How to Install a Dash Cam

[Marty] This episode of MightyCarMods is all about Dash Cams. [Intro] [synthesised voice] MightyCarMods -[BGM]
-Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods, -proudly supported by Just Car Insurance.
-[ball bounces] [MOOG] That’s right. Now, Martin, before we go any further, you asked for it so we’ve got it. Yes: if you’ve got a big boat and you’re sailing the high seas, you can now get yourself a mad MightyCarMods garage flag. For your workshop, or your bedroom or your underpant region. Uh: these are on the MightyCarMods shop. Martin: -webcams.
-Yes. The webcam girls. -Uh…
-I mean, the Dash Cam boys! -No, this is a bit different. This is Dash Cams.
-OK, good. Um: the difference being one goes in your car and one goes… I don’t know where that one goes. Um: but these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Uh: today, we’re going to install one into SuperGramps. They’re getting more and more popular. I mean, there’s: there’s a lot of different YouTube channels now, that are completely fueled by the produce of these Dash Cams. In some countries, they really need them for, uh, insurance and different stuff like that. Australia? We got a lot of laws that protect people already, but they are being cited and used more and more. Uh, in different cases. In court, particularly, where people are making fraudulent claims. -Exactly.
-So, there’s no real downsides, other than the whole Big Brother nature of: -recording things all the time, is there?
-Pretty much. Um… But yeah: they’re getting a lot cheaper. Also, they’re small. Um… They: they’ve got some pretty cool features and we’re gonna put one in SuperGramps. -Uh, so that we can Dash Cam away.
-In fact, Martin, we’re putting two in SuperGramps. -Aren’t we?
-We’re actually putting two in SuperGramps. One in the front, one in the rear. Uh… And um… So that we can get both sides at once. But, um: but we’re gonna start off. Most people are probably just gonna stick it in the front. -Uh: ‘cos, that’s how the world works.
-Pretty much. So, uh, well, let’s get going! Let’s do this! So there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of Dash Cams available. That vary in features and vary in price. Now, there’s a couple of considerations. Number 1: You wanna actually make sure the quality of your Dash Cam is good enough to be able to capture, number plates, details, faces: things like that. There’s no use getting a Dash Cam for $20 or $30, which is actually possible. And then, it doesn’t actually have any details stored in there that is going to be any use to you at all. The other consideration to remember and what makes Dash Cams different to normal cameras, ‘cos some people have just been saying “I’m just gonna put in a home CCTV camera,” or something like that, is that these are subjected to pretty severe conditions. Particularly, when they are inside cars, in Australia and in the heat. Um, and in other countries, obviously: hello Alaska and Greenland and Iceland and our friends in Finland. Uh, it’s really, really, really, freaking cold over there. So, you wanna actually make sure that you’ve got something quality, that’s gonna work in those extreme conditions, -There’s also
-[plastic rustling] a number of different options when it comes to powering these. Now, the most simplest version of these that you can get, is something that literally just plugs in and the other end goes into the cigarette lighter of your car. We don’t want to do that today. We want to hard wire it in and make sure it’s awesome. There’s also a couple of options about how these stay powered when the car’s turned off. Now, some of them have batteries. Some of them can maintain some residual power. Others are actually monitoring the car’s battery and they turn off when the car’s voltage gets to a certain level. So, there’s a whole lot of different functions. A whole lot of different options. But, ultimately, what you wanna do is get a quality, quality camera. That the lens is gonna be good enough, so that when you’re looking at faces and you’re looking at number plates, it’s actually gonna give you enough detail that it’ll actually hold up in court. If, unfortunately, you do need to use it. So… That is what we’re going to be doing today. That’s a quick overview of Dash Cams. Obviously, they’re getting more and more popular as people try and support their different cases in court and with insurance. That’s the cameras. Marty is gonna show you what tools you’re gonna need. So, these are the tools you’re gonna need. You’re gonna need to remove some trim, so we’ve got trim removal tools, screwdrivers, pliers. We’re gonna be running some wiring, so we’ve got some cable ties to help keep it neat. We are gonna need to tap power, so we’ve got a soldering iron, heat shrink, tape: stuff like that. And then, you got the actual wiring itself, that comes with the kit. -Which, in this case, is really simple.
-[plastic rustling] You know the awesome thing about this Marty, is that, like, all these tools are the same things that you would be using if you’re installing, like, an alarm. -Or like a stereo or boost gauge or anything, right?
-Yeah. Pretty much. We just gotta tap, um, power and ground. In this case, we’re gonna use a constant power. Because, we want the camera to have power all the time and it’s gonna turn itself off. If it real: if it figures that your battery voltage is getting too low, it’ll turn itself off. Which is pretty cool. So, they’re very smart! It’s getting smarter, dude. -Smarter than your average stereo.
-That’s mad. -Let’s do it!
