what’s going on through with the
microchannel if you knew here I’m Priscilla and I’m Maddie today we’re
gonna be mixing colors it in pigment into our slot it’s very very possible
yeah are you sure yes what that’s crazy sorry I know it’s mind blown science and
before we get started as video demo check all of our social medias see
awesome stuff that we do are you ready to do this crazy science experiment yes
I’m ready for science let’s do this so we have three pigments here we have blue
pigment that turns into violet yeah flappy bird that turns into yellow then
we have red pigment that turns to yellow awesome and we’re gonna making three
slides with these so I’ll be making this one and I’ll be making this one and then
we’re just gonna make us work together so oh my gosh I’m just so excited for
this like it pour in our Clara globe this is awesome so excited I cannot wait
to a little ice cube so we’re gonna be adding into in our pigment imagine
editor red yellow I’ve read the more the better
okay okay I’m getting my purple pigment and I’m so this is like crazy I’m so
excited for this well I can’t wait okay nothing’s changing yet it’s already
turning blue on my spoon let me know a spoon is hot oh my gosh this is crazy
so let’s pour in our greed and this is like a dark God and zombies mean it’s
not really a black yeah I think it’s gonna turn to black well oh my gosh I
cannot wait for this this green one because I wonder I would really like
house oh no to the yellow with the stuff yellow to black is this green supposed
to be blackening you know to me it just like powder does it really seem to me
the red like metallic look at that I’m gonna mix it now you guys are pretty red
well I love this red it’s so pretty well this is actually dark it smells weird
look at mine whoa that is really pretty I just love this color it’s so pretty
guys guys these clothes are so awesome even though green or I don’t know what
this is clothes Mississippi but even actually looks really pretty pretty cool
now let’s activate our very weird science experiment
I yeah I really like this science experiment I feel like I’m in school
I feel like now they’re gonna make this site let’s experiment for school yeah
that’s good it’s turning yellow so fast all our slime and now a system out so I
want to show you guys something I’m trying to make like a little crunchy
sound it so I put it up here and I hold it up for a little long one then I’m
gonna put it back down it’s like turns blue but you have to look up a little
longer now imma try out with the ice oh my gosh oh this is cold but this is
really nice oh my gosh I get it now
when I add like when I add ice like what it’s cold it turns blue when it’s hot it
turns purple no all right gonna test the heat to see
if this does something bring the heat so that was like so cool I am like
really surprised that that happened this is just like Greg glows red and it turns
to yellow well let’s do this okay it’s so cool guys it doesn’t do anything
that’s cold so let’s try to heat Wow
okay nostra dice let’s transaction rule that’s so cool so Maddie’s and this one
is a light and mine is different do the cold water on here okay this is so cool
it’s like the best line I ever made so far
yes say I bet this is always an well-being
– time oh my god watch out boys rate j.crew let’s see how good this line is now let’s erase it 25 times 5 oh my gosh
I was 25 well 125 the abs are teacher and now it’s yellow but let’s turn back
to green black yeah so now we’re gonna mix this all together just do a color a
duck it goes okay let’s do swirl my gosh – I think is the roomiest yeah – yes
you’re just taking if you just mixed the green and the red it’d be a watermelon
okay let’s see what its gonna but color I’ll be and I wonder what color it will
be like when you put the ice on there or something I’m pretty sure yellow cuz
there’s more girl oh bring the heat get off the ice oh that’s so pretty so pretty
god this is the coolest toy I ever made I suggest you to try this and yeah the
disappointed yeah you will not be disappointed at all so we hope you guys enjoyed this video
we hope you enjoyed our little science experiment and Kadesh ads goes to mrs.
Buelow Alicia and Dana thank you guys so much for watching and if you guys

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