Fun & Easy Envelope for Crafters! (Colored Pencil Coloring)

– Hi, everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using the Arts and Icons
stamp set from Ink Blot, and I’ve had this stamp set for a while and have been looking for the
perfect opportunity to use it and today is that day. Going to be decorating an envelope and doing quite a bit of coloring. Today’s video is part of a blog hop celebrating the Daily Marker
30 Day Coloring Challenge. My friend Kathy Racoosin
puts this together multiple times a year and the coloring challenge is all about challenging yourself to
color something, anything, every day for an entire month. And you don’t have to finish your project, you don’t have to make an elaborate piece or anything like that,
it’s just about coloring. Coloring has a lot of health benefits, including reducing stress and fatigue, and it’s great for just relaxing and doing a little bit of
something with your hands. I think it’s a great
kind of practice to do. And as crafters, we get
to color quite a bit, which is really fun. So today I’m going to be
doing some heat embossing, and then I’ll be coloring
with colored pencils. So I’ve arranged some of
those art supplies stamps on the bottom of this envelope, and then I’ve prepped my black envelope with an anti-static powder tool, and then stamped those
images in VersaMark ink. VersaMark’s a very sticky ink. It’s my preferred ink for heat embossing because it stays sticky for a long time so I have plenty of time to
stamp all of these images, add some more in between,
and then continue stamping and adding embossing powder. So I have plenty of time to do that. I don’t have to rush too much. So I just want to mention
that this black envelope, I bought it years ago
at a local paper store which I don’t think is in business anymore so I’m not entirely sure
where to send you guys if you want some black
envelopes like this. I’ll search online and
see if I can find some. I do have one particular online store that I like to buy envelopes from, so I’ll see if they have
some black envelopes similar to this and
send you guys over there if you’re looking for some
long business sized envelopes in different colors, ’cause they’re really fun to have on hand and I like to decorate these ’cause it’s just a little bit different. People don’t expect to
have a handmade card inside a long envelope like this. I think it’s really fun. So I added some white embossing powder. This is some Alabaster Embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. I shook off the excess
and then heated that with my heat tool until
it was smooth and melted. And I don’t know if you noticed, but when I was using the heat tool, I let it really warm up
away from the envelope first and then brought it over to the envelope and used the heat tool. I did that because I didn’t
want to have that time when the heat tool is coming
up to its full temperature. I didn’t want that to be while it was pointed at the envelope where it would apply too much heat for a long period of time
and possibly cause warping. So today, I’m going to be
coloring with colored pencils, and the colored pencils
that I really, really love are the Polychromos
pencils from Faber-Castell. I think they’re nice and
creamy and they just have a really good texture
when you color with them. They look great over the
top of dark surfaces, so that’s another reason
why I’m using them on this black envelope today. I’m gonna go through and
color in all of these little individual pieces
and I’m making sure to add a little bit of white as
a highlight for these. And at first, I thought
I’d have the highlight be straight on the pencils, but then I decided that the highlight looked a little bit better off to the side ’cause it’s gonna be off to
the right just a little bit. But I only had a few here where the highlight
looks a little bit wrong, but it’ll be okay in the end. Anyways, I’m gonna turn on some music so you can enjoy the coloring and I’ll be right back to
finish up the envelope. (“Distant Fortune” by Daniel Keade) So the envelope is pretty much complete. I just have to add some postage stamps. I will not be adding an address
onto this envelope today. I didn’t have a recipient in
mind when I was creating this, but I do have some longer cards and I thought I would send this to one of my friends or family members, so just to not put their
address out on blast ’cause I don’t have permission from them, I’m not going to be putting
an address on today’s card, or today’s envelope, excuse me. But you could do a lot of
really fun, different techniques for writing the address if you want. So right there, I used a paper towel that I sprayed with a water bottle and then I pressed that stamp onto it. This is one of those older vintage stamps that has the adhesive on the back and you have to lick the stamp and then press it onto your envelope. Well, some of these
really old vintage stamps, I just don’t even want
to lick them. (laughs) You know what I mean? It’s just (expresses disgust). So I just press them
onto a wet paper towel and then press it onto the envelope. I added my return address on the back of the envelope on the flap with a Gelly Roll pen. This the 10 Bold Gelly Roll pen. And then that is the finished envelope. So, once again, today’s
video is part of a blog hop for the Daily Marker 30
Day Coloring Challenge. You can take the challenge yourself and follow over at Instagram, using the hashtag #TheDailyMarker30Day. Thanks so much for joining me today. I will catch you very
soon in another video. Thanks for watching. (light music)

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