Live! FAQ: What paper should I print on? Plus studio + coloring announcements! Show and Tell Updates

hello everyone! It’s Laura here and today
I would like to just do a quick update let me just get the chat open on my
laptop hold on! dooo deee doo… let’s see here.. Here it is… All right… Helloooo!!! okay cool. there we go now we have the
chat open so I can see what you guys are saying…. let’s just…. okay!
all right, I think I’m all set up. hello welcome good morning! um… so welcome
everyone… oh I’ll wait for people to show up a little bit before I really get
going but I thought before I would start I would just sort of run through what
I’d like to cover today in this video I’m not going to be doing any coloring but you know! I have a lot of updates for
you guys I haven’t been around for a while so I figured I would just come on
um… fair warning I am a little bit sick that’s actually why I’m here… I took
the day off of work so I’m going to go and lay down after this video but hey
how you doing oh my gosh long time no see yeah I’m fine I just have like a
summer cold I tend to get them when the when the summer heat kicks in and I’m
not used to air conditioning very much so hi Patti how you doing so yeah I
don’t have air in my studio so like right now it’s probably it’s 72 degrees
outside but because yesterday was really really really hot my apartment although
I had the windows open couldn’t cool down completely so it’s
probably about I’d I’d guess about 85 degrees in here right now and it’s
supposed to get pretty warm today too so temperatures can reach 110 degrees in my
apartment that’s Fahrenheit so yeah so yeah how are you doing Suzie and Patty
and everybody else that’s here oh she’s good she’s right here here I’ll show you
guys really quickly… unplug…. hello Abby say hi to your fanclub she
says hello okay you guys see I have a lot planned to cover for today I have whole
bunch of piles of stuff going on so um.. we have a lot of things to do yeah she’s
my sweetheart she’s hot it’s already hot you can tell by her face. I’m from
Pennsylvania I’m right near Philadelphia hey how you doing how are you Belinda so
anyway um the topics that I’ll be covering for today one of my most
frequently asked questions is what kind of paper should I print on for my
coloring pages you know the pages that you buy on
people’s PDFs stores and stuff like that or maybe you want to try a different
type of paper than the paper that’s in your books so I’m going to cover
different types of paper that are really great for coloring especially mixed
media coloring like I like to do hey Amanda how you doing much love to you too! nice Suzy it’s so good to be here I miss
you guys so much and and I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people
saying like oh you know where are you so I can I can discuss that too as well as
we go through the video but um so that yeah the first topic will be what type
of paper that’s one of my frequently asked questions I think it’ll be really
nice to cover that in a video for you guys so I have like piles of stuff to
show you and then I’d also like to share a little bit about my facebook group and
also some stuff I have going on in my Etsy shop. Oh Scotland Ohio we’ve got the UK
represented nice I love it that the coloring
community is so global but yeah so then after I cover that stuff then I’ll be
going through all of my latest colorings this is one of the latest ones I’ve just
posted on my Instagram and also current works in progress then I’m going to go
through I’ve been doodling a lot so I’ll show you guys my doodles I’m gonna maybe
talk about my next book if we have time and also show you some of my brand new
coloring books even though I haven’t been coloring a whole lot right now
doesn’t mean I don’t plan to in the future and I’ve been buying a lot of
really beautiful books so thank you Susie Thank You Belinda and Australia
that’s right we’re on the other side of the planet yeah so um I’ll just move
this out of the way because this will actually come a little bit later where
I’ll show you guys I’ll talk about that a little more later. And I’ll move these… (funny sound Laura makes with her mouth) and I just wanted to throw it out there
this is actually Michelle Kahler’s work she’s so amazing really fun thing we did
on Facebook well I’ll talk more about that but first I just want to dive
into paper so um you guys know by now I’m sure but if you’re not familiar with
my channel I’m really a mixed-media artist I like using watercolor markers
color pencils all sorts of great materials I experiment a lot I like to
use whatever I can find and I like to buy new art stuff all the time but I use
everything I buy and I’m always trying new things so a lot of people ask me you
know what kind of paper I use because you know if I use everything then the
paper I use must be great right that’s what people say I really believe that
you should buy paper specific to the media that you’re working in but that
doesn’t mean that you can’t just follow what I do too if you want to but I’m
just going to cover so the first thing I want to say is there’s there’s some
problems that you may have with thicker paper like watercolor paper in your
personal printer at home but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have that
you can’t like take it to a copy shop like staples or you know your local
mom-and-pop shop and they’ll have printers that can handle this weight
paper sometimes I’ve run into trouble hello Melissa how you doing sometimes
