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Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra from the Disney CarToys Channel. And Spidey Awesome. And today, we are building a brand new Crayola
toy, The Crayon Factory. And this is totally different than some of
the other ones. It’s brand new for this holiday season. Yeah. I remember, um, seeing it. Oh, you did? Yes. You never even told me about it? Huh! It’s a secret! Huhuhuh! Now, there we are! Heheheh. I was like “Spidey never told me about this.” It’s close. It is close. You can make out your old crayons! I have tons! I know. It’s like “What do you do with all those
old like little crayons and stuff.” Oh, you have so many little. Heheheh. But then, you can make new crayons like these,
but in funny shapes like a dog, a heart, a car. Yeah. Like little figurines. Yeah, they have, it comes with molds, um,
and then. And it lights up and stuff. Eight different crayons. Yeah. It lights up. This is cool! It’s like super legit. Yeah. It’s like one of the coolest like creations
I’ve ever seen. Yeah. This is cool, and then you can push it all
in there. Okay. We are just going to open it up and play with
it. Yeah. It seems really awesome! All righty! Here’s our Crayon Factory! So cool! And guess what we found! Designer crayons! Yes! Like sixty-four or a hundred or around there. I don’t know. Yeah. It’s a lot. This is from the Play Fair. Yep. That I went to last year. Got some crayons! Whoo hoo! So, we had tons of these, though. It came with yellow; red; green; and blue. Perfect. And then, um, I say we use some bright colors
from here to color and match. Oh yeah. Totally! It’s gonna be looking so cool. It’s gonna look way awesome, and, um, it
came with three different molds. Let me like pop’em out, I guess. Um, we have a puppy. Arf, arf! Doesn’t that sound like Blue Luke? Um, a heart, and then a race car. Oh, how cool! So, they’re all three awesome. Um, and then this is where you put your crayons
to melt. Up here. Perfect. And, uh, we have a little crayon stripper,
too! Yep! It takes the label off. Makes it easier. Yes. So, let’s pick out some bright colored crayons. Ooh, yeah! Oh, this, both of these actually look really
pretty. Look at it. Like, ooh! I like those. It’s like, heheheh, me too, strip down crayons. Oh, cool! The paint is perfect! Yep. See, you just slide it over the top, and it
makes a cut in the, and you can just peel it off. Aaah. Which is nice, ‘cause my kids are always
taking the wrappers off that way. Here we go. Wow! Perfect! That makes it easy. It’s like the best invention ever. It’s so simple. It works amazing. Um. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. Okay. That works. Okay, um, and you want to make sure that you
put one full crayon in. Yep. So, we’re going to break these. And make it even. And make it even. So, we’ll try as hard as we can to make
it even. Heheheh. So, let’s see. There we go. So, hopefully that’s good, and we’ll use
a real crayon to like kind of line it up to make sure we have. To make sure if we have enough for a real
crayon to work. Yeah. Right. And melt. Hm, hm, hm. Let’s see. Oh yeah. That’s perfect. Perfect. So, it’ll be a little greener than purple,
but that should be good. All right. Now that we have our crayon broken into pieces,
we’re going to put our mold. We’re going to do a puppy first, ‘cause
I think it’s cute. Yeah, that’s. Arf, arf! Okay, so this thing opens, and you just kind
of slide it in there. Nice and snug. And you want to make sure like you have the
funnel at the top? Yep. Like here. And the arrows pointing forward out here. And arrows pointing forward. And then you just snap it in there like that. Close it in. Oh! The light’s on. Ooh! Yay!! Okay. That’s what we want. Yep. That’s exactly what we want. And then, you’re going to put your crayon
at the top? Okay. So, we go, whoop! Yay! And then, a whoop! Yeah, purple. And a boop! Huhuhuh. That’s awesome. Okay. And then it’s going to pre-heat for two
