New Makeup Releases November 2019

hey guys it’s Lauren welcome to my channel or
welcome back to my channel today we are talking about a new makeup lunches
coming out in November 2019 I’ve done quite a few of these videos
before it’s pretty much a series here on my channel where I talk about my
opinions on brand new makeup launches and also share like where you can get
the products how much you can get them for all of that good stuff the pictures
that I will put up throughout the video so you guys can kind of know what I’m
talking about if you’re unsure but those pictures do come from hot-fire dot
makeup & trend made one they’re both Instagram accounts that are
really great for you know staying up with the trends the new releases at that
type of deal so I will have both of their accounts linked in the description
box down below if you want to check them out because I always like to give credit
to where ever my images are coming from so if you’re interested in a bunch of
new makeup launches like some stuff from Hoonah beauty um talk to you beauty all
of that good stuff then it just keep on watching so if you see me looking down a
lot I’m referring to my notes if you’ve been around my channel for any period of
time you would know that my memory not the best have a brain about the size of
a pea so there is no way that I could get through this video without having
some notes to refer to you but I’m gonna try to and not look down too much cuz it
brilliant always myself in editing but continuing on with the video the first
product I want to talk about is one that I feel like everybody else has talked
about and I’m just completely missed out on this is the Tati beauty textured and
neutrals palette this is the Volume one palette and it retails for $48 so I
gotta say I was very tempted by this launch and very rarely am i tempted by
like influencer you know brands and their launches but this one really got
me one because I really like the way that tot he conducts herself her channel
her halo beauty brand so I had a feeling that that would be you know executed the
same way and this new Tati beauty brand and from the way that her products sold
out a hundred thousand units within like the first day I mean I I would say she’s
carrying it pretty well and just the way that I’ve seen her customer service
interact with people who have had trouble with the product and all of that
I I don’t I don’t know I feel like she did it very much the standard that I was
expecting but besides just the person behind the brand I was very drawn to it
because of like the neutral outset I mean it is no secret that I am a neutral
eyeshadow girl you will very rarely see me in something
that isn’t like a neutral eye look so this palette was definitely catered
towards someone like me who likes more of a neutral look and then also I really
do like textured shadows that’s something that I do enjoy and I will
bring down a belt with so I really liked the unique layout of the palette and
there were just a lot of things that I really did like and of course I wanted
to support her I thought the price was reasonable but ultimately when it came
down to it one I was gonna have to jump through a lot of Hoops to you know get
it during school because it did come out I believe on a Friday during like my
school day and I don’t know I just it didn’t really seem worth it to go to the
trouble for all that to be completely honest I just had to ultimately decide
that I didn’t need something like this I do have enough neutral palettes and you
know products similar to this and I just ultimately it came down to there were a
few shades in there that I don’t think I would really use a lot of those like
really warm toned shades I just don’t love on my eye and I just at the end of
the day coming justify purchasing at that entire palette so the next launch
is probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen in the beauty community I’ve been
interested in makeup since like 2012 and I’ve not seen a launch picking this I
really don’t think um I just feel like there was so much hype surrounding this
so much so that it broke the internet um and I’ll get into that in a second
because it really did I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about at this
point it is the Jeffrey star X Shane Dawson collaboration under Jeffrey’s
brand to every star cosmetics and there were a lot of different components to
this launch there were you know a lot of different products there was like their
velour lipsticks there was um a gloss the Shang Lawson I really liked the name
is thought it was really clever it’s just this clear little gloss but like
the name and there was also a lip balm there were a lot of different things
mirrors like so so much but I think the most notable you know components or
pieces of this launch would have to be the fins figure C palette which was like
the big palette $52 18 shades and then there was also a mini palette which I
really did like that they included for people that you know aren’t can’t just
go and spend $50 on a palette and this mini palette is the mini controversy
palette and it still is $28 and so you know basically $30 for a palette still
