How to Tell if You Need New Tires on Your Car

One, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel. Today I’m going to help you answer the question,
do you really need to buy new tires, Now unfortunately, you can’t just go to a
tire store and ask, half the time they are salesmen,
they want to sell you something, so of course they are going to tell you that
you need new tires, so I’m going to show you how you can check
tires out yourself, and the first thing you need, is a shinny
new penny, simply take the penny upside down and put
Lincoln’s head in the tire tread, and as you can see right here,
Lincoln’s head is pretty well cover up, now in that case, the tread was about this
deep, which was pretty deep, but if the top of Lincoln’s
head would have been sticking up, and it’s about that thick, that’s about the
time you need to get new tires, and when you do check the tire,
you look all around to make sure the whole tire is deep,
because if you have some area that is really shallow and others are deep,
the tire needs to be replaced, and the front end needs to be checked to see if there is
something wearing to make the tire wear unevenly, now other than just straight wear, your going
to look for cracks in the tire, now this particular tire is about 10 years
old, so it’s time for it to be replaced,
because it’s just getting old and cracking, and yeah I know, it’s my car and my tire,
but here’s the reason I’ve left it on, this old tire, it may be 10 years old, but
I never had to add air to it, I’ve had to add air to the newer tires, that
are only a year old, every once in a while, but I’ve never had to add it here,
just go to show that they use to make things better than they do now,
and since I drive in the city most of the time, and only put about 900 miles a year
on my car, I just left it alone, but if I was going to
take a big trip like to California or something, I’d buy a new tire here because I wouldn’t
want it to blow on the highway from being cracked and then come apart,
so if your like me, and you don’t drive that much and your tires are old, if your tires
are 6 or 7 years old, you might take a look and see if they are
cracking, and if they are, go get a new set of tires,
so you don’t endanger yourself at highway speeds,
the of course the question arises, if you need new tires,
which tires should you buy, we as a general rule of thumb,
I go to a discount tire store, and I look at the tires there,
never buy the cheapest tires, because they are often Chinese made one that aren’t that
good, so being the cheap guy like I am,
I buy the second or third cheapest tire, and then that perfectly good for what I’m
doing, just normal city driving and I don’t put that many miles on them anyways, they
dry rot before they wear out, now if your planning or racing around on a
performance car, you want to get performance tires,
you want ones that are stickier, have more grip, there going to wear out faster,
but you need something that can handle higher speeds,
because if your going to be driving well over 100 miles per hour,
you want a better rated tire to take that speed,
in that case, you might want a higher performance tire like this tire,
but whatever brand you buy, I say stay away from Chinese made tires,
when this tire was one week old, it got a hole in it that had to be plugged,
and these are Chinese made tires, they are often just too soft, nails get in,
and they easily get punctured, and years ago, I mistakenly got a set of Chinese
tires for my wife’s big Toyota Cressida, if 2 years, they all got ate around, and the
car started shaking, and when I jacked the car up, and spun the
tires, they all had big lumps in them they were so
junky, so stay away from the Chinese tires,
and when it comes to maintaining your tires, there’s only one thing you really need to
do, check the air pressure every once in a while,
because if your low on air pressure, not only will you get worse gas mileage, from
more rolling resistance, but your more likely to get punctures on the
tire when they have less air pressure in them, and remember, tires get hot when you drive
them, so the pressure goes up from the heat,
so you want to check the pressure in your tires first thing in the morning,
when the tires are cold, and when the weather changes, like here it
just went from 75 to 35, check them when it’s 35 because they often need a little extra
air then, so the next time somebody tells you, you need
a new set of tires, check them out first before you give away
that money, and remember if your car has any problems
just visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel, before it’s too late

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