Here’s Why Only Doug Demuro Wants a Mercedes G Wagon

rev up your engines 13 says Scotty what do you think of the 99 mercedes-benz G 500 Cabriolet were they still reliable at
that time well they were when they were new but realize you’re talking
about a 21 year old Mercedes with a v8 engine and those are all money pits as
they age the parts cost a fortune the rubber starts to deteriorate the
plastics start deteriorate they’re just endless money pits now every once in a
while it’s a convertible so you’re like I feel like convertibles I got a
customer once a while that’ll buy one cheap and it’s a weekend toy I got one
guy and he bought one and he takes his girlfriend out with it on weekends and
he just stores it in the garage the rest of the week and I think last year he put
2,000 miles on it or something and you want to gamble with dynamite what
the heck maybe I’d be a cheap fun toy they’re not a reliable thing you can
drive every day when they’re that old with the Mercedes v8 engine they’re just
endless money pits Plus realize the old thing like that was good gas hogs you’re
gonna spend a fortune in gasoline if you do drive it every day for thousands and
thousands and thousands of miles it’s not a smart thing to get as an everyday
driver Anthony Hatfield said what do you think
about old used Bentley’s found in 1988 Bentley Brooklands 40,000 miles for 12
grand on the older ones simpler to work on you know it’s not simple simple
realize that those are all endless money pit cars to begin with their English rolls-royce Bentley they made a lot of crap their stuff just fell about
I remembered reading back in those they said some guy what a rolls-royce in some
contests and when he was taking it to a car wash the whole exhaust system
fell off on the ground it was so poorly made now if you really want one of those have
a mechanic like me at least road test and check it out to see what kind of
shape the thing is in and if it isn’t completely falling apart you want a
weekend toy and you got 12 grand you can throw away
go ahead but realize you can’t buy a car like that driving every day fifteen
twenty thousand miles a year it will bankrupt you plus getting parts for a
Bentley if you’re in the United States hoo-wee
assuming you earned in England cuz you wouldn’t have said $12,000 and you would
have said pound so how just realize it’s a toy if you want to spend that much
money on a toy and the guy says it’s okay go ahead but keep it as a toy they are
money pits there’s no arguing that 72 Nova says what causes vapor lock in a
car very good question vapor lock is when the gas somehow between the gas
tank and your engine is vaporizing inside the fuel line then the pumps that
are in your car are made to pump liquids now when I was a kid that would happen a
lot because what they had was you had a gas tank in the back and then you just
had a line that went to the front the bottom of the engine was a mechanical
fuel pump that every time the engine spun would go pump pump pump pump like one of those old water pumps right the line got too hot the line would vaporize
and when that vapor got to that mechanical pump it can’t pump it you get a vapor lock and the car wouldn’t run modern cars it’s virtually impossible to
get a vapor lock in because the pump is inside the gas tank it’s soaked in
liquid gasoline it can’t get any vapor in there unless you run out of gasoline
and then you got a problem there’s no gas in the tanker that’s why it’s not
working so modern cars that’s not something you really have to worry about
but the old ones would because they had a mechanical pump and even if they had
an electric pump in the front it get hot enough under the hood the heat of the
engine that before that electric pump if that gas vaporized in a line the pump
would get it and it stopped pumping but almost all cars now have the fuel pump
in the gas tank so you can’t get vapor lock because they’re pumping liquid the
whole time oh cool that is vapor pump can’t pump vapor can only pump liquid
least the ones that are in cars John John says I’m following you from an
Afghan cave which armored car is good well you got pretty good dog oil is
going on there if you can send me a message from Afghanistan you know my son had two tours of duty there guys that want armored cars you’re pretty much
getting a good diesel and have that done cuz it’s gonna have an awful lot of
weight in it and the diesel engine has more torque so it can pull that heavy
weight around so you’d want something that was diesel power that can pull all
that weight cuz the true armored car is gonna weigh a ton that was the problem
with tanks in World War two the Germans were making these huge tanks but they
weighed so much and they put the biggest engines he could find in him that came
out of airplanes and they still gonna let go like eight miles
an hour the big giant ones so you have a big strong diesel engine if you want an
armored car just beasts inside my first winter car with a car on painted rims is
it better to run steel rims with my snow tires it’s such a pain swapping them
they’ll just get plain steel tires for the winter and then put their good tires
on in the summer because the salt is gonna destroy your fancy rims overtime
feel it up north so they throw a lot of the salt on the roads and stuff like
that you don’t want that to happen you’re probably better go to a junkyard
or something buy plain old steel rims and put your snow tires on it and if you
want put fancy hubcaps on them so they look better or whatever it’s a lot
easier already having your snow tires on separate rims then you can just storm in
your garage and then put them out in the winter yourself and study having to pay
people to my own them dismount up really balance on them and
all that stuff it’s a lot of work George Wilson says I got an 03 Ford
