Contrat de vente d’un véhicule automobile entre particuliers

Sale contract for an automobile vehicle between individuals You want to buy a used car from an individual? You simply want to go to a service point of the Société d’assurance automobile with the ancient owner to complete the transfer of the registration? Be aware that the Consumer Protection Act doesn’t apply for the sale of an automobile vehicle between individuals contrary to the purchase of a used vehicle from a car dealer or a specialised vendor. Why not seal the sale of a vehicle in a written contract and take the time to make all basic necessary verifications? Have the vehicle inspected by an independent professional. Make sur to deal with an individual and not a trader A good way to make sure, check if the address on the registration certificate is the same as the one on the seller’s driver’s licence. Verify the seller’s purchase bill to know if he really is the vehicle’s owner. Normally, a vehicle is sold with the legal warrantee. However, the sellor can restrict his responsibility by specifying that the buyer buys at his own risk, without warrantee. However, a seller can’t be liberated if he knew there were problems before the sale and he didn’t declare them to the buyer. This is the notion of latent defect. You must also verify if a creditor is registered on the seller’s insurance policy. If the vehicle offered by the seller is affected by a hypothec or another charge : It is at the Registre des droits personnels et réels mobiliers (RDPRM) that these charges can be registered. If you don’t do this research, a creditor could impound your vehicle without any obligation to compensate you. When there is a transfer of the manufacturer warrantee to the buyer, it is important to notice the manufacturer that you are the new owner of the vehicle Finally, it is preferable that the transaction be made with cash, bank drafts or a mandate. We hope that these information will be useful.

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