-[BGM] [voiceover] Dash Cams with hard wiring kits will come with long wiring, that allows you to run the power and ground wires from the top of your windscreen, all the way around and down into your dash. Which side you run the wires down depends on where you’re able to pick up a constant power. Good places include the back of the stereo, central locking constant power and the fuse box. But, every car is different. So when it comes to positioning your camera, you need to find a way to get it as close to the centre as you can, so you get an even picture. You also sorta want it out of your field of vision. You see a lot of people with GPSs and cameras and all this garbage, hanging around in the ‘screen, which, realistically, obscures your view of the road. So, you wanna try and get it up as high as you can. I like to put this kind of stuff behind the mirror. So you can’t even see it: you forget it’s there. And then, the way we’re gonna stick it up: they come with double sided tape. Really strong stuff, that sticks on here. You attach it up onto your windscreen. -And that should hold it forever!
-[BGM] [voiceover] It’s important that you clean your windscreen, both where you’re gonna apply the adhesive and where the camera itself will be looking through. Attach the camera to it’s mounting bracket and then connect up that end of the wiring. Next, you can tuck in the wiring across the front of the hood lining. Make sure your hands are clean so you don’t mark the material. Some cars have airbags in the A pillar trims. Be sure to keep any of the wires that you’re tucking in behind the door rubbers, so they don’t get in the way. With that done, you can push the rubbers back into place. -GPS, Martin.
-GPS. In the car or in the bin? A bit, um: a bit controversial in Dash Cam World. -Mmm.
-Um: a lot of them come with it built in. This one’s got a separate module, that you can put on the windscreen or in the dash or whatever like that. Um: and it: it will hardcode your GPS signal into the footage. -Yeah.
-You might see it sometimes. It’s got, like, the location of where you are and your speed and all that kind of stuff. Which a lot of people have a real problem with, don’t they? Because, there’s kind of: there’s been some um: I wouldn’t say “evidence,” but there’s been some people kind of talking about interesting cases, where: uh, somebody’s changed lanes and they’ve hit them. And the police have taken their Dash Cam footage. And, proceeding that, a: at some point, they’ve been speeding over the limit. -Only, maybe, 1 or 2km/h over the limit, or whatever.
-Mm. But, it’s been enough to show that “you’ve been breaking the law.” I don’t think it’s a good reason to not install it, in case you’re gonna be breaking the law. That’s not the reason, but… It does open some interesting concerns, particularlly for people who feel like, they’re being tracked and followed everywhere they go. -You know?
-Yeah. -Um…
-That is: that is a consideration. And it’s: It just depends. And also, I mean, how necessary is it? I mean, for me, it’s, um… You know: there’s peace of mind, knowing that it’s there if someone hits the car or something. Or, even just taking the, like, controversy out of any accident. Even if it happens to someone else. -Yeah.
-Like, it’s sort of… It just… It ha: that’s how it happened and there’s no argument. -Um…
-Yeah. But that doesn’t necessarily, really help me for any: any reason. Yeah. I mean: I think: I can see… I can see why some people would not want this so much, because, I mean, People who are knowingly doing stupid stuff, right? It’s like: You: you’re driving home and: and, um: and you have an accident. And then, someone has a look at this. And you can see your GPS, you’re in some National Park, doing burnouts for 10 minutes. -Yeah.
-Like, you know? It doesn’t actually look: I mean… I’m not saying, again, that’s the reason why you SHOULDN’T do it, but… Do you know another big consideration with GPS as well is that: how accurate it is. I mean, GPS… GPS’s accuracy is very dependant on atmospheric conditions, it doesn’t work in the city. It can lag. So, for example, you could: have Dash Cam footage and it’ll: your Dash Cam might say that you’re doing 80km/h, but you’ve just come out of a 60km/h zone. But it’s lagged, because there’s buildings everywhere or -Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.
-or there’s trees or cloud cover or like… It’s, um: and if you’re gonna use it as evidence, I mean, that’s a consideration too. -‘Cos it’s hard coded.
-I think that’s one of those considerations. That I mean, that’s: that’s a, It’s a: it’s a bigger conversation, but as technology changes, and we allow laws to be created and enforced, based on the technology, then, in a way, the onus is on the creators of this to make sure that they’re then law enforcement? -But they’re not law enforcement?
-Mm. -They’re just trying to sell Dash Cams.
-Mm. You know? So… it kind of: it raises some interesting questions. But… I also just want another thing stuck to my window. -OK.
-Like, that’s very neat, small thing that’s behind my: -I’ll forget it’s there. It’s behind my rear-vision mirror.
-Yeah. I don’t wanna stick more stuff. I don’t really, particularlly need to run more wiring for it. It’s… You know? It’s: it’s: it’s optional. That’s why it comes separate. -Yeah.
-Some: some have them built in, but you can turn it off. OK, cool. -So, for now though: GPS in the bin?
-GPS in the BOX. -Alright.
-Maybe, one day, I’ll change my mind. And, until then, just got to, uh… Basically, power this thing up. All it wants is an earth and a constant power and we’re ready to set it up. -Man, that’s easy!
