{Art Supplies} Mijello pure pigment vs winsor & newton- Part 3

hi guys welcome back to part 3 of this
video and today will be talking about the mijello pure pigment set vs windsor and newton. Well we’re technically not gonna really be pinning the two brand against each
other, but we’re going to look at the pros and cons of both palettes and whether
these features of the palettes are ideal for you and your painting style. so I
hope you can take something from this video and have any questions or comments
please feel free to comment below So basically it looks at the granularity, the blend test, stain and lift test, salt, opacity and light fastness so what I’ll end up doing..Once I complete this ..Im gonna chop this light fastness section off and I’m going to sticky tap that to I guess my window and I guess after a week Ill be able to compare this column with the other column to see if the changes change So I am going to show you a speed up of these test now and come back So what I am going to try and do is compare windsor newton and the mijello brands together I have 12 colours…here…which is a lot I should have done like 6 or 7 So I am going to do is choose similar colours from both brands, if I have a lemon yellow in both brands etc Ill find an ultramarine below or similar colours from both palettes and we will just compare against eachother I love windsor newton, because windsor newton is such a trusted brand. Its very high in quality and its just trust worthy its very new to the art worlds, so there isn’t much talk about it going on.. and because its new, its not something people will willingly trust or buy over trusted brands and it is really hard, especially international person, like me me because I am from Australia and it’s like it it’s hard to get, it’s expensive and its kind of hard to outweigh geting something more accessible like and windsor and newton. you get any where, at any art store because it’s such a
well-known and trusted brand & is all over the world why as mijello it’s hard to
obtain. I had to get it shipped from Korea it cost me …I think oh close to $200 for this..Well it is worth it!! for the amount that you are paying But it is not as obtainable compared to windsor newton that’s what I wanna say. In terms of
color, the colours are beautiful Its doesn’t have cadmium so I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. if you’re after using cadmium for certain things such as landscape I know people are very specific on what color they mix together but if you’re after cadmium, this kit does not have it maybe going you can get it in the other kits and I dunno…You will have to look it up because I don’t know If you can get cadmium in mijello, please tell me But this palette, the pure pigment set does not include cadmium..Ok. But the colours are beautiful It..is just sooo Nice And the packaging is nice, the palette is VERY nice!
The thing about this palette it’s really big and its not something that is travel size..Like this is big as a laptop. So it does take a lot of room This is not something I would take with me if I was nature sketching and stuff something I would have at home at all times, even the windsor newton I feel like its still pretty big to me this is something
that I can fit in my hand bag. You know If I was to ever..you know Who brings paint in a handbag, I don’t know..But yeh it’s really big and its really sturdy They say this is called a Bullet proof glass palette, I dont know why But it is really hard plastic and let me just see… A lot of people do this test and people are concerned these palettes easily stain Which I don’t think is the case. Let me just wip down, Yeh I’ve had some paint and just wiping it off now with a wet paper towel its seem that isn’t staining at all. You know this is a very high quality palette he if you’re after something high-quality. And the thing about it, is that it’s just so nicely designed and with all its mixing wells, its very nice. Its very nice compared to the winsor newton palette The windsor newton one, the mixing wells are a lot smaller and the way that it’s designed for me… I never touched the top
wells for some reason. I think it’s because it is closer to my body so I
feel like I want to go here rather reach over I dont know thats just me. But comparing the two palette designs mijello is more functional. Ok so enough mijello and windsor newton and the swatches and pigmentation Would I choose mijello over winsor and newton…and that’s a really hard question thats a REALLY hard question! They are so nice!, Both of them are so nice! Mijello: I love Mijello’s packaging I love mijello’s thought put into the product You know everything has such attention to detail and has so much thought put into every aspect of this products. The way that the paints are made. The products the paints sit in. they way that you can refill it The is so much attention to detail and thought about who will uses this product and how they’ll use it how to make it.. and utilize it every aspect of it. This is why I like Mijello this is probably not a really good example of how to look at the granulation of the paints .. how the paint granulates and how it all
its transparent on the paper Because it is transparent, it is very transparent if you look at the granulation of this the swatch, how it fades so nicely It’s really good. it has a really smooth granulation…Is that the right word? LOL Its really smooth how it granulates from the pigment and how it fades out The only thing is that because its so pigmented and so vibrant you need to be considerate how much paint you pick up. Ive done an opacity test and as you can see it is very transparent It is not opaque So if you don’t know transparent means it means it allows light to pass through and the opacity test shows it, that light can pass through if it was bad you would see the black lines would disappear. It would just go over the top that oh well it would like like acrylic and how it blocks light You would not see that light is that was a bad test obviously these paints very very transparent They’re not transparent as winsor and newton but their very nice The thing about these paints as well..The texture..The texture isn’t as interesting as windsor and newton’s texture is. Winsor newton has a very watercolor texture and that’s what makes winsor newton so good The way that winsor sits on the paper gives it that watercolour feel ok, so Mijello has its good and its bad you know but overall it’s really good I still like it So everyone wants to know, which palette is better? The winsor and newton or the mijello so both of them have great granularity, great blending and according to this pamphlet… I haven’t done a stain test but according to this pamphlet it indicates the staining abilities pamphlet it will indicate what colors are most staining and what colors are not it’s a great indication there Mijello is very vibrant. Its very pigmented, it sits on the paper very nicely I can imagine, if you don’t like the vibrancy you can always build it up in layers, same as winsor and newton, building up the vibrancy I can you by using winsor newton, mijello are really vibrant A lot of people what they do with watercolour paint is bring it into photoshop and bring up the vibrancy or saturation you know and that’s all fine and dandy but with Mijello I feel like you don’t even need to alter the painting because the paints are so bright where with winsor newton you will still have to bump up the