Hey guys, it’s Heart and today I’m going to
be fixing up and customizing yet another American Girl doll. And this time I’m going to be dyeing her hair
this Sharpie red color. So, before I actually open up the doll, I’m
going to get this little formula sitting so that the color will be very bright. So, what you’re going to need to do if you
want to dye a doll’s hair, preferably blonde hair because that’s what it shows up on best
with Sharpies, are some Sharpies, and you’re going to need to cut the Sharpies open and
pull off the top of it so I’m using these. I don’t know if they’re gonna work. And then you’re going to need some rubbing
alcohol. And it depends how much dye you want to make. The more alcohol you use, the less opaque
the dye will be and the less rubbing alcohol you use, the more opaque it will be. So, as you can see, I don’t need that much
because it’s only gonna be the tips of her hair and I want it to be pretty bright. So, what I’m going to do is….I ordered these
Sharpies online ’cause I’m too lazy to go to the store. I ordered them from Amazon for a couple bucks. You’re going to want to open up the Sharpie
and you’re going to grab it with your pliers and you’re going to try to pull off the top. Those aren’t working so I’m going to be using
this now. And this is what I used last time to try and
get it off. Okay, takes a little bit of elbow grease but
once you get it off, that’s what you should have. I’m actually going to go put gloves on ’cause
this can get messy. Okay, got my gloves on now. And you’re just going to want to take this. It’s like the casing and you’re going to want
to cut it. So, I’m using this knife and make sure you’re
very careful and have permission first. So, then you’re going to, very carefully,
cut the casing open because inside of it is where all the color is stored. So, here is all the ink. I realize this looks a little bit like a crime
scene so I’m sorry about that. Then you’re just going to drop this in your
plastic cup and move onto the second marker. You could also try and get this little tip
out if you wanted to but I’m just gonna leave it. Alright so now I’ve cut open both of my Sharpies
and I’m gonna take my rubbing alcohol and I’m just going to pour a little bit of that
in there. And, as you can see, the water immediately
turns a little bit red. I know it looks like it’s just kind of the
cup but it is coming out. So, I’m just going to let this sit for a bit
while I actually open up the doll and then I will be using that to dye the hair. Alright guys so I’m already down here but
I’m just going to be opening the doll now. Alright, so here is the doll. And, as you can tell, it’s a Julie Albright. And her hair is actually in pretty good condition. So, she looks pretty good. I’m going to take her hair down and probably
just give it a brush and then I’ll give it a wash. And then later we will add the red. So, I just took her outfit off and, as you
can see, she’s got these marks on her legs so I’m going to try to get them off with Magic
Eraser and hope that works. Okay, so it didn’t work so they’re still there
but I’m going to worry about that later. I think I’m just going to focus on her hair
right now and maybe we’ll try like a baking soda solution or nail polish remover. That’s just something to think about. But her hair looks pretty good. As you can see here, she has this wavy part
of her hair from the braid that Julie naturally comes with. So I’m going to straighten that out using
this straightening iron. So, it’s heating up now. I’m gonna put it on a low setting. Probably about one. That’s the setting it’s on. And I’m going to brush out her hair. So now I’m going to wet her hair. And, making sure it’s really wet and then
I’m going to go in with the straightener. Now that her hair’s straightened out, I am
going to start coloring it. I’m just going to make sure there’s no more
knots left in her hair. Okay, so for the coloring process, I wouldn’t
recommend doing this when the wig is on the doll but in my case, I’m going to because
her hair is super long. But, if you do this, you want to make sure
you wrap your doll in something to protect her. So I’m gonna wrap her in a garbage bag. Okay so here’s the solution that’s been sitting
for a couple hours. I’m going to put this into a spray bottle
using a funnel so it doesn’t spill everywhere. And I’m just going to pour this dye in. And I’m making sure it doesn’t overflow because
that would be bad. Oops. Okay. This is the time when you wanna put some gloves
on because it will get messy and make sure you’re doing this in a very well-ventilated
area because it will smell. Now I have the dye and I’m going to put the
cap back on. And I’m going to start spraying her hair. It’s a little pink. That’s okay though. So, you’re just going to spray. As you can tell, this really shows up well
