How To Choose Seat Covers For Your Jeep Wrangler

I’m Merideth of XT. And this video, I’m gonna go over and break
down all the different kinds of seat covers that are available for your Jeep Wrangler. When it comes to seat covers in your Wrangler,
you wanna make sure that you keep them protected, whether that’s from mud or dirt while you’re
out on the trail, or even just spills from you and your kids on your everyday commute. Not only are they gonna be great for keeping
messes away from that factory interior or that factory fabric, but they’re also gonna
do a really good job at preventing any future wear and tear from their constant use, or
even just covering up existing wear, giving your interior a well needed refresh. It’s very easy to get lost with all of the
different types of seat covers that are out there, considering that they come in different
styles, materials, and even fitments. So, in this video, I picked out different
seat cover options to show you the differences in their durability, seat coverage, and even
water resistance. I’m gonna be using the JK behind me to show
you the seat covers that I’ve picked, but you can find similar options for other generations
of Wranglers listed right here on our site. Also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel for more content like this, as well as detailed product install videos. So, enough from me, let’s jump into it. This first option is the most basic type of
seat cover. This is essentially a heavy-duty towel that’s
great if you’re looking for some temporary protection for your seats from time to time
and don’t necessarily want to commit to a full cover. Now, for example, if you are hopping into
your Jeep at the beach and you don’t want sand or a wet bathing suit getting on your
seat, or if you have a pet in the car and don’t want their muddy paws getting on your
factory fabrics, this is gonna be a good choice. This particular cover is the Seat Armour Towel
2 Go in blue, and is available in a few different colors. It’s made of a 100% cotton and terry velour,
which is essentially a heavy-duty towel like it says in the name. This will attach up around the headrest with
a clip helping in to keep from moving around and falling down on your seat. But this is not gonna have any other points
of attachment around the sides or underneath, so this will be very loose-fitting. That being said, this will have enough coverage
over your entire seat when you do put them to use. Compared to other full seat cover options
that are made from a stronger material, this type of cover isn’t going to be the most durable
or the most tear resistant. This will do a good job at creating that good
barrier to your factory fabric from things that you don’t wanna get onto your fabric,
but this isn’t gonna be the most tear resistant like some other heavy-duty fabrics. This type of cover is obviously easy to remove
for storage when it’s not in use and when it’s time to clean them. So, when it is time to clean them, and these
do get dirty, all you have to do is throw them in the wash like you would with any other
towel. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve done a basic
water test for all of the seat covers in this video to determine their water resistance. Now, this one in particular will soak up water
well since it is made of that towel material, but if you let it sit or give it any pressure,
that water will transfer right through to your factory seat. Again, this is as basic and affordable as
it gets for covers. So, if you’re not ready to pull the trigger
on a more fitted or heavy-duty type of seat cover, and are just looking for something
for those here and there situations, this is gonna be a good choice. This next type is a step up from that towel
style as it covers the entire seat. With a full seat cover like this, you can
expect it to be more form-fitting than the towel option as it’s designed to cover the
entire seat, front and back. The full seat covers come in different materials
ranging in the amount of durability, fitment, and even their protection. The cover that I have here is like an entry
level seat cover for the full seat cover options, and this is gonna be the Alterum Jeep logo
embroidered seat cover which does come in a pair. We only have one mounted up here for our demo,
but this is gonna be a good choice for those of you who want a more permanent form-fitting
option for seat coverage and still have a budget in mind. As it is a full seat cover, it will fit over
the entire seat using hooks and straps on the bottom to keep it secured, and that fitment
will also make it a little bit more comfortable to sit on. This Alterum cover, it does cover multiple
gens, so it’s more like a one size fits all, and may not be as form-fitting as some other
seat covers that are designed to cover a specific generation. This is made from a polyester material, which
is more durable than a softer cotton material, and is gonna stand up for a longer period
of time. But having said that, it will still be susceptible
to tears and runs compared to other stronger types of full seat covers that we’ll take
a look at in just a minute. As for protection from small spills and water
resistance, you can expect this to do a better job than the towel option, and liquid will
wick a lot better as opposed to soaking straight into the towel and even transferring through,
especially when you put pressure on it. When we did our water test, you can see that
the mesh material on the outside, it did soak through just like the towel and the seat underneath,
but on the main part of the seat where it has most of that polyester material, the water
started to bead up on the top, and it sat on the surface for a longer period of time
without transferring through to the factory seat. Not to mention, this is also gonna dry a lot
faster with the dense polyester material, and for cleaning, these are totally machine
