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hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
today we’re super excited because there’s a new alt in you releases so
November release and you’ll be wanting to check out the blog post that’s linked
under this video if you’re watching this on YouTube because there are giveaways
and there’s a blog hub there’s lots of opportunities to win tons of inspiration
so go check all of those things out after this and also of course don’t
forget to hit subscribe ring the bell and give us a thumbs up now I have two
super quick and easy Christmas cards for you so whether you’re looking to make in
bulk looking for last-minute ideas you can use these ideas and of course any of
the techniques I show you are adaptable to any card that’s one thing I love
about showing you these techniques is you can you know adapt these any time of
year any techniques and not just for Christmas so I wanted to show you a
couple of the things they sent me there’s more in their release so as I
say go check out the hops you can see everything but this is the across the
pond stamp set which of course I’m loving because it has humor and favorite
and there’s color in here and all the kind of words that as Brits we spell
with a you oh you are Americans fell with an O I’ll so I think it’s really
really nice that they’re doing this British spelling a version of the stamp
set loving this stamp set okay so I had to show you that they also sent me this
handwritten hello die which is a two piece dart you can see there’s one
that’s I think I’m on that sinner so you can use either of them individually or
you can use them together again lots and lots of different options but I want to
show you the plentiful pines and the small moment so small moment is this
gorgeous little snowflake and then printable Pines is a layering sunset so
let’s get them both out – excuse me so plentiful Pines has one of the larger
inserts if you haven’t seen these before I rave about these a lot you can see
here lots of options for different cards and some conference you can just mount
up and these fit in the larger pockets which is how I store mine because I
really like to eat these I like the inspiration I like the color ideas if
you have a layering stamp it shows you all the different layers
things on there too so it has two different trees and are plentiful Pines
and there is a coordinating die if you want to pop elements out and then we
have the small moments which is this lovely little snowflake here again you
do get a little layering combination here you can see this gorgeous snowflake
they created on the back by doing like mirroring I guess you could do it with
the genic a wreath builder possibly in that kind of way and it just give you
the color combinations and then there’s the coordinating die so I have
everything prepped of two card fronts but the first one I want to show you use
these embossing ink and we’re just going to need an acrylic block
so let’s peel this off okay go and you little bit prep first so I’m gonna need
my craft spoon and I have two of the altar new embossing powders here so I
have translucent PAL and Caribbean sky and I’m gonna create my own custom mix
now you don’t actually use much embossing powder when you’re embossing
it always feels like a lot but it’s really not so how you gonna put a spoon
and a half and then I’m gonna put maybe three-quarters of a spoon of translucent
shell in there because what I essentially want to do is create my own
mix of shimmering blue and never be afraid to combine embossing powders you
can keep them in those little sore spots you know the ones you get five guys if
you ask the five guys manager nicely I’m sure he’ll give you some new it does for
me and so this is the embossing powder mix we are going to use so it’s gonna
create that blue with some extra glitter and translucent which is exactly what I
want so I’m just gonna take my snowflake stamp and I’m gonna take my clean side
of my cardstock because it’s a little bit harder because it’s clear ink this
is the altar new embossing ink that I’ve got here but again you could use a misty
or you know a wreath builder or something if you wanted to but I’m just
stamping out a random patent really easy on myself and now I’m going to pour my
custom mix over and if I need to mix more I can you know
I know roughly what my amounts were and I’m just going to pour it different ways so it just takes slightly longer to get
everything over all the different corners because of course you haven’t
got as much powder as a whole pot you can see it pretty easy to do and then
I’ll do my next snowflake here and I might kind of douse I guess or cover
each snowflake twice just to make sure it’s picked up the optimal amount of the
embossing powder but this is only a background you know we’re going to put
sentiment on top you could put a super bold sentiment on top of this we’re
gonna put one of these lovely fine ones on from probably plentiful pine use my
plan but I’m just gonna see how it comes out first of all but you can see already
how I’ve got some areas of solid blue I’ve already got that glitter in there
so I don’t have to buy a million different colors of embossing powder I
can just create my own or add glitter to ones I already have by adding in that
translucent pearl some spinach rub this over and we’re going to melt this in
really really easy just love this technique it’s so simple and then I’m
going to share with you my favorite tips for layering stomach as well so I’m just
going to keep set this and again I’ve got all of those variations that you
would get in a natural snowflake too so you can do rainbow colors you can do
adding glitter you could do this and then use it like a resist of course I
could blend the ink over the top of it yeah lots and lots of different things
you can do as well but just a fun way to stretch your supply it’s even further
and I’m just making sure I captured everything but it really does look frosted now that