on blonde dolls. And you’re just going to kind of rub it in
so it’s not just from blonde to pink. And you’re just going to kind of repeat this
process until the hair is pretty opaque. Alright, so once the hair is pretty much saturated
in the parts that you want to be colored, then you just gotta be patient and let it
dry. As you can see, it’s messy, it smells really
bad in here. And I’m gonna go take a break from this because
it is very strong smelling. And then once it dries, I’ll get back to you
guys. Alright guys so her hair is dry now and it’s
this beautiful pink color. I was going for red but I honestly really
like this pink anyway. So, we are going to wash it out because we
don’t want any of the color transferring to her body or any clothes that she wears. So, I’m going to first rinse it off with some
lukewarm water. So, now I’m going to use some shampoo because
I wanna just make sure, once again, that all of the dye comes out. So, I’m just gonna take a couple pumps of
shampoo and just put that into her hair. I’m just going to let that sit for a couple
of minutes. And then I’m going to come back and wash it
all out. As you can see, the water is starting to run
semi-clear. So, now I’m going to put some conditioner
into her hair just to soften it up a little bit. So, I’m just going to massage this into her
hair, once again. And then we’re gonna let it sit for a couple
minutes just to let it really sink in. Alright so now her hair is done and I’m going
to dry it off and give it a little trim. So, as you guys can see, this one piece is
a lot longer than the rest of her hair so I’m just going to cut that piece off. And the reason for this is because Julie normally
comes with a braid in her hair so American Girl makes that piece longer so it looks like
the same length. But, I’m just going to take my scissors and
just chop that off. And, I’m just going to make sure the hair
is the same length all the way around and just cut off any loose strands that I see. So, I’m just going to let her hair dry overnight
because it’s light anyways and I’m going to sleep soon so I will see you guys when I wake
up and when her hair is all ready. Alright so I made a baking soda and water
mixture. I’m going to see if this can take those marks
on her legs out. They look like stains from pants that she
was wearing, possibly. That doesn’t look like this is doing the trick
at all so I think we’re going to resort to the last method which is probably the acne
medicine thing and then you lay your dolls out in the sun for a couple hours, I think. Alright so I just got back from Target and
I got some 10% benzoyl peroxide gel and this is for acne removal and it was only like four
bucks. But, I need to remove this stuff with this
and the reason it works is because it has bleaching properties in it so if you leave
your doll out in the sunlight with this on then it should take the stain out. And I’m just going to really generously apply
this to her stained areas. Okay, so now I’m going to wrap those two parts
that I just did with some Saran wrap. And now I’m going to put her out in the sun
for a couple of hours so that her vinyl can be bleached. Alright, so she is outside now. Yes, it is winter where I live. I live in New York where winter lasts for
like ten months. Anyways, so as you can see, I just have the
rest of her body covered up with a towel and only the parts that are getting bleached are
exposed. And I know the word bleached sounds scary
when it comes to your dolls’ vinyl but it is only bleaching out the stains. So I’m going to leave her out here. The time that she stays out here depends on
how severe the stain is. I’m thinking it might be a little bit longer
than a normal stay out, which is like four hours maybe. But I’m just gonna keep checking up on her
and see how it does. And obviously the sun is going to go down
eventually. It is like 4 something. Actually I think it’s like 3:30 right now
so I still have a good three hours of sunlight left but hopefully that will be enough time,
but we’ll see. Alright guys, so she’s all finished. The stains on her legs are gone. As you can see, there’s no more darkness. And she’s in great condition. Her hair is literally so soft and there’s
pink in it. And I made it a little bit more vibrant. I just sprayed another coat in it and washed
it out again so I think it’s really, really pretty. I honestly wish I could keep her for myself. The pink is kind of subtle, but it’s still
there. So, I really like that and she’s just so pretty. So, she’s going to be listed on eBay in the
description below. So, if you’re interested in her, make sure
to go bid on her and I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye!


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