isn’t reasonable in my opinion but I think that that was a nice auction to
you know give consumers the same as you know the mirrors that they can
not with with Shane Dawson’s little logo on it his new logo I thought that was a
good way for people to contribute and support Shane if they you know really
liked him but maybe they aren’t necessarily too to it in a makeup they
wouldn’t get use out of with a pallet or whatever so I thought that overall I
really liked what they came out with um and even the pallets they and both of
them I feel like kind of the same idea goes for both of them that I really did
like how bulb they were I thought they went with Jeffrey’s brand and I thought
that they made sense with Shane in the makeup that I’ve seen him wear in the
past however I liked how they were a little bit more neutral but ultimately I
was like I’m never gonna wear these shades and you know I support I don’t
know I wouldn’t say it support Jeffery but I will watch his videos I’m not you
know anti Jeffrey or anything but I don’t know that necessarily what to put
my money directly in his brand’s pocket so that’s another reason I was like I
really don’t think I should buy this um but gets going back to them breaking the
internet I’m not sure if you guys know but this was so big that literally they
were on they were on three different like the products were on three
different websites there were more views website jeffree star cosmetics website
and also BB Bay and I don’t know about more of you but I know that Beauty Bay
and um jeffree star cosmetics shut down Shopify kind of the carrier or where I
don’t know like the third party the you know the brand that kind of helps that
function and you know products sell Shopify broke like they literally could
not take any orders they shut down the websites like this little screen popped
up for everyone it was crazy like a madness so definitely a crazy huge
launch that I wanted to just touch on even though I talked about it for like
ever I know it’s been out for a while but I
know that there is a pre-order that either just happen or is coming out very
soon so that you can maybe get these you know products for holiday I’m not sure
about that but I’m pretty sure so I’ll leave it by the links down below if that
is already happen or when that’s going to happen so you guys can know so
Patrick on my opinion is another one of those brands that you know paces they’re
launched as well so Patrick tah has just come out with another collection it is
the monochromatic moment collection and in this collection there’s I believe
like a couple of different competitors there’s these blushes that retail for
$32 they’re like the velvet blushes they have really pretty shades in there um I
think they’re a little bit more unique in comparison to you know
other brands launch then they also had these silky matte lip creams and they do
they’re basically just liquid lipsticks and they retail for $24 but those look
really pretty as well and if there are anything you know people seem to love
those lip glosses that Patrick Tom came out with in the spring so if they have
anything like that formula then I bet these are gonna be really good as well
and then there’s also these lip liners and in each of these I believe there’s
like four different shades in each of you know the categories the lip liner
the blush all of that but with the lip liners these retail for $26 and one
thing I thought was interesting is lip liners and you know from me
I typically you know when I’m thinking about the price of like a lip liner or
liquid lipstick or a lipstick in general I typically would expect a lipstick to
be a little bit more pricey than the lip liner but in this case it is not true
this lip liner does retail for $26 so there is like a two different $2 price
difference between these products so the next launch is from huda beauty and I
want to talk about who does brand for a second because I feel like when all of
these other brands these higher-end makeup brands are continually launching
eyeshadow pallete after eyeshadow palette who’da has kind of not launched
one of their like larger I shoulda pallets in a long time that’s like their
larger standard size I shoulda palettes they have released a few minis along the
way which i think is good you know but I can’t think of one they’ve released in a
long time like the new nudes was the one that I think of last and I believe that
was in like fall of 2018 so it’s been like almost a year since they’ve come
out with their last palette so I think that really did contribute to you some
of the hype surrounding this new hooda mercury in retrograde palette and this
holidays retail for $67 I also think that you know the shades are bold
they’re different they’re bold and wearable and what I mean by wearable is
because wearable is a term that I feel like varies from person person like
something wearable for me it’s something I can wear to school and I’m not gonna
typically wear bright purple eyeshadow now that does not mean you can’t wear
bright purple eyeshadow to school but for me that’s not something that I wear
on a day-to-day basis so that’s my wearable but anyway you can wear
whatever you want to wear but I think just what I mean to say is subtle and
