Building a hotrod from scratch (Part 1)

Hi it’s Wray Shcelin Pro Shaper sheet metal in Charlton, Mass what you’re looking at here is Jim Parker from New Hampshire He took my class Oh Probably about six months ago. And now he’s taking a one-month extended learning class and He’s designed this car from scratch Using 32 Ford frame rails and he bought the tires and wheels brand new from Coker so he’s got The 32 frame rails to start out with and Had a couple of pitches that we looked at And I kind of helped them a little bit but most of the design is all his the cockpit is built around him there’s plenty of room in the cockpit and This is just a wire form of course and the February class is about to start tomorrow Friday February 1st at 9 a.m. And Some of the students will be working making panels for this car Will do steel panels initially on it. He’s only got one side totally done the other side he’s got a little bit done as you see the boat tail and His original intent was to have this as a Lowboy and to modify the frame rails. You have to put a bend up on both the front in the back to get the middle of the frame rails down low and He decided that he wanted to go a little faster on the project So the second one will have the modified frame rails. This is going to be a highboy and Still looks really really nice Bentham starting tomorrow in the next four days. We’ll be making some panels for it. So it’ll be a better view after the class And See he’s got this much to do here so How this body will be built it’ll be all aluminum And it’ll all have a sunken floor in it There will be one eighth inch aluminum the Body rails will be quarter inch aluminum angles, they’ll be custom-made and It’ll be quite strong this whole wire form is is a Solid single entity now almost it still needs a little bit more and will be able to be lifted off It’ll have ten total Mounting points from the cowl to the back of the tail When it’s all done so this is the kind of Stuff we do at pro shaper. I want to do a lot more I Got two other students doing the extended learning class. I get another one coming in in March There’s plenty of room for more people if you want to build your own car here, or at least stop the process Spend a month two months get the process rolling and You can read about the extended learning on my website browshaper dot-com And right now like I said, the February class is about to start and I still have tons of spots left over for The March class is available The April class is available and the May class is available and beyond but the next three months are gonna be really Awesome classes. We’ve got so much stuff on on run rolling new stuff and some incredible projects like the package McCallie special and Give a long view with this here They put the tape on there so you can see it. It’s got a hundred and six inch wheelbase It’s going to have a four Suspension in the back It’s got the traditional Ford suspension in the front That whole frame kit was bought as a kit and that was I believe $1,800 $2000 for all four wheels and tires and he’s got a roller so And you can do the same thing. You want to build your own car design it you can start it. Like I said at browshaper Available right now are these classes and I have the special on I don’t know if you’ve read about what the special is. It’s $1,500 for the class and You get a four-day class, which is 40 hours You get a 30? Hour three day class and you get an additional 60 hours so that can be taken Any way you want all in one go and two times or four times or three times? essentially you’re getting a four-day class 40 hours the three day class 30 hours and two additional three day classes Both 30 hours. Like I said, you can do it in One go or in two or three segments. You can even take some of it next year if you want in 2020 So hope to see you out of class soon This is the cutting edge right here. We’re doing the coolest stuff anywhere students building amazing cars Not one not two We have seven Amazing projects going on right now in the shop all student built So take a look at the website pro shaper calm and hope to see you soon. Thank you


  1. AfterhoursFab February 6, 2019 at 2:45 am

    Awesome Wray, keep the videos comin!

  2. Daniel Stacey May 30, 2019 at 3:59 am

    where did you get the wheels?

  3. Dmitri Ciccarelli August 8, 2019 at 12:41 am

    how do you get that wire frame?

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