minutes. Yep. So, we’ll be back in a sec. And one thing we need to do to activate the
pre-heating, is actually press this yellow button. Oh! There we go. And then, this starts flashing. Oh! And then, it’s kind of funny. It’s like making a monster. Yeah, it’s like lightning. Like, like Frankenstein. Aaaahh! Huhuhuh! “It’s alive!” “It’s alive! We’re feeding the life force.” Yes. Heheheh. That’s cool. Yeah. It’s got to pre-heat for two to five minutes,
and then it will start melting the crayon. Cool! As you can see, the white LED is like flashing
really fast now, and the faster it flashes, the warmer it’s getting to melting the crayons,
and then you’re going to start seeing wax start dripping into it. Yeah. Wax drip down into it. That’s kind of cool. I’m glad that it tells you like that is
melting fast. Yeah, it’s like “I’m working! I’m working, I’m working!” “I’m working!!!!” Hahah. It’s like “Flash, flash, flash lightning!” All right. Look! It’s dripping! It’s like mixing together, too. I know. So, it’s more like a purplish and a green. It’s like pink, and like mint colored and
stuff. That’s really cool. Look at the drips! It’s really cool! I can’t believe this is fast! It is like really fast. I feel like we need a little tiny bit more
crayon. Don’t you? Maybe. I’ll get like a tiny more. I, I don’t know if you’re allowed to do
this. Huhuh. Let’s see. Only it locked off! Oh, look at that! I tried to put it in, and it’s like “No,
you can’t!” “No, you can’t do it!” Okay. Well, next time. Huhuhuh. That’s crazy! Yeah. Look at that! It’s still dripping, though. Look at that. It’s about full, actually. Yeah. Yeah. It’s about to the legs part. Yeah. It’s kind of cool. Now I’m realizing too, so like we put the
green in, and then the purple and then the green. So, you can kind of choose where the colors
are going to. Yeah! That’s really cool! So, you could choose like if you want, what
color face you want. Is it dripping still? Yeah. Somewhat. So, we’ll do this. So, it takes a lot like two minutes to fill
up, and then it has to cool down. Yeah. It has to get nice and cool. Um, and that takes about four to five minutes,
and it’s locked right now. Like, I can’t open this thing. Ah, so it is very safe. But when it’s done cooling. Yeah, it’s very safe. When it’s done cooling, this button will
pop up. Oh! And that’ll mean it’s done. This is cool. Cool! It’s like baking something in the oven. Heheheh. Yes. Oh yeah. Totally. So, while we’re waiting for Mr. Puppy to
cool down, I figured I’d get our crayons ready for the next one. Yep. So, I was going to do the heart. Yes. That is so cute with a smiley face. Which is pretty. And super happy. Um, so, I’m going to break up our crayon. So, this is a red one that came with the set,
and I’m using scissors just to make the pieces. Plink!! Watch out for your eyes! Yeah! You gotta watch out for your eyes! Heheheh! Also, if you want to use scissors, maybe have
your parents do it. Yeah. Heheh. It can be scary. It could get scary. Hahah. Rarrrhhh! Okay. Shot Spidey. Heheheh. Spidey Red, though, at least. And, um, then I’m going to do, I’m going
to do three. Ooh! Just to have a nice like kind of rainbow mix,
with a purple, red, and. Valentine colors? Yes. Totally. Okay. Now I have to measure up our crayon. Luckily, yeah, you definitely like want to
use, um, another crayon to match it, especially when you have so tiny. Yeah, so many tiny pieces. Pieces like this. You would like never really guess. Like “Ahhh!” Go like “Ummmm.” Unless you’re just really good at memorizing. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Let’s see. Then goes some more pink, and then like a
really tiny red. Okay. Here we go. That should enough. That should be perfect. Yeah. And then, all these we can use for later if
we want to do a rainbow crayon or something. Exactly. You just like make a bowl of all these like