washable. Overall, this type of cover will be a good
choice if you’re looking for an affordable seat cover that will provide some basic seat
protection while covering the entire seat. This next seat cover also covers the seat
entirely but has a more durable fabric compared to the two previous options. These also offer a more custom fit with a
3-piece design covering the headrest, the back, and the bottom of the seats. Not to mention, these are also gonna be the
first set that we see that’s going to incorporate some extra storage. The particular set of covers that I have on
the seats behind me are the Barricade custom trailproof seat covers. These are made from a commercial-grade poly-cotton
blend, which is a combination of both of the two fabrics that we went over with our previous
covers. This type of material is going to have the
stretchiness that comes with polyester, helping it fit tighter over the edges of the seat,
giving it a more custom fit, but it’s going to have some of that durability and a lot
of that comfort that comes with that cotton material. They also feature a multi-directional trim
and double stitch seams, which help keep the seat cover from fraying or splitting over
time. Not to mention, they’ll incorporate UV protection,
which will help against sun damage and keep the seat covers from fading over a longer
period of time. As I mentioned before, these will also have
some storage pockets on the front and the rear of the seat, which is good for storing
smaller items, maybe like maps or children’s books. As far as water resistance goes, it will come
back to the type of material that this is. Because this is going to incorporate polyester
within the design, it will do pretty well at wicking water away, but I would keep in
mind that this is still going to be a poly-cotton fabric, so it won’t be as dense, and it will
absorb a little bit more fluid than a pure polyester material would. In our water test, you can see that the water
wicked very well off of this material. And because of the particular liner on the
back of the seat covers, the water didn’t transfer through the seat cover onto our factory
seats, or even leave a trace of water on our paper towel underneath. It did however sit on the surface, and over
a longer period of time the water somewhat absorbed into the top part of the fabric,
but I very easily wiped that off and it dried very quick. So, in comparison to the last two we saw,
this has a little bit more water resistance. Since this style is a 3-piece cover, it may
be a little bit more work to get them off and compared to the last two covers, but just
like the last ones that we saw, this is gonna be very easy to clean. You’re gonna pay a little bit more for covers
like this compared to the first two choices, but you’re gonna get more durable seat covers
to protect your factory seats. Dramatically stepping up the level of protection
for your seats is the next set of covers. This kind of cover will carry over the same
3-piece design that we’ve seen before, giving it good fitment, but when it comes to the
material, this will be a big step up from some of the other softer fabrics that we’ve
seen. This option I have on our Wrangler behind
me is the Rugged Ridge front and rear ballistic seat covers. And as it implies in the name, these are designed
with a tougher fabric made from an 840 denier ballistic nylon. So, denier indicates the fiber thickness and
this is going to be a lot higher of a count, or heavier of a weight than the Alterum option,
making it incredibly more durable. Other nylon seat covers like this may not
be the same denier, but they will still be very resistant to any tears, wear, or any
ripping, or fraying like some other softer materials would go through if they’ve been
used for a longer period of time. A tougher fabric usually means it’s gonna
have some weight to it and it will be a little bit thicker, which may affect some of the
stretchability of the cover, or the flex that it has, in comparison to some other choices. So, this might not have the most form-fit
design around the sides of the seats or around the back, but it will make up for that with
its protective properties. This material will wick water away a lot better
than a lightweight polyester considering that it’s denser and more water resistant. As you can see on our test, this wicked water
away very well. And even when I went to put pressure on where
I poured the water, none of that water transferred through the cover onto our paper towel underneath. Not to mention, when I wiped the water away
with the paper towel, the seat felt pretty dry to the touch. So, if you do end up soaking the seat cover,
because it’s not gonna absorb as fast or as much as a cotton material would, it will dry
a lot faster, and that’s gonna be another benefit to this material. Another benefit of this material is how they
clean up. Considering that these are pretty hydrophobic,
dirt or water is not gonna penetrate the fabric like it would with other softer materials
in our first couple of options. So, these can be wiped down very easily. Not to mention, these do have a matching rear
seat cover. So, not only will you be protecting the front
seats, but you won’t have to worry about the rear seats either. Comfort and refreshing your interior is what
this next type of seat cover is all about. This type of cover is made from neoprene,
which allows it to be very form-fitting around your seat, and really flows with the curves
of your seats, making it look a little less obvious as a seat cover compared to our other
options. While it will offer you the protection for
your seats, these are really good for those of you whose Jeep seats have taken a beating
over time and you don’t wanna spend all that extra money with fixing up the existing seat. The seat covers that I have behind me are
the Smittybilt neoprene front and rear seat covers. This includes covers for the front and the