I’ll run into trouble where the people at the shop especially it like big chain
stores don’t really know how to handle it and so sometimes I’ll have some
issues but I have this great little local print shop that’s right down the
street from me they do all sorts of different you know poster size stuff but
also just regular printing stuff and they they’re not that expensive usually
printing on a large large page like this is about two dollars and if I’m
doing a project where I want to do a big drawing you know two dollars to me
doesn’t seem like a whole lot of money for to start off with a nice page but
then like a smaller page like this this is smaller than then a coloring book
would be here let me grab a typical sized book here we go this is about the
size of the Johanna width so this isn’t much different in size so I would say that
this would be a really nice size to work in if you’re if you’re used to books. what I like about this size paper is that
every single print shop I’ve ever come into they have no trouble printing on
this paper yeah me too it’s a lot cheaper than some
of the more high-end watercolor paper but as you can see I did a page of like
really heavy loose washes like where I was saturating the paper and this is 140
pound paper but it hardly buckled so even though it’s a cheaper cheaper
“cheaper” quality it’s still you know it’s got a… it’s not 100% cotton of course…
but it’s 140 lb or a 300 gsm if you’re over in.. you know everywhere else
in the world… lol… but yeah I like this paper it’s I usually get it on sale for 40%
off or 50% off at my local chain art store and I usually look for the ones
that have more sheets in them so these are a great buy it’s it’s a nice
economical paper for a good price and you can take this to a local copy shop
they’ll have no trouble printing on it because it’s smaller than a sheet of
regular paper and you know it’s got that perforated edge so it comes out pretty
clean nice a nice little economic…. same with the drawing paper if I’m just doing
dry media like markers and colored pencils especially do beautifully on
this paper this is one of my favorite papers for pencils again really really
inexpensive I like this bigger size for doing larger
projects where I want to have more detail and I want to really get into it
so again it’s the same thing where it’s perforated this one you’ll definitely
have to take to a copy shop most likely because of the size unless you have an
oversized printer at home the weight is fine for a printer at home it’s just the
size so you could get excuse me I’m sorry I’m a little sick you could get a
smaller size pad of this and it should fit through your printer…. so there’s those but I think by now most people who have
asked me this question know that my favorite brand is Strathmore. Strathmore
has a huge line of different papers if I’m doing drawing papers I I will like
if I’m doing like a fine finished drawing for my own personal work though I tend
to use this Bristol the reason why is it’s just I’ve taken a sheet out already
so I can show you super rigid really thick has a beautiful surface to it and
it absorbs w… wet media… water media beautifully so it’s not as bumpy and
ridgey aw… even on Amazon huh? that’s crazy… um… it absorbs it absorbs the water really
really beautifully if you can’t get Bristol mixed media paper I have toned
tan here but there are white mixed-media papers as well you don’t
have to buy the Strathmore brand either this is just my personal preference but
I find that for mixed-media where I’m doing water and then marker and pencil
yeah I do prefer the vellum as well but I I do use the smooth four marker work
so if I’m primarily doing like most of the work in marker then I prefer the
smooth surface because it seems to not fray my tombow tips as much and also the
the blending of it is a little bit easier I find so there’s a paper for
every job and then for for like mixed-media where I’m using marker a lot
but I’m also using some wet media I love this this toned tan… it works so
beautifully and it’s great for portraits too. – yeah it’s great for light washes
there’s no real issue with… like… if it buckles a little I
have no trouble flattening those pages out so so those are my favorite papers
there’s obviously lots of other papers out there so if you guys have specific
questions I want to make the comments in this particular video sort of a forum
for sharing ideas about paper so if you have something you love please even just
right now in the chat go ahead and just tell me tell all of us you know your
favorite stuff and that way it can be a repository going forward – okay so the
next thing and of course because I’m not feeling well I’m clumsy … sorry about that.. okay so the next thing I want to talk about is my Facebook group
I don’t talk about it a lot here on the channel, but I really adore my fb group here and I
just love these guys so I just want to share some of the projects that I’ve
been working on with you guys in the past so that way if you’re not familiar
with the group and you might want to join on you can see sort of what kind of
events I I do and what what events we run there in the group bought some
expensive paper a while ago and haven’t used I can’t remember
I like the Neenah classic crest too! actually that was a contender for my
coloring book my latest one I went with a different paper but it was definitely
one that I tested and I did really enjoy hello Katrina how you doing
yeah and it’s inexpensive too which is really really nice so if you’re just