I can see it dry or melted I should say I guess – sir I’m really loving this
variegation – so just check that you’ve got everything I think we’re good yeah
so that is literally it I already have my card base here this is gonna be my
piece you can see it’s just a white card base and then I have a piece of black
velvet which we’ll link up for you I’m just taking some embossing powder off
the back here and the card the black is cut to four inches by five and a quarter
my white piece was cut to three and three quarters by five inches always do
the same layers it just makes my life so much easier I go down a quarter of an
inch at a time I have dark hard making class that’s all about layering in eight
and a half by eleven and it’s layering in a four there’s a download in there
too so I’ll check I’ll add links in the description of course and we’ll add them
in the blog post to which you can you’re gonna go check out I know you are
because you’re gonna want to win some amazing alternate goodies okay so I’m
just going to another tip for you if you want to keep your sentiments straight
particularly something fine like this just pop it on your surface pick it up
with your crate block and that will keep it straight sometimes if you try to put
them yourself on an acrylic block they can warp a little bit it’s really not
what you want so this is just an off cut I had from trimming down my white pieces
and I’m actually gonna have my why it looks like just go off the bottom
slightly and this is gonna have to be like this or I might go grab another
piece I’m gonna see how it comes out and then I’m going to make my decision
otherwise it’s gonna be a rather large sentiment so I think I kind of like how
that comes across on there and the other thing you could do of
course is if you were using a Misti is you could stump it so that you had your
little tail or you could do your curly Q yourself
is something underneath there too I’m just gonna snip this with my scissors
because I’m feeding reckless and I’m gonna grab some foam tape there’s some
right here really really simple just try to send yeah learn about you I was just
find that one end of my foam is far more open to these things and I’m gonna align
the edge of my sentiment up with this edge of my card so notice me that just
makes it so much easier than worrying about placement but look at that
variegation in that snowflake again just love that technique and I want you to
share it with you now the other technique we’re gonna do is just an easy
layered card so you may have seen me do this to build a flowers and things but
there’s so many different options you have here so let’s pop that on there and
what you’re gonna grab myself just a scrap piece of cardstock and I want to
show you that you don’t need a ton of different colors and things to do cards
so I’m gonna go we want to my darkest shades and I’m gonna go with a mid shape
so we’re just gonna use two inks again you could just kind of vary depending on
what you’re up to so we’re gonna go with this shadow creek
and I can get three shades out of one color now it’s great because I’ll choose
inks will come in cubes and you can buy them in and you know different packs
together and things but sometimes you don’t have that if you have a favorite
green and you’d love to be able to use it in layering so we’re gonna do is go
stamp off once we’re gonna stamp off again and then what’s in the background
and I’m going to stamp off the edge here slightly that’s my base okay and the
other great thing is because I’m going to do this a couple of times you’re
going to see that the basis of my tree is all gonna be twenty different colors
– which is kind of nice this one choice this is a newer stump I
haven’t conditioned it so I’m just again I’m just doing this as a little bit of
thread from an ink pad on there but we’re going to cover up with layers we’re just gonna have three trees across
our card like that so you can see how this is starting out we leave the same
ink pad out and then we’re going ashore our next layer okay so next layer I’m
going to ink up anything more than three you kind of don’t have much ink left on
there but just stamp it off once and now we’re going to stamp on our tree next
layer and cap stamp and you could be creating some kind of arrangement with
your stamp puffs too if you wanted to I mean there’s no reason you know you
couldn’t be doing that I’m just putting it onto a scrap piece because it happens
to work stamp off stamp on so you see I already have variegation and I’m still
on in cube number one so you know we’re really really doing well here now we’re
going to go to our next layer and we’re going to ink up and we’re not going to
do any stamp off so we’re just going in with that full full color again pretty
cool next push off and our next little bushel okay so so far we have all of
that depth and dimension our tree from one in cube which i think is pretty
amazing now what you can do is you could take
the same color and stamp your last one in and just stamp your egg
two details twice that works if you have a misty or you could go for a darker
shade or black works really well too you might want to stamp off with your black
it’s entirely up to you but this is another shade so you can go
in with that that one looks a little bit light I’m not sure that’s got the right
lid on it maybe so this is the other great thing about laying the stamps you
make a mistake and so that one looks a little bit better in there you can also
as I say you could go in with a jet black and what I might do is just do a
little bit of a stamp off and then go in with those details you see how that
looks a little bit different and then I’m gonna do my third one which I think
this was jet black again yes let’s put a lid on this and also what my colors out
what you can do is do the jet black or you could just go in you know and have
the harsh details so you can see there a couple of different variations so I’ve
got some green details I got stamped off and if I wanted to I