back that are made up of three pieces for the headrest, the backing, and the bottom
of the seat. Again, these are made of a neoprene material
which has a lot of stretch to it, and these are also going to include a foam backing. That foam backing is gonna add a level of
comfort that we haven’t seen in other options. All of this makes for a bit more of a custom
look. When it comes to the durability of the neoprene,
this will be a softer fabric than the previous heavy-duty polyester. So, these aren’t going to be as abrasion-resistant,
but these will not be as soft or as thin as the material like we saw in the Alterum cover. These covers will be thick and able to handle
a lot of abuse over time, with being able to resist any fading, higher temperatures,
and remaining very comfortable. Not to mention, neoprene material is known
for its water resistance. So, this won’t be the exact material of a
pure neoprene wetsuit that’s able to be submerged without water penetrating it, but it will
have similar properties with how it wicks water away. As you can tell in our water test, this wicked
water away very well, and it did not go through the seat cover at all, leaving our paper towel
underneath completely dry. Not to mention, when I blotted some of that
water and wiped it away from the top of the cover, it was almost immediately dry to the
touch, which is a better result than some of the other materials. This will do better a polyester, but keep
in mind, this does have a foam backing that could absorb water that sits for a longer
period of time, which is why it’s not completely waterproof. Regardless, it will do a great job at stopping
spills and mud from getting to your seats, and these are also machine washable. Again, these are great for you who wanna refresh
your interior with a seat cover that fits and almost looks like factory, a little more
in the way of comfort, and a good defense against water, spills, and dirt. Our last option is the extreme of seat covers,
combining durability and protection with a ton of storage. So, like we’ve seen on some of our previous
styles, seat covers can have some sort of lighter storage on the front, or even the
back, but if you’re looking for a cover that’s going to capitalize on storage, then this
option is what you’d be looking for for your Wrangler. This specific one that I have on our seat
is these Smittybilt G.E.A.R front seat cover, and the big story about this is going to be
all of those storage options. This seat cover features a [inaudible 00:12:52]-style
attachment system with multiple pouches and storage bags for all different uses. So, anything with a [inaudible 00:13:00]-style
attachment, like, for example, a canteen, can attach to the back, or even the side in
front of the seat cover. This makes this kind of seat cover completely
customizable, and the options for attachment are essentially endless. Unlike a lot of our other options, this won’t
completely cover the whole seat on the bottom as well as the headrest. This seat cover puts more concentration on
utility as opposed to being a full cover. Now, that’s not to say it won’t protect your
seats from wear or tear, or even some dirt or mud, but the big thing about this here
is the storage. Some customers even paired this with a full
coverage seat cover, considering that this is a universal fit and will strap around the
side of your seat. Fitment-wise this will still be pretty form-fitting,
with the large straps around the side, and hooks on the bottom, making sure that this
will stay in place during extreme driving, off-roading, and even on a daily basis when
you’re getting in and out of your Wrangler. As far as durability goes, this specific cover
will have a 600 denier polyester material, which is a little bit more lighter weight
than the Rugged Ridge ballistic option that we saw before. Covers of this type will usually have a very
similar nylon or polyester material to them. Even though it is a bit lighter weight of
a polyester, this will have a PVC liner on the back that’s gonna help out with its durability
and its water resistance. This will do a really good job with water
resistance due to the wicking ability of the polyester, but also the lining on the back,
making sure that little to no water at all is gonna be able to transfer through the seat
cover to your factory seats. So, as you can tell in the water test, the
water rolled right off of the top layer of the material, and because of that liner on
the back, none of the water transferred through the seat cover onto the paper towel underneath. Like the previous options, this did soak up
a little bit into the top layer of fabric, but when I blotted the water off with the
paper towel, it dried up pretty quick, and it was fairly dry to the touch. As these are combining a ton of storage with
durable construction, ready to take on the trails, or even a zombie apocalypse, if you
will, you can expect that these are gonna be on the higher side cost-wise. The Smittybilt G.E.A.R seat covers sell individually
as opposed to most other options that we went over that are sold as a pair or even come
with the rear seat covers. These are definitely a premium option with
all of the storage compatibilities and the toughness of the seat covers. As I said at the beginning of this video,
choosing a set of seat covers can get a bit confusing when it comes to all the different
styles and types that are out there. Hopefully, this breakdown made it a little
bit easier to narrow down which ones are best for you and your Wrangler. Again, all of the different types of covers
that we went over are available for all gens of Jeep Wranglers right here on our site. Make sure you comment down below and tell
us which covers they you think are the best and which ones you would add to your interior. And always keep it right here at


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