{Art Supplies} Mijello pure pigment swatches- Part 2

Hi guys, welcome back to part 2 of my Mijello pure pigments So I have finally received my palette and this is the unboxing It came very nicely packaged and there was no damage at all umm you shouldn’t expect any because this is call a bullet proof glass palette and its not glass FYI. Its just a durable plastic and its very sturdy its very durable so as you can see its very durable plastic. The Material is non staining and in a demonstration in this video or the next ill show you if it stains or not So i generally left paint on top of the palette and wiped it away with a wet paper towel So I would recommend you wash this palette before you use it before you layout your palette sorry and that why you wont have any pigments stain any existing residue on the existing palette So this is a time lapse of laying out the paints and Generally you would let it dry for over a week so 7 or more days The longer the better I left it for 8 days and I thought it was fine It was still a bit tacky the longer you leave it, it dries better completely and you can touch it with out picking up any pigment so I hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions please just comment below So this is my swatch chart I did for this palette and this is how It has been laid out So I am currently following the suggest layout instructions from Mijello from the pamphlet that Mijello provided In the pure pigment kit and I followed the layout exactly because they’ve advise this way for a reason and I do agree, you should follow the way its been suggested how to lay it out It makes it so much easier for you to navigate your way around and also top up pigments in the future This is great to navigate where my colours are and how they look on paper To refill them later on just follow the instructions in the pamphlet as you can see these are colours, they are really vibrant They are really beautiful The way you granulates from the pure colour to the fade You can tell the colours are really pigmented Really vibrant Just so you know a pure pigment set and you are moving between 2 pigments on the pan for examples in the pamphlet For example the way its laid out here, there’s 3 colours and if want it more dark you would tilt your brush to one said of the pan or tilt it to the light colour so from knowing that your colours may never be exact Because the way these paints work the pigment ratio every time will change But when it comes to watercolour you don’t need the exact colours if you are like that maybe this isn’t for you The pure pigment is great in that sense, where it allow you to customize your palette and pigments I love this palette I have no big issues with this palette As you have previously seen, I have shown you a time lapse of this palette I did make a boo boo (mistake* what of these wells were skipped I fixed it up in my paint swatches and so to avoid confusion in the future I have actually re wrote this palette and switched the wells I skipped I skipped 27, but just put 27 at the end here So if make mistakes you can fix it but take your time As you see closer it really granulates really well if you are careful not to pick up too much pigment The only about these paints is that they’re so pigmented that you have to be really careful if you want to achieve a granulated look because it is such a pure pigment if you pick up too much is doesn’t granulate or give you the transparent watercolour feel For example I’ll show you in this test I’ve done I picked up way too pigment and that’s why it granulate and appear opaque because I just picked up too much pigment You have to be careful how much you pick up That’s if you want to achieved that granulated look So with this brand it is achievable to get that transparent watercolour affect But provide that you are careful with how much pigment you pick up for example here on this side.. I wasn’t as careful and picked up too much paint and that’s why you think it looks opaque Because there is so much pigment its really about your technique I like Mijello so far, the one thing I need to say is wow, these are so pigmented and vibrant later on i am going to show you a comparison between Mijello and winsor and newton So today we were discussing the pure pigment set on its own and in part 3, we’re going to compare against Windsor and newton & in part 3 you will also see a swatch test between the two brands So as well as that, Please feel free to watch my other videos so far and ill see you guys next time also please subscribe for more updates Bye!

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