yet some bold shades are mixed in there so you can kind of do what you want to
do and you can make you know my either folder looker a more toned-down look
like I just like the versatility of this palette and I also love palettes with a
theme I like how you know the shades are in my opinion if you know I know
everyone’s kind of getting away from like seeds and all each other shades
like you know you hear any eyeshadow in any season and I love that especially as
a girl who loves pink tone shadows but I also would say if you looked at this
palette you think more spring and summer at least I do and you know I also think
this does work really well with like zode how’s about say zoe ology with like
astrology I really like the color scheme for that and they also love the timing
of the launch I mean they couldn’t release this Mercury retrograde palette
and you know May of 2019 or even may have you know they couldn’t launch it in
May they had to do it right now because Mercury’s in retrograde from October I
believe 30th or 31st all the way till November 20th so I really like the
timing and the way that every you know it’s kind of like a weave every single
thing or a web every single component just goes back to another it’s just very
thematic and I really do like that the next launch is one from a brand that is
not the best at pacing their launches you all know who I’m talking about its
color pop but it wouldn’t be a new makeup release video without a color pop
product in it or like eight but luckily today I really only wanted to talk about
one in particular and this is the pretty fresh hyaluronic acid creamy concealers
in these retail for I believe nine dollars so they’re a little bit pricier
with in their original concealers that they came out with the no filter
concealers and I’m just gonna be honest I believe I’ve said this a few times on
my channel down those concealers just weren’t from me I know that a lot of
people with a different skin type than me really seem to enjoy this but my dry
and somewhat sensitive skin really just did not mesh well with those so I was
very excited to see them come out with it these concealers because they seem to
be a little bit more targeted towards people with my type of skin especially I
mean my skin just loves hyaluronic acid so that’s an ingredient that I love to
see not only in skincare but in makeup as well I just it’s like a little added
bonus the cherry on top but I also like how it’s like a creamier concealer
because that other one I found to be incredibly drying just very mattifying
and it just wasn’t the best for me it wasn’t for me and I totally get why
other people love it because I can see how it work for those other skin types
but this one it does have 30 shades they
seem to pull a little bit Greyhound I’m just off the pictures I’ve seen I’m not
sure if that’s like an accurate accurate depiction of these but they seem to look
a little interesting um and they say that this product is supposed to work
for all skin types we’ll just have to see I mean I have a feeling people with
I mean I could be totally wrong but people with combination or oily skin may
not love this as much as those with drier and more normal skin but let us
know down below if you tried it what skin type you have and what you thought
on it if if you have tried it so the next product is the morphe holiday
eyeshadow palette is there 39 L hit the Lights palette this fella retails for $42.99 I look forward and I should have
palette and the first one doesn’t really relate to this but it’s the shades in
there if I like the shades I you know am much more likely to buy the palette
that’s the first thing I think about but there’s really two components in
particular that I think contribute to the price of a product and you know
where you can put that price point and I would say these doctors are one uniform
lot quality the you know the actual shadows and they’re the product whether
they you know work well or not and I would say that more few products the
ones that I’ve tried like the eye shadows are just okay um you know the
Jacqueline Hill palette I really do enjoy but from what I’ve heard and you
know heard other people talk about it’s just not there if you compare it to the
other more detail it’s like it’s definitely a higher standard and it
doesn’t really correlate to the other ones like it’s um an accurate depiction
of the more if you shout out formula and so if you’re thinking about just their
typical 39 you know shade palettes they just kind of come out with in stock if
you will um they just seem to be I don’t wanna say mediocre because it’s all true
they’re just okay and if you compare them to you know other $20 pallets they
are pretty good but if you compare them to $40 pallets that’s where it gets a
little iffy you know I definitely rather spend my money on a you know to face
palette or a tart palette where that is a very comparable of high spray price
point at $42 so I really have to think about one you
know formula and to the packaging I mean I think this packaging is very very
bland and if you were to combine those two things they’ve really done a way to
you know the price one of this palette and I’m