crayon bits. Yes. Yeah. Totally. Guess what? Our button had just popped up! Yes. So, whoo hoo! We’re done! We’re done!! So, I can pull this out. So you can pull it out. That’s cooled down. And it’s cool, yeah. It’s not hot, I mean it’s a tiny bit warm,
but not like, uh, just barely. Oh yeah, barely. Could feel like “oh is it barely warm.” Um hm. That’s kind of cool. Look at the puppy! Ooh! Cool! So, a little rainbow. Oh, he’s so cute! That is so cute! Okay, I’ll let him dry here. Here, and we can start our next one. And then, yeah; we’ll start our next one. So, I have our lovely little heart mold. We’re gonna put the arrow on that side like
this. Super cute. Just put it in there. Push it in. That’s so cool! All right. So, now it’s time to add the crayons; pink,
and then we’ll do red; purple; get in there. Sorry, if they’re like so tiny. I know, right? They get a little stuck. It’s a very tiny hole. Heheh. Get in there! Shove it in there! Heheheh. Huhuhuh. There we go. Purple; and then, red. Okay. All of our crayons are inside, and now we
just push this in, and then hit the light. And it’s going to start. And it’s going to melt, and it’s probably
going to be really fast. Actually, ‘cause, it’s already heated
up. Yeah. It cooled down a tiny bit. So, It’s probably going to start. So it will heat up faster this time. Yeah. Probably going to start melting like in
a minute. Okay. It’s filling up. If you kind of jiggle it too, it like goes
faster. Huhuh. Yeah, it does. It’s, it’s weird. I don’t know if you’re, you’re supposed
to. You were sitting here and it wasn’t doing
much, but, um, it was kind of stuck. See, if you like jiggle it, it drops the crayons. Yeah, ‘cause the bitty pieces kind of get
stuck. Yeah, they get like stuck, but now they’re
gone. So, now it’s like super melting it. Look at that. Whoo! Yeah. It’s really fast. Now, it’s like really filling it up quick. Look at that. Yes. Really fast, and you can see there’s a little
bit of green left over from our puppy. Yeah. So. You have a little bit left over from. Keep that in mind, huhuh, for your next ones. But it makes it cool, you know. It’s like more colorful that way. Yeah. I say for our car we should do like lots of
colors. Ooh yeah! Like just a little bit of everything? Like super rainbow looking? Yean. And then, actually, this is probably dry,
if we want to open this up. Oh yeah! Let’s see! Oop. Oh, tadah!! Oh! That’s really cool! Wow! It’s so waxy! Huhuh! Look at that! This is cool! He’s got like a little Mohawk. Do you see that? Oh, yeah! Heheh. You can cut that off, but I’m gonna leave
it on. It makes him look like a lizard. Hahah. This is cute. He’s got like stripes. Oh. Oh cool! It’s like, and then you can color with it. Actually, at the end, we’ll do. Do some, a drawing with it. Write a special note, do a special drawing. That is really cool. This is cool. It turned out like perfect. Like all the details are in it. Yeah. And it’s got like a little, almost like
a little stand. Look at that! Arf, arf! Cool! That is so cute! Yeah, and like this has a lot of extra crayon. All right, so let’s pull this out. Nice and cooled off. And we’ll let this cool a tiny bit. It’s still a little warm. Oh yeah. Look at that! That’s cool! Here, I mean, here we go. Oh! Look! There’s his little happy. It looks like the Kool-Aid Man in heart shape. And totally! He’s like. Hahahah. That’s hilarious. I’m’ going to put it like this just so
it can dry better, though. Yep. And now, for our last one. Which is the race car. Which is the race car. Which is here. Just open it. Okay, so we’ll put the race car in. Perfect. There we go, and then we’re going to do
a little bit of every color. This is so. Yep. This is going to be a rainbow. Yeah. It’s gonna turn out like brown and yucky
