Hello, everyone. It’s Heiley. I will be introducing 5 items from INBELLO. All of them are made with mild ingredients and with less purified water, So the CEO of INBELLO ate some to prove that they’re trustworthy. I have high hopes. The first item of today is the INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Cleanser. This cleanser contains more moisturizer than purified water, So your skin does not feel too taught. It’s packed in a tube With an ample amount of 100ml. It’s sealed under the lid. Let’s take some on my hand after removing the seal. Do you see how it stretches? It feels so tight. A cheese-like texture, may I add. I don’t know. Chewy? It’s also very moist and smooth. Let’s lather it with some water. Look at the bubbles – I only added minimal water. The bubbles are very smooth, so it will cleanse the skin without stimulation. The INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Cleanser felt great to use. The bubbles are tight, so my skin feels tight. While cleansing, you will smell roses. This rose scent is natural. Isn’t it amazing? While cleansing, it feels very smooth. After washing off and drying the face, My face felt smooth and moist. Isn’t it funny? My face feels very taught after a face wash, so this was new to me. I would be lying if I told you that my skin stays moist after the face wash, But it did keep my skin moist for a certain amount of time. Wouldn’t it be great for people with dry skin? I was wondering what made this such an amazing item, So I looked at the ingredients list. There were 3 ingredients that stood out. First off, hibiscus flower extract. Hibiscus flower extract is very effective in moisturizing and improving the skin texture. Secondly, natural AHA. This ingredient eliminates dead skin cells and smooths the skin. Do you remember me saying something about roses? The rose scent I mentioned comes from rose water. Rose water moisturizes the skin with an amazing aroma. I mean, moisturizing my skin with a rosy item Is something to make my day. Lastly, there’s natural herb extract. And when I say natural herb extract, I mean rosemary and peppermint extracts. The gentle aroma of said herbs go along very well with rose To make washing my face a pleasant experience. From what I know about the ingredients, most of the ingredients Are about moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Next item in line is the INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Toner. This toner contains 50% of damask rose water. The first thing that caught my eyes was the simple design. This bottle contains 140ml of toner. Another seal, just like the other one. Again, remove the seal, and take some on my hand. It looks liquid – I mean, it’s a toner. When I touch it, I could feel some viscosity, and a slight sliminess. Let’s soak a cotton pad with the toner, And wipe my hand with it. It feels cool for some reason. The first thing I felt was that my skin was relieved of some stress. And then I saw the moist and smooth wrap-up. The INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Toner has a great gentle aroma. I can still smell the toner from my hand. Whether it be when I applied it on my face, Or when I apply it on my face, it felt cool. I expected it to contain some sort of alcohol, But to my surprise, it does not contain any kind of alcohol. That’s why it can be used as an essence as well. You can utilize its natural coolness to soothe blushes or redness. When I use this toner, I usually soak a cotton pad, Wipe the skin lightly, and then layer this toner once more. That’s how I convey moisture deep into the skin While comforting my skin with a pleasant scent. This toner is really calming. Sometimes, I would soak a sheet mask with this toner To use as a self-made toner pack. 50% of this toner is damask rose water. Not only that, but it also contains glycerin, hibiscus extract, and allantoin That improve skin troubles and eliminate dead skin cells overall. The third item is the INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Emulsion. This emulsion does not contain any oil, So it’s great for adjusting the oil-moisture balance of the skin. It looks similar to the toner. It’s sealed. Remove the seal, and take some on my hand. It feels very moist on my hand. When spread, it felt smooth and moist, But not heavy at all – it feels light. After the emulsion has been absorbed, You’ll see that my skin has become smoother. It’s almost as if the emulsion coated my skin with moisture. The INBELLO Hibiscus Hidratante Emulsion also has a rosy aroma. You guessed it – it’s natural rose. That’s why I like it more. Applying this emulsion was an experience. At first, I didn’t see anything much of a difference from other emulsions. You know, just another moisturizing emulsion. The difference came to me after the skin absorbed the emulsion. It’s not slimy, it’s smooth. My skin felt much more comfortable after this emulsion. As I mentioned earlier, this emulsion was great at adjusting the oil-moisture balance of the skin. Since it doesn’t have any oil in it, anyone should be able to use it. However, people with dry skin might be worried that because it has no oil, The moisture would evaporate too quickly. That is not the case. It takes care of the skin feeling taught while balancing the skin And helps makeups adhere to the skin. It’s especially effective for people with oily skin lacking moisture, And it improves the skin type. That is why I want to recommend this to said people. It’s really good. This emulsion contains hibiscus extract, damask rose water, and rose hip extract. These 3 ingredients are enough for me to know how good the emulsion is for the skin. As I already mentioned, hibiscus extract is good at moisturizing and improving the skin. Damask rose water moisturizes and soothes the skin. We all knew that. Let’s