Korean From Scratch 09 | Early Morning Adventures

Good morning! So it’s about 4:40 in the
morning, I’ve been on foot for about 10 minutes and I’m feeling really good, feeling
good… So I’m gonna try to get through another few Talk To Me In Korean lessons It’s like, God, when I walk this much it just gives me so much dead time to go through lessons so I think that’s gonna be pretty instrumental for improving quickly with Korean. So I didn’t really plan this out but that’s just how it’s
working out, so that’s how it goes You have to basically just be flexible and
adapt to whatever situation you have so… This is mine, walking at 4:30 in the
morning. But yep, so let’s see uh… let’s see how much I can get done and yeah I got a
lot to do today. I need to… I have so much to learn still with the web development.
Right now I’m learning a code language called Jade and I also learning a CSS
preprocessor called SASS and every time I… Every time I think I’m done, every time I
think I’m ready to start like building the site, well I am building it, but every
time I think I’m like good to go I realize “Oh now you need to use liquid”
Like, “what’s liquid!?” So I have to take a whole course on liquid which is a language that Jekyll uses which is a platform I’m using and like even just
to install Jekyll I had to download Ruby on Rails. I’m like “What is Ruby on Rails!?” so I had to do a course all about that! But I like it! Yes, so anyway, lots to learn
and lots to do! I also have loads of articles in Japanese about the North
Korea situation that I want to try to read today. So yeah, wish me luck! Ahh I’m really excited! So today it looks like
I’m gonna be learning a whole bunch of verbs. I just learned, like, “to go”, “to buy”, “to do” which is really exciting so I can’t remember what they were now. I’m
gonna have to review them a few times first but, exciting!! Look at that! That is my canvas for learning Korean this morning I’ve gotta say, it’s uh… I’m sure a lot of people would not enjoy being out here at this time of the morning, and walking
this much, but it’s quite beautiful Morning guys! So, this morning I’m out
at the much more reasonable time of 6am You can still see the skyline behind me
and… full moon! So I’m on the way to a cafe called Panera Bread because I have
free bagels every day of September which is AWESOME. So I’m gonna get a bagel and
a coffee and it’s about a 45-minute walk so I should be able to get through
several Korean lessons and I should have some time to study
on memrise before it starts so yesterday was… I have to say, was really a
quiet day for Korean. I was a little disappointed but I just had so much
other stuff to do because I’m… right now I’m managing so many things but I did do
memrise, so right now I’m up to level 7 on memrise but that’s ok because it
takes time, especially because I’m handwriting everything so it really does
take quite a while to go through memrise and get through those levels. So, um… so I’m ok with that, but it was a slow day So I just did a few lessons and got
to level 7 on memrise so today my goal is to get to level 12
at least on memrise, so I think if I can do that I’ll be satisfied because then
I’ll be pretty much caught up to where I was before
and I feel really good, like… I’m telling you guys, if you’ve studied a
language you know the feeling of learning stuff but really not knowing it.
You know, when you kind of you learn it and you’re like “No, uh… definitely not confident with this!” Because my approach is so thorough with this sort of three-step
process using the same content three different ways, I don’t have that at all.
Especially because I already went through it once before. So I feel very, very
confident now with the stuff that I’ve done up to lesson* 7 so I just really
can’t wait! So that’s it for today I will update you… oh my god, sorry about the
light… and hopefully it will uh… it will be a good day today! So I just wanted to update you. I’m almost at Panera Bread but I was like so motivated to just get back
onto the memrise after that last video so I decided to just simply do
memrising. Now I don’t recommend this to everybody, do this at your own risk but I am kind of an expert after all these years of reading books while walking
like in Japan and memrising and doing Babbel while walking… a lot of my
studying happens while walking and it’s not always audio. So I was doing
memrise and I gotta tell you, I’m just feeling really pumped. I just finished
all of level 8 and like… I think I can even just get banging on level 9!
… I’m not even sure that “get banging” is a thing? But uh… there we go! So I just wanted to
update you. I’m really excited! I dunno I just feel super, like, motivated right now to
just really power through to level 12 today on memrise! Hey guys! So it’s now the evening, I had a
really really busy day today So I did get through lesson 9 on
memrise and I started lesson 10, but it’s not as much as I wanted to get done.
As you guys know, I committed to finishing lesson 12. I still have
a lot of stuff to do tonight but I have kind of like a priority tier system and
this is a the top tier today so I’m gonna relax, I have a nice cup of tea.
This is ginger and turmeric… I love ginger SO MUCH. And I have a little stack
of scrap paper and basically I’m just gonna have a nice “power-hour” of memrise and tea. I have have a little blanket! So you know I think sometimes you gotta…
Once you commit to something, you just gotta push everything else out,
relax… It’s kind of meditative, I find… Honestly
it really is very meditative because I have a lot of stuff to be thinking about
right now So it’s gonna be… I’m really looking
forward to just spending an hour with Korean and you guys and not worrying
about anything else So it is time for tea and Korean so
let’s see how much I can get done it’s definitely gonna be level 12 I’m not
still not stopping till I finish lesson 12! Okay guys… So, it’s late!
Well, actually, it’s like 10… it’s like 10 o’clock but, you know… When you wake up
at 5:00 or 5:20… 10 is pretty late. So I finally did it! I wasn’t able to get more than lesson 12 but I… after a few pages of those notes and yeah I made it. I made it! And it feels
good! I learned a lot of really… well I have, like, a lot of stuff now that I
feel quite confident with. So for example like “chingu” is “friend” so like… and then,
I reviewed today how to say to it like “to have” or not so like “issoyo” and “opsoyo”.
So like, “chingu opsoyo” would be like “I don’t have friends” or for example “ton”
is “money” so like “ton opsoyo”… “I don’t have money” or for example… So that was like “issoyo” / “opsoyo”. “to have / to not have” which is cool cuz I can use that for
like a lot of things like “Cha” is “car” like “sha” in Japanese, so I guess I could
say… this wasn’t one of the sentences but I guess I could say like “cha opsoyo”
so this is what’s interesting right That’s why I like doing all these
example sentences because yeah so now I can actually… for example, “samushil” I
think is “office” so I could also say “samushil issoyo” so like, “I have an office” so even
though both of those things were not in the example sentences that I studied
I’ve never seen those sentences so far in the course but by doing the by doing
lots of example sentences you internalize the pattern
and you can start to make your own so that’s really cool! I quite like that so
I’m happy I’m tired so I’m gonna go to sleep hopefully I can make it to the bed before…
but so I think that was a good day good power session for the memrise. I
think tomorrow maybe I’m gonna take it slow with the Korean. Um… because I need to read some articles in
Japanese and stuff like that, but I’m happy OH MY GOD I just realized! OH that means that we made it! Ahhh that means tomorrow is like that
super awesome starting point I’ve been trying to get to so oh yeah okay so now
I’m now I’m quite excited but I don’t want to get too excited
because then I won’t be able to sleep so but I’m very… aw okay… no, no… No,
tomorrow’s not going to be quiet day for Korean tomorrow is going to be an
awesome energetic day for Korean and yeah… Okay! Alright that’s it I’m gonna go
to sleep so… cuz because the sooner I go to sleep the faster I can wake up and do more… Ok there’s something wrong with me… So I still don’t know how to say “good night” in Korean for God’s sakes oh no, I just realized I can at least say “goodbye” in Korean right? So I’m gonna say…
so because I’m the one leaving and technically you guys are staying
wherever you are then I’m gonna say, “anyong hi keseyo!” Yes… “anyong hi keseyo!” 🙂