wanting to experiment and try things out that’s a great suggestion yeah not as
good for water products but beautiful with pencils and markers are nice on it
too they don’t seem to bleed too much which is nice okay so for the Facebook
events we’ve been doing later not lately later.. um.. so the latest event the color
along we did was a special event that I that I did with Michelle Kahler and
Michelle has such a fun whimsical style and when she approached me and asked me
if I would do sort of like a collab event with her you know we were talking
about things that we loved we both loved and it was steampunk and animals that we both just like both really love the
subject matter so we came up with the idea of the steampunk zoo if you love
this idea she has a whole lot more pages in this theme that she’s been working on
and they are so cute and really really clever and creative so I would
definitely recommend checking her out I will leave a link in the description
below once the videos done. and the next thing I want to share is I also do these little
lessons and I plan to pick this back up in the fall where I give like worksheets
out where this was a free download and then I also did videos in the Facebook
group where I showed how I colored these noses here so what’s nice is I try and
kind of share some tutorials and helpful ways to color especially portraits I
know people are sometimes struggling with so figured we’ll pick this back up
in the fall I’m looking forward to it and I’ve been preparing some new ones
for you guys and I also just run events where I do my own coloring pages this
was one that we did for St. Patty’s Day I just did this cute little portrait of
a clover fairy next up I wanted to talk about my stuff
on Instagram oh this is washed out this I just want to just say this is so hard
to photograph it never looks the way it does in person and even in the video
I can’t even it’s like so much darker I need a white sheet of paper… there we go. whew! I just what I did is I
photograph it and then I adjust it in Photoshop
that was my best way to handle it but it’s a very dark page and the camera
just doesn’t like it but if when I put a white sheet it does help to kind of
adjust the balance there on that so this page was so much fun to color it was
part of a color along with my friends on Instagram
and actually I experimented a lot with this page this is the first page I’ve
ever done on dark blue paper I’ll just flip it over so you can see this is dark
blue cardstock that I got at a craft store and I at first I printed it on
white paper just on my favorite Bristol and I’m messy aren’t I I printed it on
here and colored it I painted it rather with matte acrylic paint but I didn’t
like the result that much I felt like the paint I don’t know it just didn’t
feel right to me so I was like let me see what I can do so I went to the craft
store and I was just sort of poking around and I saw these sheets of I think
it’s in the scrap booking section these sheets of 12 by 12 cardstock
unfortunately I didn’t notice until I started but this is actually textured
let me see if I can it without glare… well it’s just not gonna not do it’s not
gonna do well but but um oh do they I didn’t see it as loose sheets in the
store this was an experiment so I didn’t want to like invest in a whole pad of
paper but I think if they do sell this impact like if they do sell blue and
pads I’ll do it.. I’ll totally snag it but it’s got like a texture to it I don’t
know if you can see I didn’t notice until I had started and I liked it and I
was like oh so I fought a textured cardstock the entire time it was tough
but I you know I it’s it was funny because it made me layer a layer
and layer so I think the result is pretty nice I didn’t use any gouache or
white gel pen or anything this is all just pencil so a pencil and black marker
I did use black marker thank you it was so much fun and the ladies on Instagram
you should check out their work I’ll put their work as links in the description
below after the video is over so go check them out they are amazing too and
I just love their stuff so yeah that was a lot of fun so I obviously I’ve bought
more colors you can tell the color palette I tend to really like… so I
plan to play around more with that in the future because that was really fun and then then we have I have this page
from my book I’ve put it in plastic because I’ve
layered so much on it that it just I touch it and it just stuff comes off
it’s so saturated so I put the plastic on it just to keep it protected so this
was the one I did these are all on my @lauracolorstoo Instagram account so if
you want to check them out they’re there I have process videos and all sorts of
information about them and it’s funny because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do
it on toned paper and I actually messed it up the first time so actually twice
yes I messed it up a couple of times and then I finally got the hang of it so I
just wanted to show that because you know oh and also the fact that I always
start on toned paper with the white the white pencil first but I just wanted to
show that like even if you make a mistake there’s nothing wrong with that
you know you just gotta try it again because even experienced artists with a
lot of skill do make mistakes and there’s and there’s no there’s no shame this is another one this is a page from
my Etsy shop and this is actually a portrait of a friend of mine on
Instagram her name is Cindy actually she’s on YouTube – it’s a Cindy Cink!
