How to: Car Repair : How a Car is Prepped for Painting

Hi, this is Lyndon again. We’re in the Leo
Ehler’s body shop in the paint department. Now that the repairs have been completed,
all of the panels have been replaced, and the caulking have been been done, it’s time
to primer the vehicle. This is very important. This is where the repairs were done on the
vehicle, and the primer has been applied and once it’s applied it’s very rough. So now
it has to be color sanded. Color sanding is done with very, very fine sandpaper. This
particular one is 800 grit and it’s done with water so it’s a wet sand. Put on a sanding
block as such. And then it’s done very lightly, just to make the surface just smooth as silk
again. Now during the sanding process, some of the metal may show through and you might
have to reprimer that area and reblock and sand. Once your primer is in place, you now
have a well protected metal panel against corrosion. The next thing that you want to
do is prepare the adjacent panels or the rest of the panel for painting. So this whole area
is going to be painted that you see. But you may notice that it has been roughed up and
sanded because we’re going to put a new coat of application, a new coat of paint on top
of this adjusting coat. So you have, this car is totally prepped; all the handles have
been taken off, all the moldings have been removed, and the masking paper has been applied
in all the appropriate places. You don’t want to touch this car because there’s oil in your
fingertips that will transfer onto this paint and it will not let the paint adhere where
your fingers were. So prior to going into the booth, there’s one final wipe down with
a special solvent and off it goes to get color on it.

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