How You Can Do It Too 😱 Starting a business from scratch 0 to 10000$

I got to say this at the start of this video. I am so excited to make the series series. Are you making sure you want to know her building
a business from scratch in the first season is going to be cold gyro to $10,000 isn’t
everyone doing a thousand actually wanted to make a series where I make $1,000 but then
I thought to myself in Thousand is better than a thousand because it’s more don’t you
agree if someone offers you his father on $1,000? What would you accept the $10,000 right? That’s why you watching this video and this
is why right now you subscribe to this channel cuz it’s absolutely free and it’s a no-brainer
not to do that you mention that if you know subscribe there is a very high chance that
a squirrel will eat your breakfast. I mean, why don’t you just subscribe like
PP subscribe button right now, make sure you. Give this video a line because this really
helps his video be seen by more people and make sure you coming down below. #dr. Nikki. If you want to support me with this journey
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selling yourself short course, ain’t it? Just succeed in the series. Just let me visualize this $10,000. No, this is not it will be done here. Just Beulah ask him if this is how we do it
by a domain by hosting higher programmer hair designer everyone. We need the fotografer people that do help
us with Outsourcing. I will show you guys how to do everything
get to do marketing everything from start to finish from 0 to $10,000 and. If this is something that also you want to
do but do not start thinking what you would spend this $10,000 on if it was you or if
you’re trying to do the same thing while I’m doing it because we will reimburse the money
in the end of this year. He’s making money is not the best motivational
trigger in my opinion, but I was mad and make money. You want to hear these having a vision fasting
that many people with your product. Let’s do you have no brother. I link a drop-shipping sniper with you can
see in this video above my Shopify dropshipping product research do in description down below. And also if you’re wondering why am I starting
from scratch? What have I done so far? I mean nothing much. I’m just sitting here like he is my YouTube
channel and I also have if you stick this video above a man over $1000000 in driving
you over a year stable serious business who has a team of 10 each people. Asos camping gas and he’s now a self reading
organism that lets me have the free time Wendy’s videos that start from scratch. So basically what you do is make a company
make sure it’s automated so you don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day operation
and then what you do which is so not what it go start from scratch and do the same thing
and why don’t you show us your car or something. You might have bet guest mode. My Kara is if you follow me on Instagram,
but this is beside the point because if I want to buy or lease a very expensive just
to show off I have to also say when expense of course, this is not what I’m doing in this
series. I’m trying to give you free tips of his the
first thing you have to do is choose a niche or a product. What do we do? What service will you provide? What do you want to do? I don’t know man. I bought a bunch of videos and I just want
to make money. Honey Smoked real excuse that even despite
what you’ve heard in all those rap songs. It is not ask you said you have to have a
high-income skill, but what if you don’t have asked you said don’t worry don’t have asked
you said or you think maybe you’re a good artist good in that great this and you don’t
really know what to do with used to protect. Please, didn’t come section down below and
I’ll try to give you some ideas but full disclaimer here. I am not a financial advisor do your own due
diligence. This is not investment advice and my results
are not guaranteed to be your results. So after you pick a niche, my niece will be
a digital marketing agency first thing I’m going to do and I actually didn’t last week
but I’ll show you how to do now is go on a hunting provider and a heaven for a down below
it to give you a plan where you can get your posting for only three euros. Soar like in 50 Cent sold like $4 per month. If you check the link in description down
below even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur right now sign up or just trying
to search for something that you might like. For example with the main I bought was dr. Nikki. Co co so you go eat right to see a website
that you like you click check out you buy the domain or write down when you got a very
smart name in your mind that you want to go about using soon in the internet is like land. Did you plant your seeds on painting a hosting
provider in the domain is like renting the land to build something on whether it be seeds
for farming business where you building a hotel or whatever. This is the foundation of the technical Foundation,
or I don’t know how to say it. Of your business you got to do that. I should have a domain and you have a nice
you’re pretty much attention from Newark. Congratulations. You might be broke soon as I’ve always said
after choosing your Niche getting a website done. No matter if your business will be Facebook
ads Google ads or injured or you have some clients that you’re bringing from a no-fly
babies into your website. No matter what you do. It’s really important to start with the right
keywords before you do anything going on your website because the way you write all the
pics on your website has to allocate those keywords in the right way. So I’ll show you free to yes a free to know
to do that cost to three $500 a month right here and you choose the right keywords for
my website. I have no idea about anything prior to this
about building a digital marketing agency. People about different product killed some
people out in their business and I’ve built more than one online shop for myself, but
I don’t really know any he works and what I should do in the space. What I do is just typing some random keyword. There is a brother Association in my mind
about my business. For example, I was typing Instagram marketing
agency. Comes up is a search result from Google and
attended even Google of my competitor. So get his name and as you can see here, I’m
looking he’s he’s keyword search. I see what he works here ends for robo post
there and I’ll explain that later videos and you see me, I think all this information from
this very moment next few weeks while getting my website. So after doing a bit of research, I only have
a few keywords plant that don’t use soon but I’m planning out my website obviously because
I use and I’ll make a digital marketing agency. I will need a photographer to make a word
of the photos on my website because I don’t really want to use a lot of stock photos. I want everything to be custom and high-quality,
but if you’re not in this position yet, maybe you can buy some stuff and I have links in
description down below. For some ideas. So in this episode I show you guys how to
become an entrepreneur and this is our journey together. Even you can follow me on the journey if you
are subscribed to this Channel and if you do not want to miss an episode from 0 to $10,000
series, make sure you click that Bell notification. So you are notified by YouTube when I make
an up low in the next episode will continue by adding some text on my website and you
see that or I might continue with the images. I don’t know you have to join the community
to find out it was a real pleasure entertaining you for 10 or 20 minutes today in your real
hero. If you manage to stay until this point of
the video a video a day keeps the doctor away.


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