le matite colorate: lezione di base

And here we are today I wanted to talk to you about
pastels, also called colored pencils because in reality the pastels would be
more properly called the wax crayons these are colored pencils,
I wanted to take some for type ,those left over by the old boxes
so there is a bit of all brands we all had pastels and crayons
we all asked ourselves: How are they used?
rule number one: this is not good you must always have a good tip , because with a short broken point you can’t do a good job first advice I give you is to use the crayon with delicacy I will now take three colors:a light-pink, a more intense pink and a violet first of all if
I want to give a nice pastel drawing I do not have to do it faster
,because it is very easily to do bad lines. but rather to colour with
delicacy over and over again on the same point How do I colour it? I can
colour it striped, now I I’m trying to show you, or another type of movement that could be (now I enlarge it), a circular movement like that depending on the type of pattern I have to do, I will decide how to make my move An excellent way for
rolling out the pastels is starting from one color in the range we have chosen (in
this case the violet and pink) from the darker color and do a good drawing up
gently, if we need it ,we can draw up several times, but without
exaggerate, because we have to leave space also to the others colors we have
chosen of the same shade Here is that the pastel can be
overlaped one shade on other even over and over again;
clearly if you have good quality pastels the result will be even better the type of paper I’m using now is
a smooth card in fact if you see the result is
fairly uniform, I will show you later also what would result on one
different paper, here you see the difference between the first draft that
is single violet and that other one let’s say the last that is in my opinion a lot
more interesting another thing we can do is to choose instead of
different colors, in other words to mix types of different colors, to get some
more original effects, in this case I I will start from the green and I always do
my basic draft, which I can review even more than once, trying to
however, every step must be delicate because I repeat if I make the lines
I can also use the rubber, but I advise you not because it is not that
colour and recolour with rubber create a nice effect sincerely, ok then
I used the green and after the blue that in this case is a very delicate color that you can see little, but now I don’t know if I can show you
actually on the webcam though the effect is already very
interesting. Now I change completely color and you will see that you can
mix the various shades clearly if I fill saturated the
sheet with a first shade, then I can’t put the others colors.
According to me among other things, 3 is a good number for mixes.
The other thing that I can do is clearly fade, so go from the
light to dark or vice versa I can make first a draft then review
only on the part that interests me. Let’s suppose that the light arrives from here
, so here’s the light, and we put our shape on the other side ok? Again I recommend you
to combine more shades of colors different is also in my opinion more
funny , I only arrive how far I want the shadow to be intense
, so this part here in which I have put a first draft already, I leave it
exactly as it is, I no longer go to darken it ok, now I can too add a part like dark blue.
In this case I put purple ,blue green dark then ,they might seem
too different shades to be mix ,instead see that it is
nice result try not to stop at the question
I have to paint 15 colors right … take some ugly sheets and try do a lot of tests to get yourself trained in that
that you are interested in accomplishing, because it is actually the best way
to make any kind of choice artistic then that is if we do not try the
things, but we always do only let’s say the thing in beauty, it will be
difficult you can find solutions interesting, inovative
and improve … As you can see while I was still chatting
,I took another color now here, I have the blue that is
saturated, that is to say it is full of color so I can not anymore
go over it but instead of here I still have room to add color, a
little yellow and voila .Another way to use
the pastel rather the colored pencil to be
precise is to create some textures, rather the plots that can
be interesting at the end of coloring of our design, can
be interesting to decide to create a drawing in the drawing, for example
so let’s call it a grille this case, here I am enlarged
making a plot of the kind or as I said before
this here the hatch, it can be twisted in so many ways and it’s a way
very interesting to spread the color of course, this mode also goes one
little bit proven, a little exercised take a bad sheet and try it,
because otherwise it is easy for you to show up then a set of bad lines. The last thing that
I want to show you is: This is a smooth and white sheet, but this is a sheet
clear,therefore pale yellow and is rough. There are various types of rough sheets
of various kinds ,each rough sheet will have its plot, as you can see here
I’ve already done some tests the plot comes out, if I pass the
colored pencil, so here too the advice is to leave delicate,
do not go with the bad lines of not stepping on and to consider that even here we can
make overlaps however in this case, the rough sheet
does not allow us to fill totally the surface
,if we do a bit much sharp we arrive to fill a
a little more paper, however, in this case the beautiful is the plot of the
sheet I hope I have been helpful if you want to post what you know
make with colored pencils and if you have of the questions you can write them in a
message here under the video or send them directly to me. Hello
from the Artistic Laboratory of Manta and from Carla. Hello everyone!


