Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Picture Tubes, Let’s Make 3D Buttons for Cloths by VscorpianC

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2 how to create a button for scrapbooking
pages. Start with the new canvas 300 by 300, 72 pixels. On your canvas you pick a background
color I’ve picked this color and I don’t want a foreground color so I have just closed that out. Came over here Ellipse tool, pick the circle create on vector checked with 0 anti
alias checked. Drag and create a circle on your canvas. Go to objects and center it in your canvas. Right click your vector layer convert it to a raster layer. Pick your eraser tool. I have it set to 25 the hardness 100 and the opacity 100. Now you can just click a couple areas inside your button to make some buttonholes then you can go up here to effects, 3d effects, Inner bevel you wanna choose number 12
which is this one that looks like that and as you see if you do the holes first this is what
you will get Okay, so cancel that out an erase those
holes. Now, you wanna do your bevel first, just
wanted to show you that because I made that mistake quite a few times. Now here’s your bevel which is number 12
here. So it should look like that, width is 20, image smoothness 25, depth I have 6, ambiance 15, shininess 42, I
have an angle for the light 335, Intensity 25, elevation 32 and just click OK and now you can go
ahead make your button holes. That again is size 25 you wanna sharp
circle hardness 100, opacity 100. Now you can use your guides if you would like to if you need help to make it perfect
you can just drag out the guides, to help you get things exactly where you
want em. But for this it’s gonna be a real quick
tutorial so we’ll just go ahead and just kinda guesstamate, where we’re going to put our buttholes
and there you have it. this is quick, easy as that now you just want to merge down that layer, and you can save this as a, picture tube and it’s a little different than saving
other files you go to file, export, picture tube, give it a name over here, buttonholes it automatically gives it the extension click OK and let’s see if it worked. Let’s open a new canvas 300 by 300, go over here choose picture tube, and let’s find the button we just made button holes here it is and now you can take your cursor you can
lower this scale size it down a little bit since we
have a small little canvas for this and then you would just place your new
buttons on your scrapbook page wherever you want
them to be and that’s how simple it is to create
nice-looking buttons with a little beveled edge, and again we
are using Corel PaintShop Pro Photo x2 powerful, powerful tools to make really nice stuff.


  1. HexeAmaretto November 4, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    It's easy but I have much difficulties on the beginning,because you do it to fast and I can't follow.
    One thing to the help on the holes in the middle. You can use the grid. Go to View and make a hook on grid. So you can order the holes instead of the correct. You can give the holes a shodow or make a Within phase inside.

  2. Skywave Lincoln April 14, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    Not exactly the button I was looking for, but this pointed me in the right direction! Thank you!!

  3. JoAnn P July 20, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Thank You for the helpful tutorial!

  4. susan schuler April 26, 2019 at 7:30 am

    way way too fast on your steps!

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