Pisanka z efektem rdzy i marmuru – DIY, tutorial

Hi, my name is Dorota Freitag, I’m from Kreatywnie.com. Today I have for you Easter egg with marble and rust effect. I am starting with the white primer. I am using Fleur paint this time. I chose Nelson Blue, Green Queen, Istanbul Interior, Cape Tow Blue and Yellow Ocher colors. I start with the dark blue paint. When it is wet I put the next layer using perforated sponge. After the paint is dry I can prepare modeling paste reliefs. I am using silicon or rubber mould. I prepared two reliefs and have to paint them with bluish grey powertex. I also prepared three pigments: mocca, yellow ochre, red ochre. This mix creates an excellent rust effect. I put the pigments on wet powertex. I am using also powertex as glue and to correct pigments if there are empty spaces on the relief. At the end I am using the dry brush technique and cover the rust with some Cape Town Blue and Istanbul Interior paint. Before I make more decoration I have to cover the egg with some varnish. I can also make some yellow points using ocher paint. I need to glue only metal elements – little chain and ring. It is kind of super glue. My project is ready. You can also add some shadows near to the chain. Thank you for your attention! Don’t forget to leave some comment and see you in the next movie.

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