Are you Likely to Buy a Tata Motors Automobile? Tata Knows the Answer Thanks to SAS

than knowing the past and knowing the present, when
you get the capability to know the future, that creates
an unprecedented aha, and I think that’s
the Power to Know. I am Jadish Belwal. I work for Tata Motors as CIO. By and large, every car
manufacturer in the world, be it European, Japanese,
Korean, or North American– they’re all in India today. It’s intense competition,
and I think the biggest winner is the customer. We are using SAS to
identify customer segments at the micro market level and to
tailor our sales and promotion strategies for them. We use statistical
models built inside SAS and which use our CRM
data to actually predict a whole host of things like
from how many products in which market are we going to
sell the next month. What’s going to be the
market size next month or next quarter? And even up to a
point where we try to predict as to
which customers are more likely than others
to buy our products in the near future. We have used SAS forecasting to
predict market volumes for each of the segments to a
level of accuracy of 90%. We have 10 years of data
about our customers. When we run our propensity
models on this data, we are able to predict which
customers are likely to buy, or which customers are
more likely to buy. The results of these models
have been phenomenal. The use of SAS has enabled us
to embrace the data that we collect in our CRM in
a much better a way, in a more insightful
manner, and it has therefore helped us get more
value out of our CRM. We felt that we
were in safe hands, not just for what SAS
brings to the table today, but in terms of what we
are going to get tomorrow. Working with SAS people
has been very refreshing because they’re very flexible. They’re very
supportive, and you’re confident that they will give
us the capabilities which will allow us to be
more competitive, which will allow us to
predict what’s going to happen in the market better. SAS is a strategy
partner for us.

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