How To Replace Dashboard Light Bulbs On Toyota Corolla 1990 – 2002 Use 194LL Bulbs #toyotacorolla

The dashboard lights on this 2001 Toyota Corolla, don’t work anymore. Some of the lights on the panel do. The turn signals. The high beams. Different things like that work. The warning lights. But the main dash lights don’t work and that is definitely a problem…and Illegal. The panel needs to come out and I need to put new light bulbs in, so we’re going to do that. And This Works for several Model Years. This happens to be a 2001 Toyota Corolla LE. And mainly all you need for this are Phillips screwdrivers and maybe some needle-nose pliers. I’m also going to magnetize my screwdriver though, just to be safe. I hate to lose those screws. First, I’m going to drop my steering wheel down all the way just to give myself a little more working room there. And then you need to take out the two Screws that are just under the cover over the instrument panel and those are both Phillips screw heads. So we need to start on that. And for getting out these screws your space Is kind of limited so the shorter screwdriver you have, the better. I’ve got this little kind of ratcheting screwdriver that has the different heads. But I mean you can do it with a longer screwdriver. but you might be at an awkward angle. And I try to be pretty careful with my screws I have dropped them before and they’ve disappeared and I’ve never found them. Then that can lead to noise in your dashboard. So, sometimes I magnetize my screwdrivers and I have that little magnetic grabber handy just in case. But that is coming out just fine. There’s one, and two over here, and those come out real easy. And with those two screws out this panel is actually loose now. And you can pull it down and out. Just do it carefully so you don’t break anything. With both hands, you pull out the bottom gently and that comes loose. And once that’s loose at the bottom you can kind of pull down at the top and then rotate this piece out of there. and it’s a little awkward to rotate that piece out of there. But just be very careful with it and you’ll be able to get it out. Just set that aside. Here’s what we have now: a screw at the top in the middle, one over here on the right, and a screw over here on the left. So those three need to come out. They’re all Phillips head screws. These two on the sides are kind of recessed. The screw on this side might be a little easier to get to if you push down the handle. And on this Side Push down that one just a little. Might give you a little easier access. So we’ll start with this one. That one’s out and I had my screwdriver magnetized so that’s hanging on there pretty good. Now for the one on the left. And some models of Corollas might have four screws. But this one only has three. So just remove however many you see. And there’s the other one. And the last one. And all three are out now. So the instrument panel assembly is loose now. So, we’re going to have to get the wires off the back of it. Have to carefully turn this around so we can get access to the back panel. And you’re limited on room of course when you do this. And you rotate it around a little bit and you can see there are actually four harnesses back there. I have to take them off one by one to be able to get to the bulbs. And there you can kind of see some of the bulbs sticking out there. So, we can replace them. Find out which ones are bad. So, going to start taking the harnesses off. And this, one has a little button that you push down and then pull out. And just do it carefully. Now that one came out. It’s the first one. The blue one is off now. Same thing – had a little button on top that you had to push. Next one Is a white one. That one’s off. Way back at the back there’s another one to get out of there. And there – it’s actually free now after the four connectors are removed. And they’re just all in a line so you, won’t get them in the wrong place. So now, we just pull the assembly out. And we can pull it out forward and kind of rotate it up and over the top. There you can get access to the back where all the bulbs are. Before I start taking bulbs out and getting them replaced, I’m going to take a picture of where everything is supposed to go, just for my own sake so i get things back in the right place. So i’m going to take a few pictures. And I know the ones in the middle don’t work for sure. A lot of these side lights, they worked okay, but I know I had trouble. I could not see my fuel gauge, so those lights over there are probably bad. So I’m just going to check them all and see which ones look burnt out. This is the center one that I know is bad that went to the Speedometer. And I’m going to rotate that; turn it, pop it out. And that’s what it looks like. That one I know was bad. So I’m just going to check the others one by one and see what they look like. I went to Autozone and got some replacement bulbs. Your manual should tell you what kind to get or they can probably tell you at the store too. And the ones they had are clear and the ones in the panel have this little cover on them, but that cover does come off. So I’m going to put it on the other bulbs. These bulbs just pull out and you can pop the new ones in. I’ve got all my light bulbs replaced and I’m ready to put the instrument panel back in. So now comes the fun part. Putting the connectors back to the back. You can actually pull the wiring harness out a little bit further and that will make it easier to connect on the back. So here we go. I’m going to slide it back behind the steering wheel now. Get it in position and then start hooking it up. The harness will pull out far enough so that you can kind of attach these over the top with it laid down like that so that makes it easier. So, we’re going to start with this one. Make sure you hear a good snap there. There we go. The blue one. And the Final one. So We’re just ready to reassemble that. It all looks like it’s in there solid. I’m going to test it first before I put it all back together just to be sure it’s working. So I’m going to turn the ignition back on and test out the lights. So now I just need to move it around so I can get it back in to the original place. Pull it back out this way a little bit and then tilt it in and we’ll get it lined up, like it should be. But I’m not going to fasten it down until I know that everything works. So, need the keys. And they work! I pulled it Into the darkened garage and awesome. I have bright lights again! I’m gonna start with the center screw and get it going.
I didn’t tighten it down fully yet. I’m going to put this other one in over here on the right and then the other one on the left. Doing the one on the right. And the one on the left Is going in. And I’m going to get that back in position. Push that down just a little bit in front. And it goes through. Put that little… get that little clip down and work it back into the dash. It should pop right into place. Which it did. I just have to put the two screws back in on the top and I’ll be done. It’s all back together and working fine. That wasn’t too bad! Pretty easy and didn’t take very long to do. Thanks for watching! Have a great day and please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe if you would.


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