brown. Hahahah! Uh, we’ll do yellow. Yellow again. Cool. And then, tiny blue. Okay. Here we go. That will look so cool. Tadah! Okay. That should be good. Okay. I’ve got all of our crayons in here. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Yeah. I’m used it to it now. I’m pro. I know, right? Wicked pro. And then we got everything in here, and tadah,
we have this and we’ll press the button, and we have lightning. Whoo! Heating up the oven! Okay. Looks like it’s melting. Look at all that wax. Ooh! Huhuhuh. Melted on top there. Heheheh. Go in there! Uh -oh! It’s like it’s got like a little red crayon
piece like jamming it up. Uh-oh! It’s getting all clogged up. Uh-oh! We’ve got a lot more! Melt that piece, or it’s gonna like flood
in. Right. I’m afraid that it’s going to turn like
just brown. Uh-oh! Heheh. We’ll see. Okay. It’s on, flashing. Oh, get out! Uh-oh. It’s totally. Hahahah. It’s like it’s all fail. You’re in trouble! Uh-oh. Yeah. You can see the red crayon is just jammed
in there. Uh-oh! It’s kike totally dissolved. We’ll have to wait for it, I think. Yeah. We’ll have to wait. Unfortunately. Okay. So, we have our little heart that is good. Yeah. So, we’ll get the heart out, and it’s
cool now. And I’m going to just break off this little
extra. Ooh! This is kind of pretty! Look at that! See, what’s that? It’s like just like the base, the extra,
and this is pretty with the green right in here. It’s kind of cool. Yeah. That’s really pretty. Um, so I guess while we’re waiting for this
to like, huhuh, to kind of come apart. Destroy itself. Yeah. Destroy itself, um, we’ll color with these. Okay. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever. Like, hahahah, forever, and this is just,
super-broken. Yeah. Heheheheh. Yeah. So, it was like working so well and so awesome,
though, but I’m happy we got two crayons. Yeah, we got two awesome crayons out of it
so far. Hahahah. It just got all jammed up. Yeah. Yeah. The race car was not meant to be. Huhuhuh. No. No race car for us, sadly. So, Spidey’s going to color some cool stuff
for us with our cute crayons. Yeah. Like our puppy. So, um, let’s see. What will I draw? Huhuhuh. What will I draw? Um, I can draw a tree. Here. I can color in your tree if you want. There you go. Heheheh. Color in the tree a little bit. Oh, sorry. I’m not making this as pretty as what you
were doing. It looks good to me. Huhuhuh. I’ll do like make the stump. Yeah. Make the stump. Yeah. There it goes, it’s like broccoli, or broccoli
with cherries. Broccoli with cherries!! Huhuh. So, we’re terrible at drawing. Broccoli with sprinkles! Huhuhuh! Okay, so now this button popped up, so we
can finally see how bad it is. I’m actually kind of dying to see it. Aaaahh! Heheheh. It wasn’t, it wasn’t meant to be. Nope. Look at that. This is funny though. That’s hilarious. Okay. See, this is the culprit right here, this
little piece of red. Yep. What it did is it dried up before the rest
of the stuff and clogged the hole so nothing could drip through. Yes. So, this is. The car was staring to look cool, right? Look at it. There’s the front of it. It’s like “Whoo! I’m going to be awesome!” And then it like “Whaaah!” Heheheh. “No. Just kidding!” Nope. It made a funnel. But the funny this is, it didn’t, there’s
no way to really control that. Yeah. It just like. It just happened. Yeah. There we go. And you had to let it happen. Hahah. It’s like a little cone. Yeah. So, now it’s usable again. Yeah. I guess, but we’re tired. So, we’ll end here. Heheh. So, I guess, let us know at home, um, if we
should try more. Yeah. Should we try more? Or should we just give up? Hahahah. Should we just be quitters? Yeah. Heheheh. I don’t know. And please, make sure to like this video. Like, like, like! ‘Cause we tried. We tried! And you know, the other two succeeded! Yes. Yeah, the puppy and the heart are very cute. Now we can eat the trash. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum! Hahahah! Thanks for watching! Click on a picture to watch another fun toy
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