Escape the alternator keeps going up one where are you buying the alternators if
you’re buying the cheapest rebuilt you can get that we rebuilt in Mexico or
China that’s after your problem now if it’s not the alternator itself it’s that
it’s being strained you want to have the battery law tested a weak battery will
eat up alternators and the wiring wires have to be clean the connectors have to
be clean bolted on tighten any plug in connector has to be perfectly clean
because if there’s corrosion on any of the electrical wiring where the either
bolt on or snap in that creates resistance the more resistance you have
that builds up heat that heat what do you think it does the heat shorts out
the alternator cuz it’s working too hard it’s making it heat up itself and burn
things up so unless you’re buying the cheapest alternator you can get your
hands on you got a wiring short somewhere and that’s typical especially
on those Fords a lot of times I tell people just change both battery cable
assemblies and it usually goes away cuz Ford’s a notorious as they age that the
internal parts of the battery cable start shorting out start having problems
I see that all the time Turner has knowledge says any advice for door ding
repair thanks Scotty you know you could try it yourself but I tried and I gave
up I do not have the patience the job to do that stuff there are guys out there
they’re called paintless dent removal I got a video on it you can watch it on
YouTube guy did one heck of a job taking these dings out of my wife’s
fender when some bashed into it in the parking lot but he spent two and a half hours doing it I would not have the patience they got special little tools
these paintless dent removal guys and they hit them they hit them they got a
heat lamp and then he had a giant mirror that had graduated scale so he could see
when the lines were straight and like I say two and a half hours to take those
things out and it looked beautiful but ironically enough but somebody smashed
into the same thunder two years later in a Walmart parking lot destroyed the
whole thing I took it at my body shop and he had to put old fender I’m gonna
paint it so irony abounds here Tim D says you’ve been a mechanic since you
were 10 years old no I’ve been a mechanic since I was 14 years old they didn’t have child
labor laws back then I’ve been working on a car since that’s when I was 14 I started
working at my father’s gas station with my grandfather on weekends my
grandfather was a mechanic so I learned how to fix cars from him he would work
he was one of the few mechanics that would work on Saturdays and Sundays
where nobody else did and went to the racetrack he liked betting on the ponies
he liked horse drag racing so 14 I didn’t start when I was ten I mean I was
messing around with stuff when I was 10 I take things apart put him back
together again they didn’t often work then
but once I learned from my grandfather I could take them apart and put them
together and they’d still work accor B says I got a friend that has an 02 acura
TL 3.2 with 269 thousand kilometers he hasn’t driven since Sunday white smoke comes from the exhaust and smells like gas the check engine light is on their
notorious when they get that age a blowing head gaskets so the first thing
you want to do how to tell if your head gasket is blowing if you don’t want to
pay a mechanic a little test tube testing kit you get them on Amazon for
like 30 bucks simple test to do when the engine is called you just take the
radiator cap off put the test tube on pour a little the boom fluid so it’s
like about a third of the way there’s a line
start the car the blue turns to yellow you got a blown head gasket you might
not want to fix fixing a head gasket on one of those v6 engines is gonna hit you
back anywhere from 1500 to 3500 dollars or even more if there’s real serious
engine damage inside so most guys don’t wanna do and I pray that test is
negative let’s say the test is negative you don’t blow a head gasket
then check for like a leaking fuel injector because if a fuel injector
leads to much fuel you’re gonna get white smoke cuz there’s too much fuel
and the white smoke comes out from too much fuel get them the exhaust prey it’s
that I know it’s not a blown head gasket but you gotta do the blown head gasket
test first cuz it’s simple it tells you right off the bat then you want to spend
a bunch of money you just get rid of it peanut head Siegel says code p0172
fuel system rich on the 2010 chevy malibu 2.4 flex fuel what
could be the problem i know lost things inside out cuz
they’re always breaking so I’m always working on them pay off and they have a
problem high pressure fuel pump they’re leaking and fuel gets in check that
first that’s a known flaw I don’t know if they recalled it for your model some of
the models they actually had to recall they were so bad that’s almost always if
I press a fuel pump but any kind of fuel leak can do that you could have a fuel
injector that’s starting to leak you can have a sensor that’s wrong that’s giving
wrong damage to the computer so then it’s praised in which gas said but for
my experience with those are almost always the high pressure fuel pump
because it puts out so much pressure and they built them poorly on the GM
pratical what a surprise GM making something poorly I see that so much it’s
makes my head spin that’s why I’d never drive one these days myself I don’t even rent them when I rent cars I say no no no I don’t want a GM product I said you know I’ll
take a kia they usually work ok or you know even a Nissan but not a GM
product I don’t trust them stand you by the side of the road even when they’re
late-model ones and a car rental place so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell


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    You think that Gwagon is a endless money pit? You havent met my wife…

  89. Johnnie Walker November 13, 2019 at 4:38 am

    2:42 So mean but so funny lol!!!

  90. John Rodriguez November 13, 2019 at 5:15 am

    I didn't know you watch Doug's channel… Did you see the one where he's doing the walkthrough of the house at the beach…

  91. TheJonathandinkins November 13, 2019 at 5:48 am

    What do you think about the 2012 1.8 Chevrolet Cruze?

  92. Garrett Glass November 13, 2019 at 5:57 am

    Hi Scotty,
    I too have very little trust for GM. In the wheelchair van market if you had your pick between a Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota or Honda van (full-size or mini) how would you rank those? The majority of what I come across is Caravans but idk, just hesitate to pull the trigger on any year caravan/town and country. Am I wrong? 2010-12 Odyssee and Siennas are a consideration. I don’t know which Ford to ponder between all the different Transits or E-series.
    The outside bet is a VPG MV-1but theres no support left for those that I know about although they are equipped with a Ford V8 but Idk the transmission. I need something that stays above 12mpg has the ability to swap driver or passenger side seating for the person in the wheelchair. It’s ridiculous how expensive handicap vans are, it trends to being 100% mark up on used value of the van just for being equipped with a way to enter the van. Whatever you paid for your cars just imagine paying that over again just for the privilege of entering the things. Anyway your opinion is respected, I’m hoping you come across this.

  93. geneva1999 November 13, 2019 at 6:27 am

    If you want a G-Wagon buy a 1991 or older one with a Diesel engine. The interior will be very basic, like an old Jeep, but if you put new paint and a new spare tire holder and tint the windows it will still look pretty modern, could pass for a 2012 even. Although might be too late as the old G-Wagons have shot up in price the past few years. Wish I would have bought the one I looked at a few years back, it was only 15K, think it’s worth twice as much now.

  94. Mr. Ramirez November 13, 2019 at 6:32 am

    When In Doubt, Toyota is the route.

  95. Casey Blake November 13, 2019 at 6:56 am

    I still don’t know why 🤷🏼‍♂️

  96. James Miner November 13, 2019 at 7:19 am

    ive unsub’d from Doug’s channel because of Scotty

  97. jimmycrackedcorn226 November 13, 2019 at 7:25 am

    – E N D L E S S – M O N E Y – P I T S –

  98. Kishan Jadeja November 13, 2019 at 8:24 am

    Scotty is the best guy in the world ..

  99. Shyam Bakrania November 13, 2019 at 8:50 am

    Damn…morpheus got salty.

  100. Toyota4Life November 13, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Junk car. Not sure why he brought that car…

    but calls the Lexus RCF a flop but it’s 10 times better then that old junk he brought LOL

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