saturation what you want to achieve because with watercolour, you wont be able that sense of vibrancy you see online without having to make paint appear almost vibrant..almost opaque when you make a paint appear opaque is taking you away from that watercolour appeal Its moving towards acrylic and gauche In terms of would I choose winsor newton over mijello-I cant really say because I still like winsor newton I like winsor newton because its trusted It has years of experience & readily available -And I like that The thing about winsor newton and this palette is if you’re starting out This is a great Palette, well not starting out. But if you’re something who plans to be dedicated to watercolour such as me..This is a great affordable kit and for me this is a good choice and then if you want to step it up a notch mijello is great to accompany winsor newton, so if your starting out and you know you want to be dedicated This palette is great! Everyone has this palette and thats how you know its a good palette and brand if you want to step it up a notch and you want something that is quality is vibrant, you know mijello is great to step up to I was..I had a few brands on my mind that I wanted to get on top of my existing palette I wanted white knights, I wanted sckminke But in terms of cost and the quality and quantity Mijello is really good in terms
of cost quality and quantity in that sense on wide range of colors and for a wide range of colours you get what you’re paying for You would pay an arm and a leg is you got the wide range of colours and amount in any other brand For me if I was to get schminke I would be paying a lot more. If I wanted 45 colours etc The quantity I would be receiving wouldn’t be as much as what I would be receiving with mijello so thing about it in that way Artist grade quality, it is amazing You just have to be careful with how much pigment you are picking up because it is so pigmented and vibrant you dont need that much you can dilute it a lot And because its so pigment I feel like these paints will last a long time depending on your painting style Mijello is really good for what you are paying another thing to note is these swatches that I have done This one is winsor and newton this is the original 45 half pan colours so those of you who are interested in the colour and vibrancy As you can see winsor and newton is vibrant too’ so when I say mijello is very vibrant don’t think winsor is not Its just winsor newton you have to build it up The mijello is really pigmented from the get go Its a lot easier for you to pick up pigments Its easier to achieved that gradient technique with winsor newton. Its harder with Mijello because how pigmented the paints are You need to be very careful all these paints can be built. So if you’re “oh what do I want to buy first?” do I want to buy the pure pigment set? Or do you want to buy the winsor newton palette? And definitely in my opinion get the winsor newton palette first Thats just what I think because I’ve researched so many brands to think of what I want and Ive weighed it out so if you are starting out you could invest in the mijello mission gold 24 palette or this mini palette by winsor newton is great if you are starting out and you don’t know what paints to get. The winsor newton student pocket set it amazing Its a great palette to start with and you really can create amazing works with this tiny thing to show you something ive done When I first started I order this larger palette but because I couldn’t wait I bought the pocket set locally to satisfy me till this big one came you can really achieve great work with this pocket set when I first started painting I created this piece with this so dont get discouraged you can create great work with this to from here the 45 half pan palette I have moved onto the mijello pure pigment palette If you have seen my palette video in the past I have customised this palette with artist grade winsor newtons as well I still love this palette don’t get me wrong I will still use this palette If I ever want to mix things up or work with the two I will If I specially want something vibrant ill use the mijello It just depends on my mood but this is a great palette I wouldn’t get this first if you are starting out..no way because I can’t say i am not telling you not to but for me this would be..I guess if you havent practice or used a lot of watercolour This is maybe too advanced for someone who is a beginner Just because the high quality of these paints I would go with a student grade or the cotmen series Winsor newton trusted brand! love them Because this has not been on the market long not many people have used it and overall there are not many reviews some people can work with vibrancy others cant But so far I really like these paints Mijello has other palettes as well They have the silver student range, the mission gold range and the artist range They also have the 24 pan mission gold palette with is vibrant and smaller That one is really nice as well So many if you dont want this palette you could invest into that palette Mypetite cakes does an amazing review on that product This is not a palette I would buy to start off with This is a palette I would buy If you wanted to add something to your kit Something different or vibrant These are amazing So I hope my little chit chat (not really little LONG) has been helpful but really guys I knew from the get go when I opened that package I knew from the get go that I would not be disappointed and you can just tell you can tell when you open it and you look at the packaging, the pamphlet But the way that its just set up and thought up. when a company does that and puts so much thought into the products You know there is so much love and care put into their work and thats something I really want to push First impressions count I can tell I would be deceived and I wasn’t deceived, its amazing I love mijello and I love winsor and newton BUT WINSORR!! will always be my old and trusted friend also because its readily avaliable In australia you cannot get this anywhere Not anywhere There is no local art store stocking this If you want mijello you need to buy it online from korea Then again the information pamphlet is in Korean It doesn’t come in English ** I have attached English pdf in description box In america, I know you can get some mijello products…from dick blicks? In america its more readily avaliable When I say avaliable I mean you can get it but not as easy as getting winsor and newton I am hoping that mijello builds its brand and trust and I am hoping to see great things from them in the future I am very invested in them now, They have won my heart! From first impressions: I am very impressed So guys this is a long video I hope you bare with me and come along this journey If you have bought this palette or want you comment below Please tell me what you think whenever I buy something I always research about it and I recommend you to do so as well I would not buy this palette just for the sack of it I bought this palette because I knew I would use it I know I wouldnt waste it I hope this has been helpful Hi guys thanks for watching just so you know I still had a lot of left over paint in those tubes so even though I laid out that palette there was still left over paint so I hope you enjoyed my video and please feel free to watch my other videos above and if you like my channel please subscribe and if you have any questions comment below BYE


