Krav Maga for Women : Be Aware Around Automobiles for Women’s Self-Defense

Hi! I’m Steve Jimenez with,
Krav Maga, Austin. Day in and day out, as I am going through my daily activities, one
of the most common things that I notice, being out and about in public is that most parents,
when they have a child in their car, in a car seat strapped in the back, one of the
things that they do is they go in there and they actually try to get the child out while
the door is still open. Because when you are in there, you are bent over and you are inside
like this trying to get your child out, your back is actually to whoever might be coming
in to attack you. That is probably one of the worst things that you can do. In this
segment, we are going to go over the right way to get your child out of the vehicle.
What Marissa is going to do, assuming that she is a mother, she’s getting her child,
or maybe she is just babysitting somebody else’s child, she is going to get the child
out of the back seat of the car. What she is going to do, she is going to walk up, like
anyone would do, open up the back door… and the safest thing to do is to actually
get inside the vehicle, shut the door, lock the door. And then from there, go ahead and
unstrap your child or get your bag ready, whatever you have or whatever you need ready.
And then, from there, once everything is set and squared away, she is going to come out
of the vehicle, she’s going to have her keys ready in hand to lock the door, she has
her baby in her hands, she shuts the door, walks away and locks the door.

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