PixieCrafting: Totoro Anhänger * DIY – Anleitung – Watch me craft * UV Harz/Resin *

PixieCrafting: Totoro Pendant I stick the bezel on the tape and press it on hard. I mixed white pigment with thin UV resin. I fill the bezel with it and spread it to the border. I cure the white layer extra long with the UV torch. I add another layer of thin UV resin. I add the cut motif directly into the still liquid resin. I lock the position of the motif by curing the layer. In another layer, I add a bit of Aurora glitter… and cure the layer again with the UV torch. I add the last layer with thick UV resin. I spread the thick UV resin on the border too. I cure the layer and let it harden well under the nail lamp. The light glitter gives the pendant a bit of extra magic! Links to materials used in the description!

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