Leaders of the Free World Backer Preview #1 | Speed Coloring a Team Pinup (Narrated)

This is the free world on Kickstarter me and Cory those thank you very much And in this particular video we are going to be coloring the very first Pinup that I ever did with Cory, which was I guess more promo than actual cover I thought it would cover at the time, but it you know ended up being a pretty big lead into a lot of other promotions and character wheels and stuff like that without further adue you can see that on beginning was Eco right here Pretty easy this one Cory wanted to ‘county him to have I remember specifically him asking for an effect like Goku when he goes super saiyan All the ground starts floating up around and things like that so that was the approach I’ve done when I drew it and I believe I ended up putting like some glowing effects or something similar Around him once we ended up Anything the colors here? When I go with the colors on characters that have white costumes, I usually either start with a gray or a blue Overall, it’ll probably be kind of blueish at the end as the actual colour as opposed to pure white Even the highlights on this one even if though they aren’t blue. They’re more yellowish than actually white white is a color that’s Universally kind of agreed on by artist is being saved for highlights Designing this costume was actually a lot of fun and he’s one of the Easier funner characters to draw among the whole group because it’s a pretty simple bodysuit kind of straightforward but also because I like how The stripes and the outfit kind of separate the top from the bottom and kind of give it sections all really being really simple Like it’s just a bodysuit design But somehow it ends up really working just because of where everything is placed in the colors how they break up It’s a big contrast between the white of the outfits and faretta You


  1. Art by Atlas October 15, 2018 at 9:16 am

    A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who's donated so far! And if you want to pledge, make sure you follow the link below–we're already 80% funded in just a week; only you can help get us to 100% 😉


  2. Agnes D October 15, 2018 at 9:16 am

    So proud of The leaders of the free World team!

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