focus on rose hip extract. Rose hip extract improves skin vitality and skin tone, and it has vitamins. Ah, there’s something that stands out here. Skin tone improvements. Rose hip extract controls sebum secretion and keeps the skin moist. It also helps prevent skin pigmentation, which keeps the skin tone clear and even. That’s something people like me need. Next up, INBELLO Black Bean Hidratante Cream. This cream is 45% meadowfoam seed oil. There’s a spatula included in the box with the cream. Under the lid, there’s an internal cap. Under the cap, there’s the thick cream. When I scooped up some cream with the spatula, I could feel the thickness. This is a hard cream with a thick texture. Doesn’t it look like cream cheese? When pressed gently with the help of my body temperature, It can be spread very smoothly. It also feels like a moist oil when spread. After absorption, it feels like it formed a moisturizing film on my skin. As I just said, it feels like a moisturizing oil. This cream is very moisturizing. If your skin feels as dry as mine, you’ve just found yourself an oasis. When I applied this cream on dry areas before going to bed, My skin changed drastically the morning after. You know how we apply lip masks when they feel dry? That’s what I thought about. My face felt much smoother. This cream is very moisturizing, but it’s also slightly oily. So, you need to take caution in how much cream you’re going to apply. As for me, I took a tiny amount to apply overall, And then layered another tiny amount on dry areas. When I first used this cream, I didn’t know anything about that, And it felt like my face was covered in thick moisture – it was suffocating. So, if this your first time trying it, Take a small amount to test it first, And then proceed with whatever amount you seem fit. Also, since this cream is very moisturizing and slightly oily, It might be too much for people with oily skin. If your skin feels severely dry, If your skin feels dry all day, Or if your skin is just dry, I recommend this cream to you. I usually apply the leftover cream on my hand. It has become much smoother after I started doing that with this cream. Before we move on, let’s check the ingredients. Again, 3 ingredients caught my eyes. First, black bean extract. There’s an antioxidant ingredient called glycitein in black bean extract. This glycitein accelerates blood circulation and helps exudate skin wastes to purify the skin. There’s also a thing called meadowfoam seed oil. Meadowfoam seed oil is very effective in moisturizing and calming the skin. After a brief search, It also prevents moisture evaporation by forming a evaporation prevention film. Basically, it soothes and vitalizes the sensitive skin. Oh, I almost forgot – it’s very skin-friendly. Another reason to like it, I guess. Lastly, sweet almond oil. It protects and soothes the skin. It says 100% natural almond oil Smears quickly into the skin And helps calm itches and eczema. Perhaps that’s why the itching got better? Last item of today’s video – the INBELLO Idebenon Hidratante Sun Cream. This sun cream contains idebenone – the hint’s in the name. It’s a tube type item. 50g is quite a lot, isn’t it? There’s a seal, and I’m going to peel it off like I did the other 4 times. It’s the same seal, so I’m going to do the same thing. Like all other items I introduced today, it looks like it’s going to be moist and smooth. When spread, it feels… moist. Spread it, and then pat gently. Do you see how smooth it is? I think this sun cream might work as a makeup base. It feels great when spread. Not only that, but the gentle aroma maximized its charms. Usually, sun creams make me think of how heavy, oily, stuffy, and whitening they are While also making makeups flaked easily. This one’s different – it’s fresh and light With a gentle aroma, and it’s not very oily. This sun cream helped makeups adhere better to the skin. I was pleasantly surprised. I put on a lot of makeups – I’m sure you all know. When I want to go out, I need to put on sunscreen before putting on makeups. But that’s not going to work if sunscreens make the makeups look bad. I guess I do try to avoid sunscreens. This one’s different. It conditions the skin when applied before makeups To help makeups. I avoided sunscreens before – now I look for this before makeups. The INBELLO Idebenon Hidratante Sun Cream looks great without makeup, too. Take some sun cream and apply it like this. Other sunscreens make the skin look unnaturally white. INBELLO said no to that. Apply it, pat it gently, Then you’ll see how it evens out the skin tone brightly. Your face won’t be glowing alone in the dark – It’s going to make it look beautiful. So even if you don’t put on makeups, this sun cream is going to be a must. I already told you that there’s a thing called idebenone in this sunscreen. I had no idea what that is, so I looked it up. It’s an anti-aging ingredient 4 times more powerful than vitamin C, and 10 times more powerful than Coenzyme Q10. Oh, and if you wanted to purchase it, It would cost you 140 USD per gram. Astonished yet? There’s 10ppm of this amazingly high-priced idebenone in the sun cream. That’s all 5 items from INBELLO for my video today. The sun cream I introduced last is not a choice – it’s a must. I really want you to try it. That does not mean other items are not good, by the way. They are still very moisturizing and skin-improving. The more I used them, the better my skin became. Except for the cream, all of these items Can be used comfortably on oily skin as well. If you are troubled by how oily your skin is, try it! I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, leave a like, don’t forget to subscribe, and comment down below. I’ll see you again with other items in hand. Until next time! Bye~

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