How to Remove Swirl Marks & Scratches

At Meguiar’s, our consumer products are formulated
for car guys who are looking to create show-car perfect paint finishes. With this goal in mind, it is not at all unusual
for car guys to purchase collector cars with abused and neglected paint finishes that they
want to save and make show car perfect. The most critical part of that process is
what you do before polishing and waxing, and that’s the purpose of this video. Hi, I’m Barry Meguiar, let me walk you through
the process. Abused and neglected paint finishes are exposed
to a variety of below the surface paint problems like oxidation, stains, blemishes, scratches,
and swirl marks. Each one of these problems can be isolated
to a certain area or be wide-spread and can require vastly different solutions, depending
on their depth of penetration into the paint. The good news, is that Meguiar’s offers three
totally unique surface care products, that collectively address this full spectrum of
paint problems. In extreme cases, the only solution may be
color sanding and buffing with a high-speed rotary buffer by a professional detailer. You can learn about Meguiar’s comprehensive
line of professional abrasives, compounds, and buffing pads at or calling
our customer care hotline at 1-800-347-5700. The focus of this video is on car guys and
general consumers who are limited to hand wipe products which can also be used with
a consumer friendly dual action polisher. Prepping the finish before polishing and waxing
is the least understood step in paint care. If you don’t get this step right, it doesn’t
matter which polishes or waxes you use, or how hard you work, it’s guaranteed that you
will not get the results you’re looking for. So the information we are about to provide
is exceedingly important. If you’ve ever used rubbing and polishing
compounds in the past to remove paint problems, you’re more than familiar with the scratches
they leave behind– commonly referred to as rocks in a bottle, it’s understood that compounds
are likely to scour the finish with tiny scratches that are very difficult to remove, requiring
a lot of time. Those days, are over. Let us introduce you to three revolutionary
products– revolutionary because they work quickly and easily without scouring the finish. In fact, in most cases, they leave the surface
completely scratch free. It’s a new day. Center stage is Meguiar’s Swirl-X, which addresses
the removal of swirl marks– the number one complaint about today’s clear coat paint finishes. Next we have Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0, which
should always be kept close at hand for removing the occasional isolated scuffs and scrapes
that are almost impossible to avoid all-together. And then we have Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound,
for the really tough jobs removing heavy oxidation, stubborn stains and scratches. All three of these products should be in your
arsenal. Regardless of whether or not you’re a car
guy, swirl marks are a problem for everyone who owns a dark-colored car. No matter how nice or nondescript your car,
there’s nothing attractive about masses of swirl marks on a dark-colored car glaring
into your face on a sunny afternoon. That’s when you need Meguiar’s Swirl-X. This amazingly easy to use product removes
fine scratches and swirl marks, and creates deep, clear gloss on dark paint finishes. Best applied with a foam applicator pad, allow
the product to do the work as you apply it a section at a time. For stubborn swirls, a second application
might be required. For wipe-off, it’s best to use a Meguiar’s
Supreme Shine Microfiber towel or 100% cotton terry towels turning to a clean section for
your final wipe to a brilliantly clear, swirl free finish. Using the wrong towel can actually create
new swirl marks. Results are even better when using a Meguiar’s
Dual Action polisher available through No matter how careful we are, our cars are
continually exposed to hostile environments that can easily impact our paint finishes
with things like errored shopping carts, bouncing balls, finger nails, and shrubbery. Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0 should be kept in
your medicine cabinet, so to speak, for immediate use whenever minor injuries happen to your
paint. More aggressive than Swirl-X, Meguiar’s Scratch-X
2.0 is formulated to remove isolated paint problems that polishing and waxing can’t remove. Best applied with a foam applicator, apply
Scratch-X 2.0 directly onto the applicator pad or terry towel. Rub repeated motions into the paint finish
and watch the isolated blemish disappear before your eyes, leaving a brilliant scratch-free
surface that looks like it’s been polished. Whenever you see us add the term “ultimate”
to one of our products, you can be sure that it is, without question, the ultimate product
on the market for it’s specific purpose. That’s especially true with Meguiar’s Ultimate
Compound. More aggressive than Scratch X 2.0, this product
is embedded with an abrasive system that defies logic. If you’ve used polishing or rubbing compounds
in the past, you know how dirty they are, how hard they are to use, and how they literally
scour the finish with thousands of tiny scratches that are all but impossible to remove by hand. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound provides you with
an entirely different experience, as aggressive as any other compound, Ultimate Compound applies
like a polish, eliminates the abrasive scum, and leaves a finish that is almost, if not
entirely, scratch free. Look how easily it cuts through oxidation
and surface blemishes. It’s almost fun to use it, certainly amazing
to watch as it removes paint problems with ease while dramatically improving paint gloss. Here again, even application is best achieved
using a foam applicator pad or terry towel with repeated motions to ensure maximum results. When necessary, follow with a second application
and best results are always achieved using Meguiar’s Dual Action polisher. For wipe-off, it’s best to use a microfiber
100% cotton terry towel, turning to a clean portion for the final wipe. And while the finish may look like it’s been
polished, you’ll still want to follow up with polishing and or waxing, to ensure show-car
perfect results.


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    I've used his products with major success and they make the job extremely easy to get professional looking results, from wet sanding fresh black paint to the final glossy no swirl finish. All I used was Ultimate Compound after wet sanding and then Swirl Remover.

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