could go and add a little bit more so you can keep kind of playing with how
you add those details in in different ways and then what I would probably do
is ground it I would grab myself a little kind of blending tool I’d ground
that out just and add some of the cool details or I might take an alcohol
marker I don’t think I have any here to hand but I just take one and kind of do
a little bit of shading down here but also something like maybe iceberg it’s a
good one now the great thing about having a test piece here and we can grab
ourselves and ink up I’m gonna grab a little foamy okay there is also two
advantages to blending on a mat like this too and I’m just gonna load up my
little foamy first looks good so I just want this to look like icicles I’m
actually going to start in my layered stamp and you see how I’m just starting in my
stamp first and then I’m blending out but what it does is it’s giving you that
illusion already that they’re actually sitting on something rather than just
floating in mid-air so do you see the difference that that made I’m just
having that little bit in there and then you could do the same by having
maybe a little bit of glow in the background here I feel this citrus nice
yellowy sunray I think it’s great thing again
about having that they’re a little bit of scrap paper so I’m just going to pick
up some color I like that again I’m going to start on my green and then I’m
just going to blend out because I want it to look like it’s actually coming
between of course yellow and gray and they’re not muddy colors they’re not
going to create any issues so I’m going to start in here and actually it just
fills in a nice little bit of my tree – there’s an alter new stamping mat if you
I haven’t tried that yet I do have one to try I just haven’t had time yet and
of course now we have other versions of the Tim Holtz mat which is my preference
we have a travel version in both righty and the lefty format and what I find is
I get less drag by blending on my glass mat so I just don’t get such you know
kind of harshness which I really like but this gives it a really nice little
glow look at that lovely glow in the background there love how that comes out
just with some foam ease and if you’re a lefty there’s a lefty mat – I am a lefty
I just haven’t got my neck a mat out yet okay so that was really really easy last
thing this car deniz is a sentiment so again let’s just do happy holidays again
because it happens to be here and we need our jet black and my tip is like always eyeball first
if that doesn’t work then I grab a piece of cardstock and put it over the top and
it needs a little bit more ink by the looks of this okay just like that so I’m
gonna happy holidays’ it down here as you can see and that came out perfectly
I mean just looks awesome and again we’ve been going less than 20 minutes
about 15 ish minutes and we’ve already created nearly two cards really easy
techniques I’m showing you and you can adapt these to build a flowers you can
adapt that embossing powder to any kind of powder you know you can do that on
any stamp so again I already have my card base ready and made up I’m going to
show you one more tip just for adding tip like tips no that’s kind of the
words looking for I’m gonna take this over here just because of the yellow I’m
just adding this on top do you think how gorgeous is this love it and I’m going
to just take a little bit of Nouveau drops but rather than adding you know
how we were always so useful used to just doing a Nouveau drop I mean you can
also add swishes so I could take my lead my you know my trees here and I could
add like a little bit of a swish like this yes you see how that makes it look
snow tip because I’m just dragging that’s kind of cool and it gives it a
little bit more texture and what I’m doing is I’m picking out those dark
areas and I’m just kind of adding those snow tips it’s cute well what I really like to do
and you can see there I mean that’s that’s really pretty
but something else you can do is you can pop some you know like little squiggles
down and now all of a sudden it looks like I really have a 3d kind of snowy
background see what adding details really easily what I like to do is I
just kind of DAB my finger I’m going to take a different finger because what you
might find is that the Nouveau drops do have water in them they might meet your
dies run slightly it so different colors I just do a different finger but look at
that now I actually have a little bit of that raised texture but also have lots
of shimmer so where you’ve put the new row drops it’ll be thicker the way
you’ve kind of dabbed out with your finger you’ll just kind of get some
extra texture to it and I feel that that looks primer realistic so – super quick
and simple Christmas cards with techniques you can use the whole year
round I hope you enjoyed them go check out the blog hop go hit subscribe all of
those fun things and I’ll see you again very very soon happy crafting everyone


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    Canadians spell with our also!

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    Hi Alex!

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    Thanks! Never saw the point in layering stamps before, but you did a really nice demonstration, so i will dust mine off and give it a go!!

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    I just love Altenew they are my favorite. I bought several of the November items.

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    Just purchased several of the new releases from Altenew!

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    Beautiful card, love the layering stamps

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    Great quick tips! Will be especially nice when making bulk cards! Thank you Alex

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    Great to see you make a card. It’s very pretty

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