Pigment Playtime: Exploring Golden Barock Red PO65

hey guys and welcome to another episode
of pigment playtime so today we’re going to be looking at one of my favorite
paints which is yet not on my palette that will be very soon and that is
golden Baraka red by old Holland golden Baroque red is a pigment number P o 65
according to her and print com it’s made of methane nickel complex old Holland is
the only person that makes us in paint form it’s a light fast semi opaque
non-staining and dark valued earth red pigment so let’s take a deeper look into this
pigment I have a large sheet here this is a fart free paper or so known as a
quarter sheet so I’m going to run some tests on this paint first I’m going to
do aggravated wash a transparency test a blooming test a water droplet test a
salt test a lifting test and a layering test and are going to mix it with other
colors that I really hear from hat all the time
see how it mixes and you’ll find out as well why this is one of my favorite
colors orange is not widely used as a pet in paint form in the watercolor
world because it is so easy to mix most people don’t keep a spacer on their
palettes however this one I feel it’s definitely a special case as it’s an
earthy red rather than a bright orange it makes a great replacement for burnt
sienna so first we have the gradated wash so
you’ll get to see the pigment in its deepest tone and its lightest stone and
you’ll get to see how the paint moves as well in water it is quite a blooming
paint it will spread and bleed in the wet most of the paint from old Holland
doesn’t rework quite well and it has a great flow to it this is a comment
within the brand and it’s also easy to rework in the pan so I’m just placing
down a clear wash here to do a dispersion test this will see how the
pigment goes in wet water as you can see it does spread quite a bit in the water now as I said this pigment is not yet on
my palette currently in its place I have burnt sienna there will be a video
explaining why there’s Bernstein or my palette but I cannot wait to replace it
with this paint I love love this paint and cannot recommend it enough
it’s a gorgeous orange color if you are enjoying my content please consider
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we’re the way I’ve done the color mixing is on the left hand side is the color
swatch out bang go to mixing brach Redick with and on the right hand side
will be the mixture of the pigment and golden Barack red so the colors I have
that I’m mixing with cadmium red light parylene red saving a yellow medium
saving a yellow lemon ultramarine blue Prussian blue cerulean blue turquoise
the agustin violet phthalo green warm sepia extra burnt sienna Mars yellow
which is yellow ochre opera rose royal purple Lake which is a magenta and then
a Kringle hue which is by Emma Graham I really really enjoyed though delving
deeper into this pigment it is one of my favorites and I enjoyed so much playing
with it and finding out more about it some of the colors on this list I would
not think to mix his paint with and I’m glad I did as it creates some very
interesting mixes it creates lovely neutrals were mixed with the blue
ranging from browns to dark grays we’ve colors like the ultramarine you can also
see soar speckles of orange in there as an ultramarine blue granulates it’s a
very pretty effect I will zoom in and give you a closer look at the end of the
video when the paint is all dry you you you you you before I give you a closer look I’m just
going to do a lifting test and a layering test so I’m running a wet brush
over the area three times and dab me away the tissue and I’m doing this two
more times afterwards and as you can see from the first time I lifted most of the
paint off and after a second time the paper pretty much goes back to white so
this is a very easy liftable paint that is quite unusual for a red or an orange
color usually they’re pretty heavily staining when it comes to glazing or
layering or it really does do it quite well despite the fact it does lift easy
it will also glaze a pretty well I didn’t have any problems while glazing
it went down quite nicely and it added an extra depth of color so I can give
you a closer look now I’m going to f—– the paper up and show you a
close-up of all the colors you can see that the salt test and the
water droplet test were successful it did react to both of those tests the
salt test was quite interesting as you’re about to see the wash is a smooth
wash it doesn’t granulate it’s a really nice color
it doesn’t particularly cauliflower either which is also good
now hand print dot-com did say it was semi opaque however there is no deposit
left on that black line so I would disagree and say that it’s transparent
the dispersion test was also conclusive and the paint spread very nicely the
reaction to the salt was quite a nice reaction it gave some really nice shapes
in the paint and here you can see the really nice mix is a color that you can
get we’re mixing with golden barak red so have you tried it this color yet if
not would you like to I will leave a link down in the description bar where
you can pick this color up from Jackson’s art in the UK it’s an
affiliate link and using that a link or go to always helping this channel with
no extra cost to yourself so I’d really appreciate it if you would use it I really hope you enjoyed looking at this
color I know I certainly did and I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I
enjoyed making it again the fully scanned innocent watch
card will be available over on my patreon which I’ll link down the
description bar as well so thank you very much taking the time to watch this
video hopefully I shall see you in the next one and take care and bye bye


  1. Paulo Abreu November 1, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    really nice orange. thanks

  2. EtherealOde November 2, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Nice color! I really like how it salted.

  3. M.D. Campbell November 3, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Wow, a really wonderful color! I could definitely see this being used with a limited palette, perhaps with a Pthalo Blue and Hansa Yellow. The combinations between all three would be fabulous! Thank you, Daniel! Great job! 🙂

  4. arcuda2001 November 8, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    New subscriber here 👍 I really enjoy your videos and all the info that you share .. thank you and cheers!!

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