic hand tools. So without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you’ll need and how it’s done. Tools we used for this install will include
an impact, ratchet, 7 and 8-millimeter sockets, a 10-millimeter wrench, Philips head screwdriver,
a pick or an awl, trim panel removal tool, and some double-sided 3M automotive-grade
tape. So the first step to our install here, we’re
gonna need the trim panel removal tool. We’re gonna go ahead and remove this plastic
radiator cover here. There’s a bunch of push pins that hold it
in, and then we’ll remove some hardware underneath. Now, with all those out of the way, we can
go ahead and remove that cover. And with that out of the way, you can see
these 8-millimeter bolts right here. There’s six of them. We’re gonna remove those as well. Now, there’s one thing you don’t wanna miss
while we’re up here. It’s right underneath of this weatherstripping,
Phillips head screw, one on either side right in front of the headlight. So that’s all the work we’re gonna do on the
top. For now, we’re gonna move underneath. We’re gonna get rid of this splash guard,
but first, you need to disconnect it from this wheel well liner, it’s held on by a couple
of pushpins. There is one right here that’s a little bit
tough to see. You can see the back of it right there, and
then we’re gonna hit the last one right here. Now, we can actually remove the hardware holding
on the splash guard. There’s a bunch of 7-millimeter bolts underneath
here all along this leading edge. There’s two right here in the middle and then
four across the back. We’re gonna get those all out of here. And with those four in the back removed, you
can go ahead and slide this back just a hair. That should drop right away from the Mustang. Now, we can go ahead and unplug our fog lights
and turn signals. There’s one plug down here for the fog light
and then two up at the top for the turn signal. Now, we can hit the same thing for the other
side. Now, the next thing we’re gonna remove is
a little bolt here behind this fender. I do believe this is the hardest part of the
uninstall, but it’s really not even that bad, just requires a little bit of extra work. It’s basically gonna run from the fender and
into the bumper to secure these two together. The easiest way that I’ve found to get at
this is that you pop a couple clips in the fender liner if you need to. I’m just gonna peel this back a little bit,
and I’m gonna hold that there like that while we come in here with the ratchet to get that
out. And there’s the bolt, runs through just like
that. Now, with that removed, we can go ahead and
grab this lip here, and that bumper is just gonna pop right out. And you can clearly see that screw is gonna
go right there, and it basically hooks into this little hoop part of the bumper, which
is broken on ours, but there’s no need to break that on yours. Just get that screw out of there. Pop that out. You’re good to go. So now this bumper is ready to come off. All we’re gonna do is push up to release it,
and we’re gonna pull it right off of our Mustang. Now, we can’t bring this bumper over to the
dumpster just yet. We gotta get our turn signal out of here,
and to get that out, we’re gonna have to remove this black plastic piece. It’s held on with a bunch of 7-millimeter
screws. Now we can go ahead and pop that loose. You can see the turn signal is still held
to that with these three, so we’re gonna remove those as well. And you can see that the turn signal fell
away right there, and ten we can pull the two apart. We’re also gonna have to steal this rubber
trim piece at the top of our front bumper. Now, also, we’re gonna have to scavenge these
threaded clips to reinstall our splash guard. So, I just have a little pick here. I’m gonna pry out the locking tab, and then
they’ll pop right off. Now, we can finally bring our new bumper into
play and start using what we uninstalled to start assembling this new one. The first thing we’re gonna take care of is
our turn signals. We’re going to install this to this new side
grille using all the factory hardware. We’re gonna go ahead and do the same thing
for the other side. Now, the next thing we’re going to drop in
from our factory front bumper it’s gonna be this rubber trim piece up where the hood is
gonna meet this bumper. The next thing we’re gonna do here is drop
in our grilles. They’re just gonna click into place with these
tabs around the edge. And then we could do the same thing for the
lower grille as well. Now, that we have the grilles in, we could
come from the front. We’re just gonna pop in these grille extensions
the same way. What we’re gonna do next is our chin spoiler,
and that is just gonna clip on at the front. That started like so. Before we actually bolt the chin spoiler to
the bumper, one thing I do wanna make a quick note of, these clips we uninstalled earlier,
they would go on right about there, but again, we are working with that Performance Pack
car. So we’re gonna skip that entirely. If yours is the regular non-Performance Pack,
you would push those on right there. Now, with that said, you can go ahead and
put those aside, because what we’re gonna do next is bolt the two together. We’re gonna come to that non-slotted hole
over here. We’re just gonna push through that screw. And then on the other side, we’re gonna go
ahead and throw on a washer and a 10-millimeter nut. And once you have all of them started, which
I would recommend doing first, you can tighten it down with the 10-millimeter wrench and
a Philips head screwdriver. Now, what we’re gonna do next is apply this
little support bracket that’s gonna sit right about there. One thing I do wanna make a quick note about
is I put this 3M double-sided tape on here. This does not come with any double-sided tape. So, again, you’re gonna have to pick this
up from the auto parts store. I’m just gonna peel back the backing here. Before we put that in place, I just wanna
make a quick note, we have two cutouts on this. And there’s two notches here. We’re just gonna line that up and stick it
on. Now, our GT350 from bumper is completely built
up. Before we go ahead and hang this on to our
S550, I figured I pull back in that factory from bumper, put it next to our new bumper,
point out some key differences between these two. First thing’s first though, couple similarities,
obviously, just like on the real GT350, you do have that classic Mustang-inspired styling
with that honeycomb grille, the chin spoiler. It all looks very Shelby, very GT350, very
Mustang. Also, we are gonna be reusing those turn signals,
same exact thing from our GT front bumper. And these bumpers are both pretty much made
out of the same exact thing. That automotive grade ABS plastic is what
I like to call it, thermoplastic polymer, whatever they call this. The materials used here, they are very, very
similar. The plastic and the grille fill is the same. The fitment is gonna be similar too once we
get this up onto our S550. That’s pretty much it in terms of similarities. Couple things we are losing here, we’ll start
with that as far as differences go. Our fog lights, they’re getting replaced with
grilles. Our Mustang logo, that is also going to be
completely gone. Our splitter is gonna be redesigned a little
bit, and we get the addition of those GT350 fangs right here, which adds so much to the
front end of the S550. Ford really did a great job at designing the
front end of that GT350. It’s really a shame that the GTs don’t look
similar to this out of the box, but hey, it is what it is. From MP Concepts, you can pick this up and
get damn near close to what that GT350 looks like. So without any further ado, we’re gonna go
ahead and hang this up. I’m gonna run a couple bolts across the top
just to keep this secured while we work on the bottom side. Now, the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go ahead and peel back our fender liner here and secure our bumper to the fender. And then we can take our 7-millimeter socket
and tighten that back down. If you need to, you can go ahead and re-secure
that fender liner as well. We’re gonna do the same thing on the other
side. Then we can put our fender liner back and
pushpin it down. And after that, you can follow that up with
the six 8-mills across the top. One thing to note, these are plastic threads. So, if you’re using an impact, you definitely
do wanna be gentle. And don’t forget those two Philips heads on
either side. Then we can go ahead and cover that with the
original cover and secure that with the factory pushpins. Then we’re just gonna come underneath. Plug in our turn signals on both sides. But that is gonna do it for my review and
install of the MP Concepts GT350 Style Front Bumper-Unpainted, fitting all ’15 to ’17 S550
GT, V6, and EcoBoosts. As always, guys, thanks for watching. Keep it right here at AmericanMuscle for all
things Mustang.


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