Clean & Simple Holiday Cards with Pigment Inks, Repeat Stamping

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
making a fun holiday card using this new stamp
set from Cathy Zielske and Simon Says Stamp. This is the Coolest
Yulest Stamp Set. And I’m going to be
doing two different one layer cards. These are going to
be very simple cards with some repeat stamping. So the first card is going
to be made out of some Desert Storm card stock. This is the 100 pound version,
and I’ve just squared that at five and a half to
create a top folding card. And then the other card
is going to be made out of white card stock. And I’ve done the
same measurements, except this is going to
be a side folding card. And that white card stock
is Neenah’s Solar White. So, I’m starting out with
the Season’s Greetings sentiment stamp, and
I’m positing that in my Misti stamp
positioning tool with the aid of a grid transparency sheet. That just helps it get on
there completely straight. So, I’m going to be using
some pigment inks today. I’m using two different
sets from Color Box. And this is kinda like
their petal ink pads. The first one is called Envy,
and then the second set, which is a red set,
is called Kiss. So I’m going to be using
four colors from each of these sets. And I’m starting out
with the darkest blue. I’m gonna ink up that
Season’s Greetings stamp, and then I’ll swing the
door over and stamp it down on to my white card stock. So I’m going to
repeat this stamp. I’m going to have it
go off to the side. And to get that positioning
just right and not have to take it out of my
Misti tool, I’m going to swing that door over
and kind of let it hover above the white card stock. And then I use my fingers to
slide that card stock around and hold this in
the right position. I’m gonna ink up that
stamp one more time. And then I can go ahead
and swing the door over and that stamp’s
perfectly in line to the right of the
original stamped area. So I’m gonna do that
same kind of technique using the ornament stamps
from the stamp set. I’ve positioned the
first one so it’s right on the edge of this card stock. And I’m going to use
the next lightest shade. So it’s more kind of like
this dark aqua color. And I’ll stamp that down. And then I’m going to
do exactly what I did with that Season’s
Greeting Stamp. I’m going to kind of let
that hover over the top and position it in
just the right area. And I’ll make sure
it’s in the right spot, ink that stamp up again, and then I can stamp once more. So I did quite a bit of
stamping on this first card. And I wanted to have those
ornaments repeat all the way across the card front. So I’m gonna speed
up the video here just so you can see the process. But we’re not spending
about 15 minutes just showing you the stamping. So, I’m using the different
colors of blue for this. You could definitely mix it up and not have it be this
shades of the same color. You could have it be
completely different shades. Some reds and greens and
blues or things like that. I think that would be
really really pretty. I’ve moved on to
the other ornament, one of the other ornament
stamps in the stamp set. This is the ornament
that says Joy. And I’m using the
next lightest shade, and it’s more of a kind
of a toned back pale aqua. And then I went to the
very last ornament, this striped one that
was just so cute. And I’m using the lightest,
kind of like seafoam color. So after I have all
those areas stamped, I’m actually going to
set this card aside, and let that pigment ink dry. Because pigment inks do
take a longer time to dry compared to dye inks. This is gonna stay
wet for quite a while. So I’ve moved on
to the other card. And this time I’m using some
Neenah Desert Storm card stock, so it matches the card base. And I’m using that
grid transparency sheet to position my stamp once again. And now I’m using the
other, kind of, box of inks. This is the Kiss set, starting
out with the darkest red ink. And I’m going to
stamp the word Merry. And I’m actually going to
do the same thing I did on the previous card. And I’m going to be
sliding that card stock up into place, and then repeat
stamping with the same stamp. I’ve switched to a
different color now. I’m using the next
lightest red shade. And I’ll go ahead
and stamp this again. So in the past you may
have seen me do some repeat stamping using a Misti
tool, and doing very precise moving of my card stock,
so that everything is very evenly spaced. For these in particular
today, I wasn’t able to use the grid paper inside
my Misty Tool to do the precise movements,
because it wasn’t exactly in one quarter of an inch
segments, if that makes sense. It didn’t match the size
of grid on the grid paper. So I had to eyeball this
and just try to get them as best that I could. I’m going to finish off with
a very small Christmas stamp at the very bottom, in
the darkest red ink. So now I’m going back
to that first card, using a black pen and
also a T square ruler to draw in the strings
on those ornaments. And I’m just extending that
line from each ornament to the top of the card. And then I’m going to
take my craft sheet, and I put that over my
work surface to protect it. And I’m using that
lightest aqua shade and also an ink blending
tool just to bring in a little bit of color on
the bottom of the card. I’m also going to add
a little bit of detail to this card by taking
some Nuvo Crystal Drops in the color White Blizzard. And I’m going to just
put this kind of glitter medium over the
top of the stars. I did want to mention that
I didn’t do the stamping directly on the card bases,
because I couldn’t fit the card bases inside the
Misty Tool very easily. But if you wanted to use
a regular acrylic block, you could definitely
do all the stamping directly on the card front. The last thing to do is
to take these card fronts and adhere them
to the card bases. So I’m using some
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive. This is a really really
strong, sticky adhesive. It’s perfect for putting
things down straight onto a card front. And I’m going to position
that over the top of each card base, and
then press down evenly so that it sticks
really really well. So, these are the
finished cards for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. Like I mentioned before,
this is a brand new stamp set from Cathy Zielske, and
she actually has a few more stamps that have come
out recently as well. So you can check those
out at Thanks so much for joining me
today for another card video. And I will catch you in
another video very very soon. Thanks for watching. (upbeat instrumental music)


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