360 Video: Students Build Off-Road Car From Scratch

So, I’m here at the UC Davis ESDC, and I’m
about to cut out some pieces on the water jet for the Baja SAE team. The way it works is it shoot pressurized water
through a diamond nozzle. Right now we have 0.035 inch thick aluminum
on the machine. The water has to be pressurized to almost
sixty thousand PSI and along the way it’s mixed with garnet which is a gem stone and
that is basically an abrasive. And it’s controlled my the computers so you
can cut out any shape you would like. Today we are cutting out the numbers which
are going to go on our car. I had the machine traverse the entire area
of the cut and then the next step is going to be to set the height of the machine. We have a gauge that’s exactly 0.08 inches
thick. When the gauge is tight we know it’s at the
right height. I think it’s really great we have these sorts
of advanced machines here in the shop because it’s give the students, like myself a really
good chance to get hands on experience. and, clean the abrasive off the piece and,
here we go.

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