Happy Birthday Pandas! 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop

– [voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m taking
part in a blog hop for my friend Kathy’s
coloring challenge. It’s a month-long
coloring challenge. It just encourages you to break out those stamps
and start coloring. So the stamp set that I’m using
today is called Happy Pandas from My Favorite Things. And I wanted to do a
stack of two pandas with the bottom panda
holding a banner. Now this banner image,
I don’t think it was necessarily meant for this
panda to be holding it. Because the two poles on
it weren’t wide enough. So I ended up putting a piece
of plastic, just the plastic, from the stamp packaging,
over the top of this image. And then I manipulated
that banner stamp. And then picked it up
with an acrylic block. Now it’s the right
width for that panda. So now I’m gonna go
ahead and stamp the panda in some VersaFine
Onyx Black ink. This is a waterproof ink. And I’m gonna be doing
some watercoloring today. So I’m using some hot press
watercolor paper from Arches. And when I stamp this onto
the smooth watercolor paper, I’m gonna get a really
nice, crisp impression. And that’s the reason why I’m using hot press
watercolor paper. Because there’s
no texture on it, I’m going to get a
really great image. So I’m gonna stamp that banner. And you’ll notice
I stamped it over onto some masking
paper onto the side. I’ll need that mask as I stamp
a second panda over the top. So, first I’m gonna
finish this banner. I’ll add that Happy Birthday. Comes in the stamp set. Perfectly sized for that banner. And then I’ll go ahead and
cut out the banner mask. This is going to protect
the area of the banner while I stamp the
other panda on top. And it’s going to
make it look like the panda is behind the banner. So I’ll just press
that down over the top. And then I’ll take
the other panda stamp, it’s one of the panda’s that’s
standing with his arms up, and I’ll stamp him right
above the other panda. And then I’m gonna go ahead
and add some balloons. So I’m going to take
the balloon stamp. And first I’ll just stamp
it without masking anything. Just to get it so it’s
in the right spot. And then I’m going
to take a baby wipe and just clean off the very
bottom of that balloon. And I’m going to
kind of manipulate the string on the balloon so it doesn’t have
that curve any more, it’s just going to
be a straight line. And then I’ll ink up
the stamp once again, and I’ll go ahead and
stamp it one more time. This time I’m gonna slide
it up so it’s not going to cut off his head or
interrupt his head. It’s gonna look like
it’s going behind him. And then I have another mask
that’s already prepared. So I’m gonna go ahead and
place that over the top. And then I’ll go ahead and
stamp the balloon one more time. And this time, it’s gonna
be a little bit lower. So that’s why I needed the mask. I needed that mask to
protect the panda’s face while I stamped
this third balloon. Now, I did originally mask
off that first balloon. And then I realized I
wanted them overlapping. So I ended up
taking that mask off and then using a
waterproof black pen to extend that line and
finish off the balloon line. So now I’m gonna remove
all of the masking paper. And you’re going to see
how this scene was built. This is my favorite part of
taking off masking paper. It’s like Christmas morning. Because you don’t know
exactly what it looks like until you take
off all the masks. I store all those masks on
the back of the stamp set. So that I can use them
again on another card. And I’ll put that right back
into the stamp packaging. So now I’m going to move
on to the watercoloring. I taped down the stamped
piece onto a hard board, just a hard surface, so that
it prevents any warping. And now I’m going to use a size 4 round brush
to paint in this image. So the colors I’m using
are off to the side. They’re actually some
Hydrus watercolors from Dr. Ph. Martin’s. And I used these
particular colors when I was watercoloring
this weekend, and the colors had
dried on the palette. And instead of adding new
colors to the palette, I decided I would just
re-wet them and use the same exact colors that
were already on the palette. So this color
combination was sort of already picked out for me, which is leftover
from a different one. Speeding up the
video process here, just to get it
going more quickly. I’ve added shadows
underneath the pandas’ chins, and behind the banner. I’ll come back later and add
a little bit more shading. But for now, that’s all
I’ve added to the pandas, as far as shadows go. I then softened the area
on the pandas’ faces so I could add a
little bit of pink to give both pandas a
little bit of a blush. Now, I realize in real life, pandas don’t really
blush like this, but I thought it
was really cute. So I’m adding some colors, all around the
outside of the area. And I’m just kind of picking
up colors off my palette and kind of extending it out
as I go all the way around. I want to make sure I have sort
of a nice, soft background. And as far as the colors
at the very bottom go, I’m using a little bit
more of a navy blue, kind of dark purple color, to make it look like there’s a little bit more of some
ground underneath the pandas. Adding in a few more
shades on the balloons. Just to get those looking a
little bit more saturated. And then I’m going to go
ahead and take my heat tool and dry everything. I want to make sure
that it’s completely dry before I remove
it from the board. So I’ll just use my heat tool to speed up the drying process. And as soon as
everything is dry, I’ll go ahead and remove
it from the board. I realized I forgot
to paint the banner, so after I removed
it from the board, I painted that banner
with a really pale purple. And then I used my
heat tool once again to make sure that
was completely dry. So I cut down this piece to be 4 and 1/2 by 5 and 1/2 And I’m going to be putting
it on a five-by-seven card. So I’m prepping some white
card stock here as a card base. This is Bazzill
Marshmallow cardstock. And I’m scoring
it at five inches to create a side-folding
five-by-seven card. I then used some
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive on the back of the
watercolor piece. And I adhered that down
onto the front of the card. Now, even though I did quite
a bit of watercoloring, all over this paper here, it actually held up really
well and didn’t warp at all. So I just adhered it straight
down onto the card front. I then took a white
Gelly Roll pen and added some details
onto the balloons. I added little hearts
to the red balloon, small dots to the purple, and then outline circles
to the green balloon. I also added some
clear Wink of Stella glitter brush pen over the top. And I realized that
that Wink of Stella really softened the white
edges on everything. And I liked how that looked. So I’m just adding a
little more shimmer. And then I realized I wanted just a couple more hearts
on that pink balloon. So I’ll grab my white
gel pen and add those in. So I’m going to add some sequins to the outer area
around this scene here. I’m using Darice crystal sequins in eight millimeters
and five millimeters. And a few of you asked
about this container that I have all my sequins in. It’s a Craft Mates
Lockable container. I’ll have it linked
down in the supplies. It’s my favorite way
to store sequins. And it keeps everything
nice and organized. So I’m using my
tweezers and also some Ranger Multi Medium matte with a Quilled Precision
tip on the bottle to adhere the sequins
down onto my card. I find that this is the most
secure way to adhere sequins. And even when I send
cards in the mail, the sequins don’t come off. I usually just put another
piece of paper over the top, and then slide it
in an envelope. So that’s the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed. Please join me over at
my blog for the blog hop, and then if you would
like to participate in the coloring challenge, you can just color a
little bit every day for the month of February. Just make sure you
use that hashtag #thedailymarker30day to
participate in the challenge. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
guys next time.


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