Occupational Video – Automobile Accessories Installer

— Music — Do you enjoy working with cars, trucks, vans, and motorhomes? Are you good at visualizing 3D objects in your mind without looking at an example? Do you like working
with power tools and keeping up on all
the latest technology? Well, you may be
perfectly customized for a career as an automobile accessories installer. Automobile accessories installers improve the look and
performance of vehicles by putting in things like heaters, audio systems, security systems, lights, antennas, upholstery, and truck box liners. To check out all the
bells and whistles of this occupation, we talked to an automobile
accessories installer working in Alberta. — Music — Hi I’m Jeff, I’m an automobile accessories installer. — Music — Automobile accessories installers do a wide range of things; from remote starters, heated seats,
audio systems, fender flares,
window visors, you name it. We work on cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, power sports, marine, and recreational vehicles. I got into this field because I love car audio. That’s how I started out. Always had to have a loud car and from there I started to learn there was
many more things than just just putting stereos
into vehicles. (drill sound) Some of the duties they can range from putting remote starters
into vehicles, removing it from the
customer’s older vehicle if they want it
in their new one, custom building
different accessories, making sure
everything’s tidy and tools are in order. Maintaining shop cleanliness
is a big one as well. You don’t want to work
in a dirty environment. (Mopping sound) Sometimes we do have
to give quotes on labour and calculate how
much that will be and give the salesman
an accurate idea of the time it’s going
to take for the job. (Window sound) When a vehicle comes in, you
have a check sheet you have to follow; make sure all the windows
are functioning, locks are working, trunk opens and closes, little things like that. Just make sure if it isn’t working,
write it down. They want locks and power hatch hooked up and all that? A typical day for me: first thing in the morning do a troubleshoot that comes in. If you have a customer
that has an issue with an install from previous or from another shop. After that’s done, start your normal booked vehicles for the day. So it could be a
remote starter in the, during the winter,
most common. Putting a subwoofer
into a vehicle, cell phone boosters
for fleet vehicles, GPS tracking, whole bunch of stuff. After an installation, you have to do a full test to make sure everything
you’ve worked on is working flawlessly. Tools that I use most commonly are hand tools: wire strippers, a soldering iron’s something
that’s used every day, lots of electrical tape, (drill sound) power tools, table saws, routers. I have to use computers and different software
throughout the day. Working on higher end vehicles or exotic cars can be a challenge
because there’s more computers and electronics
and wiring in it than in your normal domestic vehicle so there’s a lot more to
get around and work with. (Music plays from stereo) It can be very noisy, especially if there’s multiple
vehicles in the bay getting stereos or whatnot put in. There’s exhaust in the bay
so always make sure that you have an exhaust hose on and it’s well ventilated. (Drill sound) The skills you need to
get into the job: being able to communicate
is a big one. Being able to understand
the instructions for the unit that
you’re going to be putting into a vehicle. Being organized is very
important as well; make sure you know
where your tools are. And general knowledge of how a power tool
works is pretty big. (Drill sound) Formal education isn’t required. Personally I find it’s hands-on experience
is the best way to learn. (Beeping) There are definitely opportunities
to advance in this job. With years of experience, you can work your
way up to management or foreperson, even eventually open
up your own business. I could see myself in the future possibly getting into
teaching people to just show them the ropes and give them an idea so they have some
direction ahead. The thing I love
most about my job is having your customer
go away happy and having a better vehicle leaving than when they came in. I’d say if someone’s
really interested in getting into this job, go to shops, bring your resumé, show initiative. If you have a passion
for vehicles and want to get into it, the best way is
just to get out there. I love vehicles. I’m a car guy. I’ve been
a car guy my whole life and I can’t see myself
doing anything else but working on cars. — Music — To install yourself
in this career, you need to be a
good problem solver, enjoy adjusting and
fitting parts together, and take a methodical
approach to your work. All this makes you
a perfect fit. Look under the hood
of this occupation and check out the
required experience, educational requirements, and salary ranges in the occupational profile on the alis website. And be sure to find out
about related occupations, like auto detailer and
security alarm installer. Explore the possibilities! Go to alis.alberta.ca. — Music —

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