LFS ! Linux From Scratch ! Build your own linux distro ! Français HD

Hello everyone in my video on Linux From Scratch! Then I present the project linux from scratch In fact it is a book that is updated quite often there we are in version 8 That can be downloaded It is translated in full of languages, it is also in French Then if you follow this guide, in fact You can create your own linux Your own operating system At the start you will not have a desk, its will be a simple system, just command line But it lets you compile your own operating system Starting from nothing at all, from the start Then I did it and I had to start again many times to succeed Every time I start again it takes me two days I just managed to finish it It was long and really complicated I present the website of lfs, from linux from scratch There is a large community if you have problems To install your linux There is a wiki also I have a very powerful virtual machine To create my linux from scratch very quickly Here you can see the system My operating system, I created my linux There is no GUI for the moment But if you follow the book Lfs 8, the last You will arrive at this result in fact Here I am in root I show you the contents of the OS I open the folder bin, I list Once it’s over it makes you a small minimal system very fast This is a great experience you need to do at least once if you like computing If you have time Its request much patience because often it is necessary to start again several times I really advise you to do it on a virtual machine Because when you have mistakes, it’s unpardonable, you have to start all over again This video is now complete, watch my other videos and subscribe to my page. Goodbye !

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