I’ll put a link in the description below it was so fun to draw her she was so
sweet to give me permission and then this was actually also a color long we
did in that group of friends… and then another page I’ve done recently is we’ve got prince Jomo
here and the flutterfant and my book is falling apart because it is very well
loved already but um yeah this guy he was so fun to color so much fun I
especially liked doing the elephant the “Flutterfant” Okay,,, So then.. works in progress… so then I have works in progress thank
you guys sorry I’m not looking at the chat too
much I do have a lot to cover obviously I just I don’t want this drag on forever.. but um please do… if you have comments, I will get to them. okay so I have a bunch of pages here
which I’ve been working on like this guy here I’ve been working on on the channel
I do plan to finish this one with you guys so just hang in there if you’re
waiting for it go creative and do it on your own if you don’t want to wait but I
do plan to finish this up on my channel at some point then we have this one here
this is from from fabrika fantasy’s hello Lisa welcome this is from Fabrika
Fantasy’s book I think it’s the second book I’ll look it up and put it in the
description later I’ll I’ll link all of the all the books that I’ve yeah I I
love all of Fabrika’s drawings but this one in particular I love mermaids and it
really spoke to me so this has been a long time work in progress but I do plan
to finish it i scuffed it up a little here but i’m gonna black out the
background so it’ll be fine and then I did this a long time ago when they did
the 30 days of flowers challenge and I just haven’t finished it but I do plan
to finish it because I love the way it started and I thought it was really fun
project so I got sick halfway through and I just sort of lost momentum on it
but that’s okay this is a work in progress from a draw this in your style
challenge on Instagram but I didn’t finish it it’s just a quick watercolor
layer all over a pencil and I don’t think that’s focused yeah yeah well anyway yep so that was
that this was a old work-in-progress I had started but I didn’t finish so she
looks to red still yes Suzy I like them too they’re really fun and then this is
another experiment on that colored paper I didn’t finish it but I liked the
result I thought it was starting to look pretty cool this is a page that I have
in my Etsy shop see yeah that was that was really fun this is actually a page
that got aborted I know that’s sad but I I saturated the paper so much that this
is shiny and it’s not shiny because I put any special effects on it that’s
actually just wax from pencil so unfortunately I just can’t go any
further and it’s not finished so this this unfortunately is just not going to
be finished it happens I have an old work in progress in magical dawn this
guy here I did plan to finish that and post the entire time lapse on my channel
and then also this one here I had a request from a fan to finish this so if I
do get any time this summer this will be the one that I’ll work on just to get
you guys that back on track with that one because that was one that I was
doing here on the channel and I don’t remember the reason I abandoned it but I
definitely still love it and want to finish it some old works in progress
which I do plan to finish at some point but which I just am so so swamped yep
you got it Stephanie I’m thinking I’m thinking about it don’t worry it’s just
I’ve been so busy so unfortunately but then this mermaid is just pure
marker and it’s funny because I was experimenting with wetting the tombow
after I put it down so I I put the tombow down and then put water on it
with a brush but the paper didn’t take it too well so I’m gonna have to fix
some things with pencil and later but it was a nice experiment and I’ll probably
finish it and then this is a work in progress that’s actually been almost
completed it’s just I just have some like little details and things to do and
then get rid of the outlines for some of the spots so hopefully I’ll be able to
finish this at some point I started that last summer and then see did I … no… I didn’t work in this did I? sorry No that one doesn’t have a wip all right so now I want to show you guys
even though I haven’t had a lot of free time lately it doesn’t mean that I’m not
you know creating artwork it’s just that I’ve been well okay so I’ll explain as I
go through my next bit so I want to show you guys I have another Instagram
account called @doodlefaerie and I’ve been doodling on that account so I have quite a lot of work the reason I started that account is
because I wanted to still be able to share my stuff with you guys but I knew
that I probably because of my work schedule and some personal family things
that have been going on I’ve had recently two losses in my life so I’m
just sort of processing that and also you know just a lot of things going on
I’ve been too busy to color unfortunately but I always doodle every
day no matter what that’s a habit I started in 2009 yeah me too but I don’t
really want to talk about that yeah um I don’t want to get em.. emotional but I
I’ve been daily doodling since 2009 and what’s cool is it’s it’s a way for me to
like practice and teach myself things and just sort of you know unwind figure
things out experiment it’s just been a safe space for me and rarely do I ever
show them but lately they’ve been turning out pretty well or well some of
them anyway and I just feel like since I wasn’t coloring a lot I wanted to oh
thanks I can’t wait to I can’t wait to see what you do Belinda and and I’ll
