How deep of a scratch can I remove from glass?

How deep of a glass scratch can I remove? The first thing to understand is that depth is usually not so much the
issue. it really has more to do with the quantity and length of the scratch, then
the actual depths of the scratch being that with the polishing system you can
take out you know most typical production scratches in a relatively
short period of time and with the micro force disks you can take out even deep
scratches in a relatively short period of time. Between the two,
you won’t find many scratches you can’t remove within 15 or 20 minutes. From a technical standpoint our Gforce polishing system is proven to
remove scratches distortion-free up to four thousandths of an inch. Which is
generally speaking a relatively deep production type scratch, glass on
glass, type scratch. Far beyond that of course, could be removed with the Microforce discs, be it in a production setting or in a construction setting.
Again, the depth is really not the issue, it’s more the quantity of
scratches when it comes to jobs that you may not want to accept. Even pieces of
glass that need to be saved, that you may instead choose to just throw away, situations where the the piece of glass has 10, 15, 20, even 30 scratches on it, or maybe even three or four because
it’s a relatively inexpensive piece of glass you might just say, let’s just go
go ahead and make another piece.

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