  1. Kekko Tiger 2 December 28, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Scusami ma é da tempo che non riesco a capire perché si deve partire dal colore piú scuro ad esempio se voglio colorare la pelle di un soggetto dove ci sono tanti marroni e sfumature diverse devo partire a stendere il colore piú chiaro su tutto il soggetto e poi aggiungere gli altri o partire dal piú scuro come dici nel video?

  2. Greta Lopez January 7, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Grazie mi è servito molto per un disegno di arte

  3. Joey Russo Channel April 25, 2018 at 8:32 am

    ciao mi sono iscritto al tuo canale ricambi? grazie

  4. vale vale May 10, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Errato anche questi sono pastelli. La mina all'interno é un pastello😉

  5. Ali xxx July 17, 2018 at 11:43 am

    No i pastelli sono pastelli! Pigmenti+colle solitamente naturali fatti a listelli poi ci sono quelli a cera, quelli ad olio ecc a seconda del legante. Prima di fare i video formatevi. Stai usando matite colorate.

  6. Il Laboratorio Artistico July 23, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Dunque: per chiarire la differenza fra pastelli e matite colorate.
    Il pastello è a base grassa, la matita è a base secca. La definizione non riguarda la presenza di legno o meno, ma il legante usato per tenere insieme i pigmenti. Quelle che sto usando io in questo video sono a base secca, quindi matite colorate. Solitamente quelle che usano i bambini a scuola sono matite colorate (ma se un bimbo li chiama pastelli ci capiamo lo stesso, no?)

  7. Domenico Satta August 8, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Grazie anche a me è servito molto, io faccio disegni a matita con la grafite nera, ma ti assicuro che mi è servito moltissimo!!!!

  8. anna austa August 17, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Grazie mi é stato utile potresti fare un video în cui fai vedere come colori un personaggio

  9. Vito Legrottaglie September 25, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    sono moderatore di un gruppo fb dedito al solo pastello secco e soft, x cui esenti dal gruppo il resto della famiglia del pastello: cera ed olio, e le dico con estrema certezza che c'è tantissima confusione tra pastello e matita colorata! ma purtroppo sentendo il suo video anche lei non sembra aver le idee chiare affermando che pastello è solo a cera, e che le matite colorate son pigmento secco! non sono qui a caso, un'amico aveva postato questo video in un gruppo e non essendo conoscente di tale materia mi ha interpellato e chiesto di guardarlo, eccomi, le matite colorate erroneamente chiamate pastelli hanno un pigmento totalmente diverso, e non sono sfumabili con le ditae non sono secchi come afferma all'inizio del suo video, cosa che invece con pastelli secchi e soft si puo' fare, riordiniamo le idee: esistono 3 tipi di pastelli: a cera, ad olio, e secchi in varie quest'ultimi gradazioni, ma tutti polverosi x intenderci e sfumabili con le dita, prevalentemente i leganti composti da colle animali, spesso da colla di coniglio per tener fermi i pigmenti del pastello, invece le matite colorate intanto non sono sfumabili, ma necessitano di matite incolore dette blender per le sfumature. Questa una breve annotazione spero sia più comprensibile adesso.

  10. Rebecca's Channel January 31, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Ciao, le matite colorate, si possono utilizzare per disegnare sulla tela?

  11. DANIELESPADAPAGINA April 22, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    Ciao, io sono un disegnatore dì 40 anni, che in seguito a un incidente stradale, è finito a avorare in una cooperativa, ora in pensione e in questa cooperativa, hò affrontato un mini corso di disegno artistico, tenuto da un professore di Brera: il professor: Federico Tosi.
    Eglì cì hà tenuto questo corso, ma siccome io disegnavo da una vita, non mì sono accontentato, e spintoda mio papà: il quale hà semprecaldeggiato quasta mia passione, hò seguito anché dei corsi tramite il computer.
    E tramite il computer: appunto, hò intrapreso un metodo di disegno: quello di usare la mina a scalpello, per colorare le grandi dimensioni e lo hò, trovato molto, molto utile!

  12. Tiziana Incalcaterra November 10, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Sai che si chiamano matite colorate ma continui a chiamarle pastelli facendomi rabbrividire!! Io ho sempre saputo che vanno stesi prima i colori chiari per poi aggiungere gli scuri. Comunque c'è anche chi parte dagli scuri come te.

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