– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
using this stamp set from My Favorite Things. The set is called
Fab-Boo-Lous Friends and I thought all these
little ghost images dressed up as different
characters, it was just so cute. So I’m gonna start out by
cutting some Neenah Solar White card stock. This is 110 pound card
stock and I’m cutting it to five by seven. I’m going to do quite
a bit of die cutting. I’m using the Tri Circle
die from Simon Says Stamp and I’m going to cut nine
perfectly spaced circles so that I can put some
of those ghost images in the circles and kind
of make a shaker card. So I’m first marking where
the 2-1/2 inch mark is on this piece of five
by seven card stock then I’m drawing a vertical line so that’s exactly in the center. Then I’m gonna take
the die from Simon and you can see where those
little holes are on the die, that’s to help you
get the paper out. I’m using those to help
line that up perfectly. So I ran that through
my Big Shot machine and I cut three circles. So now I’m going to do
some more measurements and lining things up so that
I can have the other two sets of that like die cut, I’m
going to have it be perfect. I’m using a circle that
I’ve cut out previously, just getting that on there
to see where the spacing is. Then I’m gonna take
a pencil and mark where the top center
of that circle is and I’ll also mark the bottom so I know exactly where
I want that circle to be. Then I’m gonna kinda
mark where the middle is. I’m going to measure it from
the edge of that cut circle and I’m going to make a
mark that the equal distance on the other side. Then I’m going to draw
two vertical lines. I’m just using a
T-square ruler for this. Drawing two vertical lines and I’m going to do
the exact same thing by lining up the die
in those sections. But I wanna make sure
that the die is spaced in the spot vertically
that it’s supposed to be. So I’m gonna place that die
back into those holes that I cut and it kind of puzzle pieces in. Then I made a little mark
where the metal edge is and I’ll draw another line there so I know that I need to
line up the metal of the die with that line that I’ve drawn. So I’m lining it up with
that horizontal line and then lining up the dots
along the vertical line and then I can run that
through my Big Shot machine. I’m just holding
the die in place with a little bit
of Micropore tape. It’s a really low-tack tape
so it doesn’t tear the paper. So now I have two of
those columns of dots that are cut out or circles. I’m gonna add a third
row or a third column and run that through
my Big Shot machine and then I have nine
perfectly spaced circles. These are gonna be perfect
to put those little images from the stamp set. So I used a pencil
eraser and I just erase all those pencil lines. And then I took another piece
of five by seven card stock and I’m going to take my
pencil and trace the edges of those die-cut circles. This is so that I have a
guide for where to stamp all of those images. So I’ve placed the card stock, the full piece without the cuts, in my Misti stamp
positioning tool. I’ve positioned three
of the ghost images and also the spider and I’m leaving some
of those circles empty so that it can just be colors and so that I can eventually
put sequins over top. I’m using the Simon Says
Stamp Intense Black Ink and I’m using this
ink in particular because I’m going to
be using copic markers and this is an ink that
works well with copics. So I’m gonna press this
down and stamp it once and I get a pretty
good impression. But just to make sure I have
really nice stark black lines I’m going to go ahead and ink
these stamps up once again and then I’ll stamp them
for a second stamped image. I’m gonna have really
nice stark black lines. Press those down till everything
is stamped really well. Then I’m gonna go around and I’m not erasing
the pencil lines on the circles completely, I’m just erasing
them a little bit. When I start coloring
with my markers it’s going to trap
the pencil underneath. So I’m just trying to get rid
of some of the pencil lines. Using that T-square ruler again and this time I’m
using a black marker just to draw the
string or the spiderweb coming out of the spider. And then I’m gonna bring
out my copic markers and start coloring. So I’ve sped up the video and I have some music
playing for you guys. And I will see you guys when all of the
coloring is complete. (Siren’s Song by
Hakan Ericksson) So you can see that
die-cut piece of cardstock fits perfectly over the top. These are gonna
look really great once I start building the
shaker area of the card. So I’m gonna worry
about the card base now. This is going to be a
finished card of five by seven so I have some card stock here
that’s cut to 10 inches wide by seven tall and I’ve
scored that at five so that when I fold it, the
