How to Create Two-Tone Multicolor Pigment Stamping + Masking

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using
the Orange You Sweet stamp set from Concord and 9th and I really loved
this stamp set. There’s lots of
citrus fruits in it, but today I’m going
to focus on the kiwi because I love that
greeting on there that says “Kiwi hang out soon?” I thought it’s so cute. So for a heart die, I’m
actually going to use this thank you heart die
set from Simon Says Stamp because I love the
shape of this heart and it’s the perfectly
sized heart for a card. So I’m gonna use
some masking paper and I’m going to
die cut that heart out of the center of it so that I can stamp on the
inside of the heart shape. So I run that through
my big shot machine and I’m gonna use just the
outer area around the heart. I’m going to score
my card base now. I’m using some Neenah solar
white card stock in 110 pounds and I’m scoring that
using my Scor-Buddy as well as the bone folder
that comes with the Scor-Buddy and I scored that at 5.5 to
create a top-folding card. Then taking that heart mask and peeling off the
backing release paper and then placing that over
the front of the card. This is going to
protect all of the areas around that heart shape so that as I stamp I’m
gonna have just very clean, white card stock that
creates that heart shape and it wasn’t the
perfectly sized mask, so I did have to add
some Post-it tape over there on the side. I’m using two different
colors of Memento Luxe ink. I’m using pear tart
and olive green and this is a pigment ink. So the ink really sits up
on the surface of the stamp and it doesn’t dry quite as
quickly as die ink either and I’m using this
pigment ink in particular because I’m gonna do this
rock and roll technique where I roll the stamp and
only ink up the outer edges. I just find this is a
little bit easier to do with pigment inks. You can do it with die
inks and I’ve seen it done and I’ve done it myself, but
I just really love the look of these pigment
inks when I do that. I’ll link up to another video
where I’ve used the same inks with the same technique. I’ll link that up
in the top corner. It was a really
fun birthday card. In fact, I loved
that card so much I think I made it
about 20 more times so that I could send it to my
friends throughout the year. So I’m inking up
another one of these and I once again did that
whole surface in pear tart and then I’m rocking
and rolling that onto the olive green color. Now, the reason I’m doing
it in this particular order and making sure that I’m
only doing that rock and roll on the darker ink is because I know that I
can clean up that ink pad and I won’t have any
of that leftover ink. Okay, so here we go. Here’s this third
one and you’ll notice that I’ve got that streak of
the darker color right there. I think it was just
what was left over from the previous stamping. So in order to fix that,
I just dabbed my finger onto that pear tart ink pad and then dabbed it
onto my stamped circle and that really cleans it
up and you could hardly tell that there was a
little mistake there. So I kept stamping
and then I realized that these two
circles at the top are going to go over that fold. So I put some more
Post-it tape down to protect the back of the card and then stamped those circles. So because I want to make
sure that this heart shape definitely reads like a heart and there were still some
gaps in between the circles, I decided to take a
mini round blending tool and just blend in a little
bit of that pear tart ink just in those gaps so that it would fill
in any of those areas and make sure that it
still reads as a heart and not just like
some random shape. So I just inked those
on just a little bit and then I took some tuxedo
black Memento Luxe ink and I’m taking the
outer circle stamp and then the inner kiwi stamp,
you can put these together, or if you don’t put
that center in it you can have it be
just the outer ring of a lemon or an orange
or something like that. So I think the stamp set’s put
together really brilliantly because you can use it
with that center for a kiwi or without or use those
center wedge images you can see over on the side if you want it to be
a lemon or an orange. I think it’s kind of really
smart the way they’ve done this. So I took that tuxedo black ink and stamped over each
one of these circles and I love that it’s kind of
like not a perfect circle, it’s a little more sketchy. I think it goes well with the
type of rock and roll stamping that I’ve done today. So I stamped all the black and then it was time
to peel off the mask and this I’ve said in the past that I’ve heard others say
it’s like Christmas morning, coming down stairs, seeing
what gifts Santa’s brought you, it’s a surprise
and you don’t know. I think it’s so satisfying to
pull that masking paper off. So now we have that
perfect heart shape. I notice there’s a
little smudge of ink just over there on the side. So I’m using a sanding
eraser from Tombow and I’m just sanding that
off the surface of the card and it just takes away the ink and you can hardly
tell anything happened. So now I’m taking some
licorice twist card stock. This is black card
stock from Bazzill and I’ve prepped that with
an anti-static powder tool and then stamping my
greeting in a VersaMark ink. So this is the order
of things I like to use for heat embossing. I first do the anti-static
powder, I stamp in VersaMark, and then put the
embossing powder on top and using that
anti-static powder tool just makes it so the
powder doesn’t stick to areas where you
don’t want it to. So I ended up stamping
and embossing this twice because I think I
pressed on the stamp a little bit too
much that first time. That made the letters
look a little bit thicker than they actually are. So I’m a little bit picky
about things like that, so I decided to stamp
it one more time and then heat emboss it. So the heat embossing
powder that I’m using today is from Hero Arts. This is their white
embossing powder. I’ve used this embossing
powder for years. I love how detailed it is. So if you’re looking
for a really good white embossing powder,
you’ll want to check that out. I’ll have all of my supplies
that I’ve used today and all my tools linked down
below in the video description or in the supplies
section at my blog. So I trimmed out this
little greeting area with my trimmer and
also with my scissors and then I put some strips
of foam tape on the back and I kind of placed
it on the card and it didn’t look
quite straight, so I ended up using
a T-square ruler to help me get that on
there perfectly straight. So that is the finished
card for today. It’s a really simple
and clean card, but there is some technique
in there with the stamping and also the masking. Hope you guys enjoyed. I’ll be back very soon
with another card video and thanks for watching. (lighthearted music)


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