Deep Cleaning A Nissan 350Z! Complete Full Car Interior & Exterior Detailing!

what’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer
garage today’s detail is going to be a deep-clean of the interior and exterior
of this convertible 350z i’m actually really excited about this car because I
have never driven one never like worked on one in person but I absolutely love
them I think they’re really cool cars so if you guys are new make sure you hit
the subscribe button below give this a thumbs up let’s get started so today’s detail is not a disaster deep
clean obviously but it is a standard detail of a car that you guys can
definitely relate to and finding those different areas and pockets of dirt that
you typically wouldn’t look for so my job is to show you the different ins and
outs of an exterior and an interior detail and all the different intricacies
that you guys can use to make your car spotless so the first thing we’re gonna do today
is we’re gonna start with cleaning the engine bay and now this is something
that you don’t do every single time you wash your car you’re gonna do this
probably seasonally maybe a couple times a year just depends on how you drive
your car and where you’re driving it so what I always like to do is lightly coat
the entire engine with a little bit of water under side the hood inside the
engine bay don’t try to concentrate on a single
connector or spray and water directly into the intake snorkel and then I’m
using a all-purpose cleaner in my spray bottle at a twenty to one ratio to
lightly spray everything inside the engine bay and underneath the hood and
then I’m using my bristle brush to lift the dirt off the surface because this car has a battery cover and
it’s contained in its own compartment I did not disconnect the negative and the
positive from it but if your battery is exposed I would definitely recommend
removing the battery from the car and remember your radio codes if you do have
one and make sure you have those handy once the car has been brushed and
getting all that dirt lifted I’m using my hose just to rinse it off and then a
microfiber towel to dry off the engine bay for the underside of the hood it
just had the all-purpose cleaner sprayed on and then I’m using a wet microfiber
towel to just wipe it down now after the engine bays done we’re
going to move directly into the wheels and I have a separate soap bucket and
tools and everything just for the wheels themselves but the first thing I always
like to do is to spray my cleaner on to the wheels and tires to start getting
that brake dust and that gro grime and everything that gets caked on your
wheels and tires lift it off the surface to make the job a lot easier
and for that I’m using the ego on all wheel and tire cleaner which does a
really good job at getting all of that road debris grime and brake dust and
everything that you can get caked onto your wheels lift it to the surface that
way you can easily rinse it and scrub it off and like I mentioned I use a separate
bucket and separate tools for washing the wheels and it was actually
surprising how well I was able to get all of the inner drum of the rim brake
dust off with some of these brushes in the engl one cleaner and then I also use
the same process on the exhaust tips as well so now that we’re done with the wheels
in the engine bay I’m going to move on to the exterior which for the exterior
I’m using the two bucket method which if you’re not familiar with it’s using two
buckets one is gonna be specifically for rinsing and one is gonna hold your
shampoo and your soap in your clean water and the principle is you’re trying
to maintain a clean water a clean sponge every single time you touch your paint
and once you’re done you’re going to be rinsing it in your rinse bucket to kind
of trap that dirt and grit below your grip guard one tip I have for you guys is always
try to do the tops of your car first do the hood do the roof then work your ways
down the sides and your rinsing your sponge every single time you’re getting
done with a panel but always save your lower sills your front bumper and your
rear bumper for last and the reason why you’re doing that is because those are
the dirtiest portions of your paint and if you’re using your sponge in those
areas you’re risking the possibility of bringing some of that dirt to the top
parts of the panel and scratching the further and for the emblems I like to use a soft
bristle brush which I just use my wash mitt to put soap onto the surface and
then use the brush to get into those hard-to-reach spots that you wouldn’t be
able to get to with your sponge now that we’re done washing the car you
guys can see that the Sun is starting to get on to the cars so it’s time to
hustle get the car into the garage and then dry it off for the drying process I’m using a large
waffle we’ve dry Intel I’ve grown to love these a lot more especially when it
comes to trying to do a fast drying process they do a really good job at
soaking up a ton of water and because they are larger you can drag them across
the entire hood pretty much and get a lot of the water off very quickly now that the car is in the garage and I
have it underneath lighting I’m able to easily see the imperfections in the
paint so the first process that I’m doing is I’m going to be clean bar in
the car and then moving into the polishing stage which sadly when I clade
the car I’ve thought I pressed record and it
just never happened but I’ve done clean in the past so if you guys have looked
at a previous exterior details or my polishing video in particular I talked
about and show you how to clay bar but for this car I did an clay bar and the
entire surface before I started the polishing now for polishing I use a
random orbital now for the polishing I use an orbital polisher and then I’m
using a one-step finishing polish with an with a and for the polishing I’m
using my orbital polisher with a mild cutting pad and then for the polishing
compound it’s a kind of like an all-in-one type cleaner polish that does
a really good job as a one-step so for the polishing I’m using my orbital
polisher with a mild to medium cutting pad and the polishing compound is really
good at just allowing you to do one pass to get the car probably 95% swirl free since I’m already polishing the car and
we’re having polishing dust going everywhere this is a great time to get a
new pad and then just go ahead and polish and clean up your headlights if
they need to be for this I’m actually using a new cutting pad I’m using the
same compound that I used on the paint because it does a really good job at
clearing up any yellowing or any hazing that you have on the surface of your
headlights now that the car is completely polished
and cleaned up we’re going to move to the wax stage which I’m just using a
standard synthetic car of new beau type wax I like doing these because they go
on really easily and off really easily and if the car is maintained reasonably
