Cost Effective Alternative to Chain-on-Edge Conveyors | PAC-MAX™ Conveyor

the PAC-MAX conveyor is a high-capacity
system that can be used in various slot orientations to meet the needs of your
specific application advantages include: easy to install, bolt
together making integrations easy, heavy capacity, tight vertical curves, wheel
chain with no special corner requirements, enclosed track system which
is clean and safe and most importantly can have various slot orientations when
floor mounted the pac max is an excellent alternative to the typical
chain on edge conveyor. Slot sideways orientations can be used for a variety
of applications such as clean paint finishing lines this reduces pinch
points for the operator and reduces contamination to the chain and painted
parts. when the track is floor-mounted it can
be raised on an incline in order to accommodate the drive unit above the
floor a manual hand pushed PAC-MAX system is
also an option allowing for track switches and heavier loads the PAC-MAX track can be installed with
much tighter radius curves than an i-beam making it especially useful for
dip tanks this allows tanks to be half the size conserving floor space and
paint this high-capacity low maintenance
conveyor system is an integrator friendly low cost alternative to spindle
and chain on edge conveyors it has the capacity of an I-BEAM with an enclosed
track for more information regarding the PAC-MAX system or to talk to an engineer please call 1-800-955-8860

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