Review: 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

Hey guys, we’re back. I’m Paulo Rafael Subido, editor in chief
of Top Gear Philippines. Now, you know, it’s been a while since I’ve
been excited about a new release, and the car that we have with us today—or the truck, rather—is actually something really quite special. So I want to introduce you guys to the much-awaited and much-anticipated Ford Ranger Raptor. Here it is in the metal. I’m looking forward
to driving it. Let’s hop into the driver’s seat and check it out. So come on, let’s go. So much hype surrounds the Ford Ranger Raptor. I was actually invited by Ford Group Philippines
to attend a preview in Thailand. That was early 2018. When the Ranger Raptor was finally unveiled
and the specs were revealed, I knew that this was going to be a hot seller in the Philippines
because the trend now is 4×4 modification. Just drive on EDSA and how
many modified pickup trucks will you see? These are the pickups with taller ride height,
you know, bigger tires, of course they have their snorkels and all of that. Now I don’t claim to be a 4×4 expert, we
have our off-road editors for that, but what I do know is that with the Ford Ranger Raptor,
you can drive off the showroom floor with a pickup that is already so capable, so hardcore, and so badass. Now let me tell you the reasons why. We’re big fans of the Ford Ranger but the
Ranger Raptor is all about performance. This car, it seems, was built to thrive in off-road competitions like the Baja 1000 and it has a very, very impressive spec list. It has a wider track. It’s wider than the regular Ranger. The
frame has been toughened up and reinforced, and I think the gem, really, of the Ranger Raptor is the Fox suspension which soaks up the bumps and keeps the chassis in full control no matter how fast you drive
over the rough stuff. I can’t think of any other pickup on the
market that you can buy right now, in the Philippines, that you can launch off a dune
and land and still have full composure. You’d be crashing about in a normal
pickup, but because of the Fox suspension, it’s sublime in here. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter bi-turbo engine. That is the trend nowadays. We are going for lower-displacement engines but it has two turbochargers in there and I must say, you won’t be wanting for power when you’re
behind the wheel of this thing. Mated to the engine is a 10-speed automatic
transmission. Shifts are super smooth, they’re also super
fast and they can be done manually through the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. And what I think is really cool is that the
drive mode selector is on the steering wheel itself. So you can choose the different terrain modes:
We have normal mode, sport mode, we have grass, gravel, and snow—you have to select 4-high
to use that. We have mud and sand. So the computer will do all the thinking for
you when you’re going over surfaces like that. And I think the most exciting one is ‘Baja
mode.’ If you’re familiar with the Baja 1000, these
race trucks are launched off dunes and they just soak up all of the bumps, and you’ll
see the suspension moving and the reason for all of that travel is to make sure that the
wheels are in contact with the ground as much as possible so that none of the forward momentum
is wasted by a loss of traction. Now it really is quite special in here. I love how this red band comes stock on
the steering wheel. This is something that you normally see in rally cars. And it’s because it’s kind of expected
that when you’re really playing with a Raptor where it’s supposed to be played with, you’ll
be sawing around with the steering wheel a lot. Alright, so you have the leather-wrapped steering
wheel and you have these very special Raptor seats. They have excellent lumbar support
and they really hold you in there—of course, they should because of the kind of driving
you’ll do with this thing. I really hope that if you do buy a Ranger
Raptor, you use it for what it’s meant for which is really bashing around in some off-road trails. Now, I think what’s going to happen is a number of owners who buy a Ranger Raptor probably
won’t even take this thing off-road. But you know, it’s nice to know that your
truck can pretty much do anything and the satisfaction of knowing that is, actually,
it’s worth it man! So yeah, I’ve heard comments from people
say that you will have the coolest truck in the parking lot. And man, I’m not even going to argue because,
yes, until Ranger Raptor rivals arrive in the Philippines, I think this
pickup is the performance king right now. So, I’m going to enjoy this truck some more. I’m going to enjoy playing with the different
drive modes and the different terrain modes. What a fantastic drive this is, and I am envious
of anyone who owns a Ranger Raptor right now. So, this has been Paulo Rafael T. Subido, Editor in Chief of Top Gear Philippines. Stay driven, guys.


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