finished size is five by seven. So now I’m back in my Misti
stamp positioning tool and I’m using a grid
transparency sheet to help guide me as I
position this greeting stamp in my Misti tool. And this is gonna help me
get it perfectly straight. And when I come down and
I pick it up with the door it takes that
transparency grid with it and I can just remove that. I’m using the same black ink. You can use any black ink but I tend to always use
the same black ink on a card even if I don’t
necessarily need it to be, like I’m not going to
be coloring over the top because I want the blacks to
all match and look perfect. So like I did before, I’m
going to stamp this twice and it’s going to make it a
really, really nice stark black image for this text. It’s really great to have text that’s stamped really,
really dark black because it’s easier to read. So I have that all stamped. I’m gonna turn it over
and I’m going to add all of the adhesive. But before I do that
I’m gonna cut it down so it’s super narrow and I’m
also going to first adhere the window plastic or
the transparency sheet that’s going to create
the front window of this shaker card. So I’m going to set the foam
adhesive aside for a minute and I’m actually going to put
on the transparency sheet. And I’m gonna cut it down. I’m just using some window
plastic, it’s super easy. You could use a little bit
of packaging if you need to, whatever you have on hand it’s
not anything in particular for this spot. As far as adhering
it to the card I’m just using some
Ranger multimedia matte. I’ve just gone around
all of those circles, kind of scribbled
around some adhesive and then pressed that
transparency down. Now I’m gonna hold
that with my fingers and press it down
for a little bit because I want to give
it a chance to dry before I move on with
the rest of the card. So I’ve put together
some foam tape, that was what I
was just cutting, and that’s two
layers of foam tape. So I’m going to add some foam
tape around the circle areas and on the bottom
because I want everything to be really even and flat
once I have the card together. So after I have those
on I’m gonna go ahead and take that really
skinny strip of adhesive and wrap it around each
one of these circles. And if you take the release
paper off the front and back you’ll be able to manipulate
and bend that foam tape so it goes around these
circles really easily. So I’m only going to
be using some sequins inside these shaker areas. So I don’t necessarily need
the foam tape to be perfect around the outside. If you were going to do
glitter or seed beads or anything smaller than sequins you might want to make sure that you have a
really tight closure where those ends of
the foam tape meet. I didn’t need to have
a super precise one so I just used
scissors and cut it and kind of bent it in those
edges to make sure they met. So I’m gonna place the
colored piece side by side and the colored piece, so these
will actually go together, sandwiched together. And I just have
them side by side so I can plan where I’m
putting the sequins. I love using sequins
mixes for shaker cards because it’s so easy to
get a nice mix of colors. And I’m gonna just place
the purple mix where, let’s see, it looks like
where the black background is and where the purple
background is. And I also added in some
orange and silver as well in the other spots where
it’s just a solid color. Then removed all of
that release paper on the back of the foam
tape and I’m going to place the colored piece
really carefully on top. I wanna make sure
I don’t bump it or get any sequins that
get sandwiched in there because then I won’t
have a tight fit. So press that down. And I’m gonna take my
fingerprints, or my fingertips and walk them along each one
of these circle foam areas because I wanna make sure that it’s pressed
down really evenly and I have a nice tight seal so that the sequins
don’t escape. There’s nothing worse than
getting a card in the mail and having the sequins filling
the bottom of the envelope because the shaker
card broke open. So you can see how fun that is, just those sequins
in those solid areas. I’m going to add some adhesive to the five by seven card
base that I made earlier and then I’ll place
the entire shaker area right on top. So this is a nice heavy
card so it’s gonna survive going through the mail. And I absolutely
love this greeting, the a ghost hug for you, you
can’t feel it but it’s there. I like this because I get to use some of
these fun Halloween images but it’s not like a
happy Halloween card. I don’t really send
Halloween cards but this one I could send ’cause it just has Halloween
images around Halloween time. Thanks for watching and
I will catch you guys in another video
very, very soon. (happy upbeat music)


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