just being honest I don’t you know find a lot of interest in this maybe you do
one thing I will say is and this is not any shade towards shames we all know how
I feel about him but this really isn’t me meant to be Shady
but when I initially looked at this palette there were shades in there that
resembled palettes from or palettes shades in there that resembled shades
from his palette and I feel like this is kind of a improved version of the
palette if you will with those shimmers and you know different textures I don’t
know that’s just kind of my thoughts on it I was wondering if I was alone or not
but then I looked in the trend mood comment section and I saw that I was not
alone so that’s just my thoughts on being a morphe palette the next launch
is one from Anastasio Beverly Hills who was surprised it is more eyeshadow
palettes under the nerving a subsection of the brand I mean they just keep
coming out with eyeshadow palettes and I’ve done a whole video talking about
the Murad of eyeshadow palettes launched from anastacio if you want to check it
out and just your my thoughts on this whole situation because I have a time um
I’ll have that video linked in the cards and in the description box down below
but to save us all time and you know just me from completely losing my voice
because I could really talk about it forever let’s talk about this new launch
and these are the mini noir Venapro pigment palettes they retail for $29
each and they’re essentially mini versions of the Volume one palette so
they have a mini Volume one and then they also have a mini volume Qi palette
not quite sure when it make a mini volume three I found that really weird
but they didn’t um no one asked me so one thing I will say is I definitely
found out of the three larger palette launches I did find the first one the
most appealing and I think that has to do with you know my attraction towards
pinks and purples but I will say I still am more you know I’m I find the new mini
one a lot more appealing than like the mini two palette um and that’s not just
because of the shades I don’t think I think that the shades chosen from the
larger palette just work a lot better and the mini Volume one than the mini
volume – I feel like the selection was very obscure through the shades chosen
and the like from the larger palette I just I don’t like the shades in the mini
palette I think the versatility and that palette is just very minimal and maybe
that’s because I don’t work with very much I don’t have you know I’m not
well-versed in color so I just I wouldn’t be able to tell you guys but
they just don’t look very cohesive like I just don’t understand it and I know
this is marketing I really do but I don’t quite understand like a lot of the
marketing tactics from Anastacio I don’t understand um but one thing I really
don’t understand is why they would come out with these mini eyeshadow palettes
and I know that they’re kind of doing a cash job like more eyeshadow whatever
but I find it weird not the leading of the opportunity to purchase these from
the larger ones came out because let’s be honest they wanted people to pay $60
versus you know basically $30 that is definitely better margins for the brand
but I’m kinda confused why they would come out with these in general just
because you know people who wanted those larger palettes have probably gotten
those larger palettes by now and if they haven’t I don’t think they’re going to
and I don’t think they’re gonna want the smaller ones either just because of you
know the layout of them I mean they’re kind of bland like I said like there’s
just not much you can do with them just because of how both those shades are
it’s just it’s difficult and maybe I’m wrong maybe you know people who love
color will love these I’m not entirely sure but I just wanted to talk about
that I mean I really could go on for days talking about this but to save us
all like I said a lot of time and me a lot of energy let’s go ahead and close
on the video um thank you guys so much for watching it really does mean a lot
to me and I try and say it in every single video just how much I appreciate
the support if this is your first video or you’ve been around for a while it all
means so much to me so thank you if you’re new here and you haven’t already
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great goal of days until I post my next video and I will see you then bye


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    girl you just made my day i absolutely adore you

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    I love watching these videos! I want the new Patrick Ta products so badly, especially the blushes! I picked up the Pretty Fresh concealer, I hated the No Filter one too!

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    Your personality is so fun to watch

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    Yay so excited for a new video 🙂 I completely agree, I loved the look of Tati palette, I am also a neutral lover and do not prefer warm tones. I tried not to fall under the hype and passed, I’ve been trying to be wiser about my makeup purchases, somewhat of a low buy 🙂 I love your channel

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