talk about that a little bit if you’d like at the end of this video but I
don’t really know the details yet so maybe I should wait…we really haven’t figured it out yet… but anyways so I’ve been just doing these fun little watercolor and colored pencil drawings
and these are on bristol I’m just using a small selection of colors and just
really having fun with them ah the seahorse
awesome um I probably will do prints at some
point the originals are available on my Etsy shop already the originals are
discounted right now I think still but if not I’ll put them back on before I go
too much further you can find the works that I’m showing here on my Instagram
@doodlefaerie and I’ll just keep showing you so here’s some more now these this
pile here is not for sale either because it’s a work-in-progress that I do want
to finish or it’s like these guys here or it’s like a famous person I don’t I
don’t have rights to actually sell it because the photograph was taken by
somebody else so it was like Anne Hathaway so she’s not I’m never gonna be
able to sell her but you know it’s really fun to do these that they’re just
sort of thank you all right no problem don’t lose sleep on my account and this
is the anniversary of the day I quit smoking ten years it’s amazing take care
have a good night okay so there’s there’s my doodles I also have a couple more to show you… so I also did a series after that
watercolor series which I really loved now these aren’t finished none of these
are so I’m not going to be selling them anytime soon and I’ll probably finish them up but I did a series of acrylic paintings… here’s the first one I did actually so this here is
20 by 20 and again it’s not color balancing well.. ew… the color… I don’t think you can really see the true color here but so that’s the that’s the full image there and then .. oops… really clumsy.. so these I did mostly so for this painting I only used this brush and these these palette
knives and this was an experiment because I love little detail you guys
know that I’m like all about sharpening my pencils really small and getting in
the little tiny nooks and crannies everywhere well I decided to go the
opposite direction and only use big brushes as a method to force me to kind
of get better brush control and also to figure out shapes better yeah wow this
color is so off… hopefully the next ones won’t be that way… so I have a couple more that are smaller these are not white balancing well there
we go that’s a little better so again like for these because they were smaller
canvas I allowed myself a little bit smaller of a brush the smallest brushes
I was using were these so I still was using this in these that I also allowed
myself to use these as well for areas like you know that the eyes where I
could do this you know or so so my point is that I was just trying to force
myself to do something I’m really not comfortable with. so then there’s two more yes, funny how the colors… flashing out. okay so then and those were acrylics on canvas and now my current series so oop, wrong way… so this is a little book I found and it was
discounted because I had a dinged corner it was like 20% off and then I used a
50% off coupon so I don’t normally buy these fancy books but I just thought
since it was discounted I would do some doodles so these are local landmarks in
my area I live in Philadelphia PA that red is too bright too it’s funny how the
camera just… I was hoping by putting a mat back here
it would help but so these are watercolor only I’m trying not to use
any pencils thank you this is boathouse row my favorite
beautiful landmarks this is like an old covered bridge nearby this is only about
a 15-minute drive from my house so that’s where I’ve stopped so far but I’m
gonna keep going on these yeah I do have two or three watercolor tutorials I do
plan to do more in the future gosh even these pages buckle no I didn’t go to art
school I have taken classes though I didn’t graduate from college as an art
major I was a filmmaking major actually and that’s I think why I love making
these YouTube videos but anyway ya know I I really only took a couple classes so
the majority of my art training was in high school sorry I’m just gonna keep moving here so
those are all my recent doodles now I want to show you guys some more coloring
stuff that I can talk about so when I was in high school I was an AP art major
and if you’re not in the States what that is this is basically like an
advanced program that’s what ap stands for I think and basically what it is is
it’s like a more challenging more demanding rigorous course that many colleges
actually take credits from them so they’re considered nearly college-level
so I took ap art in high school and while I was taking art in high school
I’m just going to show you my new these are my new coloring books that I’ve
gotten but I do want to talk about them too actually so I’m just going to flip
through Eirene while I tell this story so this is a copy of Eirene oh thank you all
right well I’ll send it later on this afternoon thank you Suzy! this was a
copy I got it’s actually a misprint there’s like something wrong with it but
I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but so it’s one of those rare copies that I got
I was very very lucky so this is brand-new I do plan to use it but I may
end up scanning it and printing off of it because it’s also signed right here
Nick Filbert I’m a huge huge fan so when I had opportunity to buy this book
to get this book I was like yes so I’ll just flip through it because I
know it’s just beautiful so yeah so in high school I took ap art and I’ve
been drawing pretty much my whole life always interested
