Pigment Ink & Vellum Birthday Card

– [Instructor] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my Youtube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using the new Let’s Celebrate stamp
set from Paper Smooches, as well as the
Celebrate Balloons dies. And I’m also using
two different packages And I’m also using
two different packages of pigment inks from Colorbox. This first one I’m using is the color
combination called Kiss and then I’ll be using
the blues and greens and that one is called Envy. So I’m stamping some of the
balloons from the stamp set So I’m stamping some of the
balloons from the stamp set in various colors
of the pigment ink. And I’m going to
overlap some of them and others I’ll just stamp
and cut up the balloons right next to each other. The thing I really love
about using pigment inks for solid images like this is that the ink kind of sits
up on the surface of the paper and it has a really solid,
it’s hard to describe. and it has a really solid,
it’s hard to describe. I just really love the texture that the pigment ink provides. And it’s also
usually very solid. So, if you get a spot like this, I’ve got that little white spot in the center of that balloon, you can pick up a little
bit of ink and dab it on. And because that ink sits up
on the surface of the paper and doesn’t absorb
into the paper, it gives you the opportunity
to fix mistakes like that where if you were
using a dye ink, where if you were
using a dye ink, you might not have
that same opportunity because you’d be applying
more ink over the top and then it kind of
darkens the area around it. So I’m taking the
circles and square, little confetti stamps
from that stamp set, added some more into that. Now I’m gonna use the
DIY Party vellum pack that I used a while back with
the colored vellum in it. And I’m going to be
cutting the balloons out of some pale pink vellum
and also the red vellum. And I decided to not
take these dies apart. I would just cut all of them and then I would have the chance to pick which ones I wanted. Now this pigment ink takes
quite a long time to dry. And it was taking too long
even with my heat tool. So decided to take some
clear dull embossing ink So decided to take some
clear dull embossing ink or embossing powder,
excuse me, from Wow and add that over the top. And because I’d already
dried some of it, the embossing powder didn’t
stick to all of the areas. But the more I worked at
this and the more I used that I was like, you know what,
it doesn’t really bother me. So I decided to just keep it
and not re-stamp everything. But you’ll see that
there are some areas kind of in the center that
have a little bit of texture and that’s the embossing powder. So I’ve placed all of the
balloons that I wanna use on top of my stamped scene. Then I’m gonna snap a
picture with my cellphone so that I can have
those balloons in the exact same positions
after I add adhesive. So I’ve run these balloons through a Xyron
Create-A-Sticker machine and this applied adhesive on the entire back
of these balloons. So that as I adhered them
because they’re vellum, because there’s adhesive
all on the back, it’s not going to
show the adhesive. I think it’s kind of a
fun way to use vellum. So I’ve attached three
of those balloons and then for this
third pink balloon, I’m gonna go ahead
and just place it over the top of that
stamped pink balloon ’cause I wanted to
intensify the shade. So I wanted to mention that
these particular balloon dies are the exact same size as
the balloons in the stamp set. are the exact same size as
the balloons in the stamp set. There is another set of dies,
they call them the Icon Dies There is another set of dies,
they call them the Icon Dies those are the ones that are slightly
larger than the balloons and that you would use to
die cut those balloons out if you wanted to have
them as separate pieces. So I used a black marker
and a t-square roller to draw on some strings. And I also trimmed
down that stamped piece so that it was slight smaller than a standard
sized card front. So the finished size
of that balloon piece is actually four inches
wide by five and 1/4 tall. is actually four inches
wide by five and 1/4 tall. I then took some black cardstock and I prepped that with
an anti-static powder tool and then stamped the
happy birthday greeting from the stamp set
in the VersaMark Ink, sprinkled on some Hero
Arts white embossing powder and then heat-set that until it was completely
smooth and melted. Trimmed down that piece and I’m going to adhere it
with a little bit of foam tape just kind of on the lower
right-hand side of this card. It’s going to overlap
some of those strings and that string coming down
from the pink circular balloon. It was a little wonky
so by covering it up that helped hide how
kinda wonky it was. So I’m prepping
my card base here. I’m using some Neenah Desert
Storm 100 pound cardstock. And I just squared
that at five and a half to create a top folding card and then put some foam adhesive on the back of the balloon piece and adhered that
down onto the card. I wanted to add a couple
little confetti pieces so I stamped those
after everything was
already on the card. And then we are
completely finished. Hope you guys enjoyed
today’s card video. I will see you tomorrow for a brand new
Letter Tuesday video. Thanks so much for watching. (cheerful pop music)


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  3. Arianator Grande February 14, 2017 at 4:04 am

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