  1. Steve Fischer September 18, 2017 at 3:10 am

    First! Big thumbs up, Rob! Tech can really be a maze.

  2. Oregon Polyglot September 18, 2017 at 3:13 am

    I went through this nine years ago when I started my current job–an hour commute from home. I decided to use that time productively, particularly since I have difficulty sitting still and concentrating for very long. So, from then on until early this year (when I started having problems with my car stereo), I studied mainly in my car. Like you, I adapted by making the switch to audio courses. (Of course, you have regular study sessions at a table as well.) The car was especially perfect for listening to the audiobook recordings of graded readers as well as podcasts. You're right: As language learners, we need to adapt as our lives change.

    The basics you're learning now will be reused in more complex grammar, just as was the case with Japanese. For example, the Korean verbs for "to have"/"not to have" form the basis of "can"/"can't" by saying I have/don't have the ability to do something. You're bound to encounter that soon in your courses. I said before that I enjoy Korean intonation. Well, I enjoy Korean grammar more because of its elegance.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your "awesome starting day" for Korean, whatever that means.

    By the way, maybe I told you that I started learning Japanese in a high school class for a year. Well, I found my high school textbook, _Japanese Now, vol. 1_, on Amazon. I bought a copy and am reading it now for nostalgia.

  3. Miri September 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    I like your dedication!! my husband too wakes up at 4:30 (4 days a week) to go to the gym before work….

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