well it does a good job of protecting the paint given a high-gloss shiny look
and also beating away any water that gets on the car and once again I’ve
hired my twin to help me out with the waxing at this stage in the process when
you’re buffing off the wax that’s dried onto the paint this is the crucial point
when you want to make sure you are using a fresh clean soft and microfiber towel
and you’re rotating the towel over and over again and using a new one
throughout the buffing process typically for the polishing and waxing stage I go
through about ten total microfiber towels and the reason being is they can
get loaded up with product and you want to make sure that you’re easily removing
the product off the paint without having to draggin now is my final exterior step I’m just
using my tire glaze to coat the wheels to give them that extra shine that is
longer-lasting you’ll see in this video that there is
definitely steps that I’m taking that are a little bit different than typical
and that’s just due to the nature of the car being a convertible so when I put
the top down or if I lifted up the top cover and everything else there was a
lot of different areas that I forgot or didn’t expect to need to be cleaned that
I found out as I was going to the process now the first thing for the
interior is to obviously remove the floor mats out of the car or anything
that’s inside the car like CDs anything in the cupholders remove that trash and
dirt and then the next thing that I like to move to is the door sills and the
door frames this is typically a spot that gets
missed but if you detail at heavily one initial time every time you wash your
car or do a vacuuming just using a microfiber towel to wipe them down will
keep them fairly clean for a long time next we’re moving to the door panels and
for that I’m using a soft bristled drill brush and my all-purpose cleaner onto
those panels to get into those different textures and everything that you have on
door panels that is really hard just to get to you by hand with the help of my
brush I can get into all the switches and the hard-to-reach spots that my
towel and fingers wouldn’t be able to dony no shampoo
we don’t need nobody’s attend show you we just wanna dance um
we treat a party the next spot I’m going to move to is
I’m starting to move to that rear top cover of the convertible top and then
also to those roll bar covers for the seats and starting to work my way around
the car this is one of those areas that I was actually surprised with how much
dirt was in there it makes sense though if the top is being loaded up and down
and then with the amount of debris that can get collected in there with the
movement of it but I’m just using my all-purpose cleaner to spray on those
different door jams and underneath that cover and wiping it down with my
microfiber towel we don’t need nobody’s attache we just
wanna dance next I move into the leather seats which
these seats are a white cream color and using my Lexile cleaner and conditioner
I was using my bristle brush to get into all those different perforations along
the different stitch seams to get those cleaned I also utilize my soft bristled drill
brush to get into some of those spots that I wasn’t able to quite get to with
my brush very quickly the drill brush just helped me speed it up a little bit now that the seats are cleaned and
conditioned I’m going to be using my all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all of
the different plastic trims on the side and the back of the headrest in the back
of the seat before moving into the vacuuming stage now this card wasn’t overly dirty so I
just used the seat sliders to move the seat forward and backwards to get to any
of the dirt that’s underneath it now continue the same process and repeat it
on the other side of the car starting with the passenger door frame the door
panel and moving to the seat now the vacuuming is done I’m going to
move on to the passenger door panel and door frame working on cleaning those
from the all-purpose cleaner and then moving on to the dashboard for all the air vents and all the
different pockets in different hard-to-reach spots the bristle brushes
definitely come in handy with getting those cleaned one spot commonly missed is definitely
the window visors make sure you’re moving those up and down you’re making
sure you getting into all the different bracketry associated with those to get
those clean for the center console area where you
have this cup holder and you also have the shifter cover I was a little bit
disappointed I wasn’t able to get those clean but they actually weren’t dirty
the plastic piece with the black spotting was actually being worn through
from the paint and then the actual shifter cover surround was the clear
coat coming off of it slightly so I could have sanded him down and paint him
if the customer wanted me to but for this job they just wanted me to clean
everything for them and after everything’s been wiped down
on the inside of the car with your top coat for your interior I always like to
do the gauges and the inside of the windshield last with my glass cleaner now for the engine bay I’m using the
same dressing that I used on the interior and lightly spraying it across
the engine bay and wiping it off with a microfiber towel and here are the end results and if you
guys have seen my details in the past this is definitely on the mild spectrum
of cleaning that needs to be done but the best part is is when you have a car
that’s mildly dirty and you’re able to deep clean it and go above and beyond
what you typically would do and you can actually elevate it to it to a level
that you wouldn’t expect that’s when you know you did a really good job and
that’s something that I felt with this car I was able to obtain I think the
best part was is the customer was super happy when they picked up the car and
just blown away with the results they actually called me two days later to
reiterate how much nicer the car looks because they started seeing all the
different pockets behind the seats and underneath the hatch and the engine bay
and they started noticing all the different areas that were cleaned that
they did not expect to get cleaned I want you guys to let me know in the
comments below if you could buy any car right now regardless of the price what
car would it be let me know in the comments below what you would pick up my
car personally I probably would pick up I probably pick up a Lamborghini Huracan
I think that’s the car that I would pick up if I could tomorrow and if you guys
enjoy all of these detailing tips and tricks and all of my videos make sure
you hit the subscribe button below and give this video a big thumbs up so guys
thanks again for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video give me some directions to get to you


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