  1. Ian Chio June 6, 2016 at 5:49 am

    Hey, enjoyed watching the series. Does the watercolour bead up when you mix on the mijello palette?

  2. Maddy Torta De Climão June 16, 2016 at 12:55 am

    I purchased the W&N cotman sketcher's box (the 12 half pans) pallette first and then got the big cotman box afterwards in an amazon sale… yeah (i got them when i was living in the UK so it was easy)
    Cotman is an art student grade so they exchange the paint chemicals to cheaper alternatives to make their products more accessible (because wow the Artist grade watercolour from them is /pricey/) but i'm glad cotman is kind of on level wuth Michello in some parts? I mean, i do not know anything about this brand but how do they classify their watercolours in terms of quality? Because cotman says its art student grade. Have you seen their color chart pamphlet? very informative about the paints

  3. HerculePoirot June 21, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Interesting review, thank you for taking the time to make the video. I'd have enjoyed your explanations even more if the music hadn't been so loud and nervous in the background. Not trying troll or to be nasty, it's just difficult to follow what you say. I usually very much enjoy what people have to say about art supplies.

  4. neikaplay June 24, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    I wanted to get that palette but didn't realise it was that large. I guess that is why it is called a studio palette. They have smaller bulletproof ones on amazon that you could check out.

  5. Terence Molloy August 2, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Mijello paints are artists quality so not really a good comparison with your Cotmans. W&N artists watercolours are far better paints.

  6. Angelsbear3 April 2, 2017 at 8:21 am

    If you want to learn more about watercolor and some techniques to use go on here and watch Lindsay Weirich the frugal crafter. She is an amazing watercolorist and she will also teach you that you don't need everything that is expensive to achieve the look you are going for, and that includes the choice of brushes you use. She has many, many videos but please don't change the way you go at color. She uses a limited palate and you are so not afraid to use many colors, which I love. You can learn from her but, please, never change you. She also has many videos on different kinds of paints and how they all behave. I hope you go check her out.

  7. White Magnolia Watercolours August 12, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Oh! What a great palette!! Is it so good as Schmincke? I am so glad to find your channel <3

  8. Pio Suh January 4, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for your good video but It can not be compared directly with student WN cotman quality. It should with WN artist professional one. It is my opinion only. Thanks.

  9. Jack Silver March 19, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Same here in Ireland, the few small art shops all have the same limited selection of quality but tiny W&N paletts. Thank god for the internet ! That big Mijello is a beauty. I got the smaller 24 well Mijello Fusion – but even that,s huge.12 1/2 " X 6" closed…acres of mixing space.

  10. Jack Silver March 19, 2018 at 1:19 am

    Another thing I like about the Mijello palette is that the mixing space is not interuped by fussy little deviders…and every angle and shape is there for a functional reason.

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