-So easy. We said our garden edging bodykit was easy? This is: this is up there, isn’t it? [BGM] [voiceover] You’ll need a multimeter, test light or car wiring diagram to find constant power. The cameras generally don’t pull a lot of current, so the cigarette lighter or stereo wiring can be a good place to tap in. If you don’t have a wiring diagram to confirm your wires, double check your circuit stays active when the keys are turned. And also check things like headlights. To make sure you haven’t accidentally tapped a circuit, that turns off when the headlights or other accessories are used. So, one of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re putting audiovisual and electrical stuff in their car is just not getting a proper earth. Now, so many of the rubbish cars we’ve bought, we’ve just seen tech screws, just going straight in. And while that DOES work, eventually, when your car’s doing mad skids: uh, at the track. Because you’ve got a Dash Cam running. Um… Eventually, that stuff just vibrates out. So you’re way better off just making your own, by finding a big hunk of metal. -Hello, Martin.
-Hello, mate. A big hunk of metal: like Iron Maiden. -[chuckles]
-Iron Maiden played in Sydney last week. Had a big Eddie [the Head, Iron Maiden mascot] all blown up, shootin’ lasers on everyone and stuff. Really? Was there dragons? -Um, just lasers, monsters.
-OK, cool. Um, is find a big bit of metal here, Martin. -What do you erection [reckon]?
-Yeah, that’ll work. That: -through there.
-[metallic clattering] Nut on the other side, solder onto there. Bing, bam, bingo. -Mum’s a donkey.
-Resist the temptation to tech-screw. -Your mum’s a what?
-[BGM] [voiceover] Tidy up your wiring so your passenger doesn’t trip over it. Then strip back the wiring on the camera, ready to use your mad new grounding point. Make sure you screw it down tight and, if possible, use a compression washer, to help prevent it vibrating loose under epic track day cornering. Next, we’re splicing into the central locking constant power wire, which is in the passenger footwell. We’re soldering it and then taping it up tight. Check the camera powers up and install the memory card. Bigger cards will record longer, but not all of them are compatible with all cameras, so do your research first. So, now that your camera’s installed, it’s time to figure out how to actually use it. Now, every camera… -[indistinct voice prompt]
-This one talks. Every camera’s a little bit different. But, a lot of them have common features. If they’ve got G-sensors or shock sensors, it means they can actually tell when your car’s been hit. Or when you hit the brakes hard. Which might indicate that’s something happened that you wanna actually to record. They also have sensors that will sense if the car tips a certain direction, um, falls, crashes, stops: all those kind of things as well. Um… As soon as you plug it in, they probably just start recording. And they’ll keep cycling over and over and that little SD card we put in, it’ll keep replacing the footage. So… depending on the size of the SD card, you might get 2 hours, you might get 2 days, you might get a week. And it depends on the quality of the camera as well and you can also change settings. Now: you can get ones that have screens on them, which can make it easier to set up. But, on a day-to-day basis, I’m not sure that you need to see what it’s recording all the time. This one doesn’t. -But it does have Wi-Fi.
-[digitized voice] Starting Wi-Fi. So, basically, once you start the Wi-Fi on it, you can connect it with your phone or your laptop. And you can go in and change a bunch of settings, which includes how sensitive it is to those shocks. Uh: what quality you want to record, you can also record when you’re parked. Um, and you can record different percentages of events. So, it’ll record all the time or it will record a specific event. Or it will record motion. So, when it’s parked, you can have it set so it only records when it sees motion. Um, and also it stores the files in a different way. So, if it’s just rolling all day, it’s just gonna record a certain amount. Once it detects an event: so, a shock or you brake hard or something, it’s actually gonna store that in a different part of the card, which is great, because that’s more likely the stuff you’re gonna need. So, the next step now for us is to go though, change a couple of settings using the phone, and that’s it. -Done.
-[BGM] [voiceover] This is where things get nerdy. Most cameras you can now just set-and-forget. And you may never need to download footage off it. But, if you do, you wanna make sure it’s working right for your car. Our camera uses Wi-Fi and an app to connect to phones or computers. On our camera, you can set up the motion detection and also adjust the sensitivity of the shock sensor within the app. The most important step is the alignment of the camera. Rotate it so you can see some of the bonnet of your car in the lower part of the picture. -So, there it is. That is how you install a Dash Cam.
-[BGM] They are relatively cheap, they are easy to install, it’s a one person job and you can do it in around 20 minutes. So, next weekend, you got nothing to do, stop fiddling with your balls and fiddle with your Dash Cam. Now, it looks a bit dodgy having lots of light cigarette lighter things hanging out on double adapters, back on double adapters, in your dash. It’s not classy, it’s not cool. This is a really easy way to learn how to hard wire stuff into your vehicle. That’s right. Of course, follow us on the Faceballs. That’s Do you know what they’re called? -No.
-They’re delicious. They’re green! -Um: and um…
-Are they biscuits that are green? -Follow us on the Faceballs. There’s, like, daily updates.
-Oh! And um, I’m gonna go and eat some of these -delicious.
-They are incredible! -I don’t know what they’re called, man
-They’ve got nothing on them. -They’re called…
-Now, you’re dropping them all over the floor. They’re called… -Savin’ them for later?
-They’re Pistachio Cantuccini. Oh! -And they’re delicious.
-You Italian: you Italian legend. -See you next time, dudes.
-Oh! That is amazing!