in art and yeah so I figured I would just take AP art and have fun drawing in
school and so when I took that class there were a lot of kids in there that
were SuperDuper talented…like excuse me…. I was not the most talented person in
that class I’m sorry I’m just trying to breathe my my cold there are a lot of talented kids
in that class but I was not one of them I was just in love with art and I was
decent I could hold a pencil and I could draw but there were kids that were
blowing me out of the water but being not the best kid in the class
was actually good for me because I had to work really hard if I wanted to be
good so I did I spent all of my extra free time after school drawing I would
do colored or not colored pencil charcoal portraits so I’d sit in front
of a mirror on the floor at home in my dining room um you know 15 16 years old
and I would just draw my face over and over and over again that’s how I that
good at portraiture and that’s probably why a lot of portraits look like me not
intentionally but it’s just because I started off by drawing me and the reason
why is because nobody wanted me to draw them I tried drawing my little sister
and it turned out terrible and she was annoyed because she had to sit still for
so much so long she’s like that doesn’t even look like me you suck it was such a
you know she she was a kid and we were you know but it was hard on me so I just
decided I would just draw myself hello Gary
and don’t don’t be hard on my little sister guys we we were siblings that
were really close in age so you know you just got to give you know that’s this
just how kids are I’ve long since forgiven her for that but uh you know it
was tough for me though to find anybody who would be willing to sit for me so I
just drew myself and that was my training as a portrait artist I’ve been
interested in portraiture since I was a kid so I started when I was about 15 16
drawing myself and I’ve I probably drew like about 300-400 charcoal portraits on
newsprint they were not good I probably won’t show any if all of them but the
thing is is like if you’re not talented then you have to work so that’s what I
did so by my sophomore year of high school okay this is a longer story than
I thought so I’m going to show you guys this is
Dinny Sidik’s I think that’s how you say it anyway she is a friend of mine on
Instagram and superr super-sweet and she just came out with his new book I
just love her work she so this was her first book and we did a book trade since
we both have two coloring books I sent her my two and she sent me her two which
was really really fun and so I plan to work in both of these but I’m going to
you I’ve already actually scanned them and I have a work-in-progress that I’m
going to keep it as a surprise so that way she doesn’t see it in case she
watches this video so um so yeah there we go that’s a little bit more clean
looking so I’ll flip through these while I finished my story oh yeah so I was just
working harder than all the other kids in my class and then sophomore year of
high school my art teacher her name is Gerald– Geraldine Burns we called her
Mrs. Burns she was amazing I wish I could get in touch with her and
tell her thank you but she gave me the school’s only scholarship to a local art
college so basically once a year the local art college would give my high
school my it was a public high school I you know I didn’t grow up rich or
anything they gave one student a scholarship to their art there are their
art classes and they were it was at a local art college they were it was
called the young adult workshop it was moore college of art that’s like a
woman’s college but I mean legit classes they were no joke really really
difficult but yeah she gave it to me she said I’ve seen your progress over the
past year I still get emotional thinking about it because she was so sweet
I’ve seen your progress over the past year you’ve worked harder than any other
student so you know here you go so I took a huge advantage of that
opportunity and I enrolled in figure drawing classes so at age 16 17 I was
thank you it’s a true story too – sixteen seventeen I was drawing nude models so I
was drawing you know while all of my buddies are out having fun partying and
drinking doing whatever all summer long I went Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. all summer long to art school and it was all I took
every figure drawing class they had I took an anatomy class so in total she
gave me the scholarship every year after that because she saw I just kept getting
better and better so by the time I finished high school and graduated I had
taken eight figure drawing classes an anatomy class and a figures in
proportions class so that’s a total of ten college-level classes that I got
before I even graduated high school plus the AP art that I was studying while I
was enrolled in school and then I also had some of those local community art
classes that I would take sometimes when I was in during the weekends like if I
was just not busy and I wanted to take an extra class
so this is Dinny’s first book oh I know she was and I could get in touch with
her and thank her because it’s funny the only thing she said to me when she gave
me the scholarship she said Laura you have to promise me that you’ll never
stop drawing. so I wish I could tell her that I haven’t but uh nope I didn’t I
didn’t I kept my promise so I’m sorry I just I wish I could find her so much but
I I contacted the school and she had retired and and they lost touch with her
so I can’t really there’s I just so Geri if you were out there back in the
day you know thank you yeah I just want to thank you so much
