Mechanical and Automobile Engineering @ Pillai College of Engineering

In Mechanical Engineering we have three subcategories of courses like Production Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Design Engineering This undergraduate program
is run through four years In the first year, you know, you’ll get to
know all the basics of engineering What are the basic concepts…
You get Physics, Chemistry, Math… Subjects like Autocad,
subjects like computer programming… You’ve got a lot of practical sessions being organized They also have of the management subject,
like project management supply chain management Industrial engineering management… Our curriculum, our syllabus, is
basically based in such a way that they have ample time to, you know, grasp the subject without having a lot of stress on them What I like the most is like the
freedom to do any project in everything we are given PBL, the Project Based Learning, so we get practical knowledge. Over the last four years our students are keenly involved in making of cars. We started out working on the car from scratch We just went with procuring the materials We went with assembling is all together,
all the designing that it took us around a year to get that car on its wheels and running The Department organizes various technical seminars, various workshops So the students as well as
the faculty members get benefitted and they keep updated. The research laboratory that we have in our college is not to be found anywhere else We are getting 3D printings from there, we have bots, so we can know how things are done. Being an engineer I get innovative ideas, which can help in developing our nation our neighborhoods, how to go for environment friendly. We have a Placement Cell which is fully equipped and they have been training
these students for all the personal interviews, group discussions… In the recent past our students have been placed with automotive giants like Mahindra and Mahindra, and also with some subsidiaries
of Land Rover and Jaguar All the faculty really help to build you as an engineer The teachers are ever ready to
guide the students whether it be a something, a project related to their curriculum or beyond that. It’s very friendly, supportive, inspiring… I’ve had really good experiences
here for the past four years I have made so many friends here,
so many friends I can’t count. First year you start out It’s always you Trying to build up your own groups but by the time you come to the fourth year you realize that in these four years you have actually build up your own new family.

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