Car Trends That Died This Year

– Every once in a while, car trends stay around forever. You know, like hairstyles
and favorite colors. But they actually never do. That’s a lie, and that’s a way to get into
the beginning of this video, because things change, all right? Look back 10 years ago at car shows and you’ll probably see
Pontiac Aztecs, oof. Honda Civics and flat wheel designs, because that was in, all right? Nowadays, that’s not really popular. I’m Alex, Alex.FI on Instagram, and with that being said, we thought we’d take a
trip down memory lane, and look at the car trends that began to, (clears throat) pass this year, and likely not make it through 2020. Come on up bud, let’s go. And if you’re looking
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bangin’ videos like this, and we’ll even heart react your comment. That’s a big deal, all right? Now, lets talk about
the liftoff wings, okay? They’re gnarly, they’re sweet, and they are extremely large, okay? They’re gurthy. You’ll see people cut into their bumpers to get these bad boys
mounted on to their chassis. And 92 1/2% of the time, it’s
for looks, which is fine. But the big ‘ol Wang
Gang doesn’t seem to be as prominent in the scene as it once was, which is a little bit interesting. What was once big ol’ Golden
Gate style mount brackets, are being replaced with
more of like a minimal, function style GT wing
or even duck bill lips. Now it’s interesting,
but the small wing gang is comin’ back in full force. When we went to SEMA this year, we didn’t actually see
much of the big wing gang, and I don’t know how many times I’m gonna be able to say that in a row, but that’s usually a
pretty clear indication of the professional modification shops moving towards something else in 2020. Now you are seeing more of
a Formula One style wing, verses the big ol’ Wang Gang, but that’s just a whole different story where the wing mounts up to the back, and then it’s a big ol’ thing. It comes from the center
piece of the louver, and then it splits off. We saw that in the Huracan
and the Aventadors, and a few other different style wings. It’s pretty neat. And even on top of the whole F1 style wing you’re seeing that are really
popular on R8’s and stuff now, but really, it’s more
about keeping the wing below the top part of the car. How neat is that? Another car trend that we see dying, but not necessarily DOA just yet, is people’s affinity for
neutral color pallettes. So, if you go to a dealership right now, you’ll see nearly every shade of black, white, gray, maybe even the
occasional red out there. But a few years ago, if you
wanted to paint your car something other than, like a stock color, everyone aimed for the
good ol’ slate gray, with like purple hardware. And that (beep) was mint. But the world has now
become 50 shades of gray when it comes to colors, and not necessarily in
a good way, all right? Porsche’s and BMW’s have paved the way for introducing new and fun
colors back into the car world. You know, since pretty
much every other damn color out there right now is pretty boring and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but they’re pretty flat. You know, they’re pretty normal. Nowadays with BMW and Porsche
coming out with colors like lizard green, lava orange, you have a mellow yellow
that’s making a comeback. And that has leaked into the
aftermarket world as well. Now you see people like TJ Hunt painting a 458 forest green. You see Chris Hill’s new Supra being wrapped in crazy-ish designs. And even Button Built’s Ferrari feature a level of uniqueness verses the typical red you
see on those kind of cars. Now wraps are tricky. Mostly because not everyone has the best experiences with them. But they continue to be an easy way to get creative with your car, without having to paint
it every other season. And it’s not permanent,
which is also a good thing, because a lot of people
our age have a tendency to deal with emotional
attachment issues and things, I don’t know, they just
don’t like commitment. We started to see a little shifty boy in the wheel scene too. And we’ve talked about it before, but what we’re seeing slowly die is the super concave-style stuff. Now most people are
switching to a step lip, or a standard lip with
flat-faced hardware, or flat-faced wheel with hardware. Now this has to do with more and more one piece wheel companies
offering lower offset wheels, and if you guys don’t remember, lower offset means that
the wheel sticks out further from your fender. Makes it pokey boy, okay? Now, lower offset wheels
have a low price point, but that’s pretty rare. What used to be rare is
now actually pretty common. Now newer style bodies are
getting increasingly wide. And the standard wheel arches
are getting bigger and bigger. Now I hope that this doesn’t die because I do have a tendency
to love concave wheels, but it seems like the world is
going away from just concave. A lot of people prefer a one piece wheel with a huge lip and a flat face. Another thing we’ve
noticed go by the way-side, is the use of plasti-dip
as a temporary color change to interior pieces and
exterior ones as well. Wrap has become more
common, cost effective. And allows you to do
neat patterns and such, so you don’t really see a
lot of plasti-dip anymore. Now, plasti-dip is still used, commonly, to change a vehicle color
and all sorts of unique and crazy stuff out there, but with the introduction of
aftermarket wheels coming, in the bronze, red, and brushed finishes, like right from the get-go, a lot of people end up
just leaving their wheels the same color that they got them for. Pair that with the fact
that exterior pieces are no longer just getting
completely blacked out anymore, and now you’re not seeing
it as commonly used. Now it still has a
place in the aftermarket automotive community, and
there’s tons of people out there that can make some
really fancy stuff happen with plasti-dip and some good ol’ clear. But hey, plasti-dip is still an easy way to change the color of whatever
your little heart desires, without having to worry about razor marks, broken tabs from removing bits, and all that sort of good stuff. Another interesting thing we haven’t seen that often anymore, are full
carbon hood replacements. Now you guys remember Need for Speed, Need for Speed Heat, by the way. We’re on that, that’s pretty fun. But anyway, that seems, okay, what ever. So hoods and trunks are no longer just carbon fiber replacements. They’re just, it’s just not
a thing as much anymore. Need for Speed Most
Wanted had a carbon hood and now you’re over here and you’re like, “Nah, ill just keep it the same color.” And I’m not entirely
sure why that one is such a different thing, now Evo’s and STI’s are still iconic for
having carbon fiber hoods and roofs and trunks, and
all that sort of stuff. But it’s just not as common
anymore on Off-Meta cars. It seems like most people are just sticking to the hood they got, or potentially getting an aftermarket hood with some indentations or maybe hood vents and stuff like that. But nothing really extravagant like a full carbon fiber replacement, which is a little bit weird. So it’s a car trend
that you’ve been seeing maybe pass away over the past few years, or what’s something that you think is going to go away in 2020. Let us know in the
comments below of course. And if you guys are looking
for us to talk about something next, let us know. Because that’s where we get like, 99% of these ideas. And if you’re looking
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