so this is Dinny’s second book and you can see the huge improvement from her
first book to her second book I’m so proud of her she is coming along this is
what I’m talking about you just got to put to work and she is doing so much
better and these drawings are really sweet so this is her second book and
this is on much thicker paper it’s a hardback book so she’s really
just improving her coloring books all around really really proud of her for
how much she’s how much work she’s put in. so, yeah after high school I didn’t
really I took a couple of art classes while I was in college you know when I
could as you know extra classes and all that but since then I’ve been
self-taught… heh… Sophie Turner but uh yeah so my doodles, what I showed
you guys earlier that’s sort of my school I just make sure every day to sit
down for one hour at least and draw draw paint do whatever and there’s no rules
with my doodles I can do whatever I want I can do series I can do one offs I can
do any media I want the only rule is that I just have to do art for an hour
and that’s how I’ve gotten better all these years I’m not talented I’m and I
believe that anybody can draw and and the reason I believe it is because I’ve
lived it so I know it it’s possible and I’m not the best artist out there but it
doesn’t matter to me I just love it I love it so much so yeah so are these
books beautiful I mean look at her she’s gone so good in just one year so
amazing oh well I want to get better still so I’m just gonna keep going I
feel like I have more in me yet look at this one gosh she just she’s gotten so
good so I’m really proud of Dinny and if you like these you can definitely
go get this book no I’m not the best out there it’s just yeah it’s just fun yeah
this book I highly recommend it the paper is good and thick the the printing
is well done there’s nice no no no sorry I’ll definitely put a link in the
description Suzy I’ll ask her cuz I I didn’t buy this we just traded books so
I’m not exactly sure but I’ll find out and let you guys know because she’s yes
she’s really really got some nice work in here so I’ll flip through this and then I’ll just show you the other
guys that I got so oh.. me too she and she’s an independent artist from
Indonesia she’s got a beautiful brood of children that are all so sweet and just a
really really kind-hearted and beautiful person I love chatting with her all
right and then the other coloring books I got… these are just things that I saw you
know I mean even if we’re not colouring we’re still buying coloring books right
I mean it’s just like how it goes so I found this book at a store and it was
discounted and I just I’m not gonna flip through the whole thing but I’ll just
give you kind of a it’s got like this cream / white printing thing going on
there’s just kind of interesting and it’s just a lot of beautiful wildlife
and a lot of them have really open background so I could create some really
cool stuff in there I just love the imagined imaginative like way that she
plays with scale and yeah just really really fun stuff so I picked this book
up it’s by it’s called Into the Wild by Daisy Fletcher I’ll put a link if I can
find it I got it in a store it was on a clearance rack as a discount so I don’t
know we’ll see but these guys I got on Amazon when Game of Thrones finished I
picked up these two books because I was super inspired to you know try my hand
at coloring but haven’t gotten to them yet they’re they’re all just blank but
they’re there’s some pretty nice images and them both very different styles thank you so this one’s oversized this is the size
of a normal book this is 10 by 10 and then this book is like yeah it’s almost
12 by 12 it’s almost a foot that’s a big beautiful oversized book and got some
really nice clean clean line work really nice stuff so I like both of these books
I’ll probably color on both of these books… just don’t know when… but… okay… last but not least.. a lot of people have been
asking me.. when’s your next book coming out what’s your next book about what are
you doing oh thank you very much yeah does help me out a lot um so I just
wanted to sort of give a public announcement about my book this is the
first time that I’m announcing it anywhere online I’m not going to be
doing a paper book this fall I’ve been too busy too many things going on this
year that it just really is not possible for me however that doesn’t mean that
I’m not drawing coloring pages I have actually several in the works as as we
speak like it’s just that I can’t dedicate a 42 page bound coloring book
that’s printed takes nine months to draw if I’m drawing everyday for about 4 to 5
hours a day and and that’s that’s like crunch you know I like to actually spend
longer than that and do a nicer job on the pages than that so I just don’t want
to rush a book and put out something subpar I would rather do a smaller
project so I’ve been working on this series zodiac signs that our steampunk named
and you can see I’ve actually started coloring them as well
so I’m going to be releasing a PDF book of 12 of these I have all of the rest of
them already sketched out and planned I just have to follow thank you glad you
like them I just have to follow through with them
and finish out the final drawing but yeah so I’ll be doing these this kind of
gives you a taste they all have a similar type of background but each each
figure is a full figure and they’re in the theme of so if you can guess let’s
let’s see if you guys can guess which of these if you don’t know already
you can put it in the comments or the chat but I’ve just sort of decided
