Advanced Titanium Dioxide Pigment | Ti-Pure™ Coating for Paint

Appearance is a primary consideration in the architectural, or décor, paint market – we like our surroundings to be visually appealing. Appearance is determined by the way that the paint film interacts with light. There are two kinds of interactions – light absorption, and light scattering. Light absorption determines color, and light scattering determines brightness. Color preferences vary from one person to another, but we can all agree that we want bright paints in our homes and work places. We make paints bright by using TiO2, which is the strongest scatterer of visible light known. But it’s not enough to simply have TiO2 in a paint, it has to be very well dispersed to achieve its full scattering potential and optimal hiding power. That’s because the hiding power of TiO2 depends in part on its environment. In particular, if there are any other TiO2 particles nearby – or worse yet touching – then the scattering efficiency and hiding power can drop significantly. This issue is important in architectural paints because these paints tend to be very crowded, especially with extender particles. These paints are typically so crowded that all the particles touch other particles. The design concept of Ti-Pure® Select TS-6300 is to minimize TiO2 – TiO2 contacts. By using a proprietary technology, we are able to coat each TiO2 particle with an engineered inorganic surface treatment that keeps the TiO2 portion of the particles from touching. In addition, above the Critical Pigment Volume Concentration we get hiding from entrained air, and TS-6300 has been designed to improve the scattering efficiency of the air voids as well. The size of air voids, like the size of pigment particles, affects light scattering efficiency, and the air voids created by TS-6300 scatter light better than the voids found in paints made with other TiO2 pigments. By applying our thorough understanding of light scattering to our superior TiO2 production process, we have developed an advanced TiO2 pigment specifically optimized for architectural coatings. TS-6300 performance is unmatched by other grades and is the right pigment for your architectural flat coatings offerings.


  1. CHNlearnBDlanguage January 17, 2016 at 3:10 am

    dear sir , i am from china . i have a Cement Products company . i want to produce self-clearing Coatings . can you help me ! can you cooperate with me ?

  2. Michael Holt September 10, 2018 at 5:10 am

    Everyones Titanium dioxide product has one flaw. You're not using it to grab Co2 out of the air. Liberals keep complaining about greenhouse gasses. My Anderson sliding glass door self cleans cause it has this in it. So essentially when theres sunlight its grabbing any bad material out of the air and when it rains or gets wet the particulate rinses off to the ground. Thanks to Titanium dioxide. Think bigger! Im too poor lol

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