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  87. Stewart Allan February 5, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    One aspect you have not covered in reasons for GPS on a Dashcam and that is when someone hits your vehicle when stationary and unattended triggering the motion sensor. In fact, this is the MAIN reason I have installed front and rear Dashcams due to numerous incidents when parked causing thousands of dollars in repairs. Lets hope the motion sensor works now!

  88. Jiren's Adventure World February 23, 2019 at 9:35 am

  89. SlackJones1 Smith February 28, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    I only need the dashcam to be powered when the ignition is on. I have no need to have it taking still video of my garage wall untill the battery is near dead. Just have it powered while I Am driving.

  90. selgeaus April 4, 2019 at 7:26 am

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  91. Karl Laval April 5, 2019 at 11:10 am

    Hi Marthy really enjoy your explanation
    But what make das cam the one you fitted in your car .
    Please could you let me know please thanks .
    Karl from Essex England

  92. Reg Watson June 5, 2019 at 12:50 am

    Pity the silly sods that design cars don't design a basic 12 volt plug just behind the rear view mirror for dashcams. Then you would just need one short cable and your work is done. Gee I am a clever fucker !

  93. Drew Busch June 15, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    is there a web site tell you how to take dash apart with out breaking anything 2019 car??

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  96. Milele July 8, 2019 at 7:55 am

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