nope not Capricorn I’ll give you a hint look at her head
this one is Pisces definitely and also the two fish you see I put the constellation in the
drawing so here’s Pisces Aries is right yep
there’s the Aries and then this one not Gemini you got it surely this is fun
anyway I’ll be I’ll be doing I’ll be doing the whole set and each lady I
actually did a lot of research on each star sign because I didn’t know that
much about them yes Taurus you’re right um nice job guys yeah Taurus also likes like fancy
clothes and they’re their featured area is their neck so I had I drew a lady
that was has a long beautiful neck so I did a lot of research into each star
sign I didn’t know a whole lot about it before I started but I’m really enjoying
this series and really getting into it so you can look forward to seeing this
entire book completed this fall if you’ve already bought one of these pages
oh I’m sad too that’s one of my favorite pages yeah that’s cool that we’re about
the same sign I didn’t hear that anyway uh if you’ve bought one of these
pages already don’t worry what I’m gonna do is actually contact every single
customer both past and future so if you want one of these already and you want
to get going what I’m going to do is contact each person who’s bought one of
the pages and give them a discount proportional to the amount of pages
they’ve bought so you’ve if you’ve bought all three then you’ll get that
equivalent discount off of the book when it when it comes out it will be PDF only
again I really cannot getting a book printed is I can’t even tell you how
much work it is especially when you’re self-published oh sure well you know I
mean these are already out so I don’t want to say you can’t work on them and I
don’t and the people who have bought them already that’s sort of not fair you
know they’ve purchased it and then they want
to buy whole book later anyway I totally get it
so you know if you guys have bought it already I’m gonna just give you guys a
deal on the finished book when it’s time yeah so that’s that’s what I’ve been
working on that’s all my news updates ex ex cetera I hope you guys enjoyed this
I’m sorry I didn’t actually get any coloring today but it’s already actually
been an hour I can’t believe it just flies when I talk to you guys I’m gonna
end the video with a little bit of a B so every time I sell out one of my
booked boxes like I keep my boxes in a book I mean my my books in a box so you
can see Abby gets the one when they’re done oh thank you there she’s sleeping
away in a box so yes she gets the empty boxes when when the books are sold out
of the box all right guys it’s just so hot though
so we’ll probably move into the into the other room which is a little bit cooler
all right well if you guys don’t have any questions I’m all hang out for a
minute or two if you guys have anything that you want to ask me or you know let
me know then put it in but otherwise thanks for chatting with me I really
missed you guys and it’s been real fun catching up all right oh and one more thing I’m
sorry um in my shop I had I saw my coloring book the circle portraits book
and I did this drawing this lady recently she’s in my Etsy shop but I was
just sort of testing out a printing company and I wanted to see what their
cardstock was like for printing on um for coloring pages so I just ordered
these for I think they’re 5 by 7 oh no they’re 6 by they’re 6 by 9 so I
ordered these as just like a test to see you know what what the paper was like
and I played with it a little bit and they’re fairly nice it’s a fairly nice
quality so I’ve been giving away these little packets as freebies with my
coloring book now I don’t have a ton of them I just I’m giving away anything
that I didn’t play with so if you guys do you buy my book you can expect one of
these things little little gifts it’s got the the bookmark the extra page and
then a little sticker in my card so yeah just another little Phoebe I threw out
there that’s well supplies last so oh yeah for an original purchase I’ll
throw in a little don’t worry I always like to give freebies with my FTP sales
for Amazon unfortunately since it’s fulfilled by Amazon which means that I
just send the books in and then they do the rest of the work unfortunately that
doesn’t happen so if you do want one of those packets you’re gonna have to get
it on Etsy but if you want the free prime shipping on Amazon that you’re
gonna want to go over there so I think that’s it I forgot looks good I’ve covered all my piles
piles of artwork alright guys thanks again for watching I love you and I miss
you guys too so thank you so much for watching my videos and I will be back
hopefully in the fall with a lot more content once things slow down a little
bit but if you want to catch my doodles you want to head on over to Instagram
that’s where I’m mostly at right now I’m just doing those little doodle pages and
yeah so yeah see you soon


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    There's a lot of great paper out there. These are my personal preferences when I'm coloring. If you want a more specific answer for your own work, please type in the comments below what media you'll be using, what printer make and model number you have (so I can look up what GSM it can handle) and your country so I can look up and make sure the brands I recommend are available to you. Please allow some time for me to research and reply to your question. Please also feel free, if you've found something amazing, to share it with the community here in the comments! I would love to know what you love to work with!

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