Review Tẩy Trang, Sữa Rửa Mặt “Đắt Cắt Cổ” Nhưng Dùng Là Ghiền

Hi, it’s Emmi here! This video is specially made to review high-end cleanser. You may ignore this because a facial wash is just expected to well purify, have consistent pH and not dry out the skin. That’s enough. Why do we have to spend 1,000,000VND for a make-up remover or a facial wash? Believe me! Even in a cleanser, the differences between a drugstore and a high-end product are vast! Products Im reviewing today are all must-try products! Shall we begin? What are the differences between a high-end and a drugstore wash? You may find many fantastic drugstore products. They may be gentle for skins, consistent in pH while not drying out your skin and purifying well. First diference between a drugstore and a high-end facial wash is its purity and ingredients’ quality. And second is the feeling on the skin out of nice pakages and well-known brand. Take an example about its purity and quality, like mineral oil Between a product from Shuu Emura with mineral oil and a drugstore product with mineral oil Shuu Emura causes rare irritation than the other. When talking about feeling on the skin, before started to use high-end micellar water I had thought they were all the same. But after using it, it’s not only good at washing itself, it lays a wonderfully soft and smooth feeling on your skin. Now I’m reviewing some high-end cleanser that I really adore. One thing special, there is a give-away at the end of the clip. First one is a first launched product. It’s Beuins Makeup-up Crush Bubble Cleanser. This one is controversal for its high pH at 8. It is said that you’d better not use high pH product right? But I still think everyone would love this because it is both makeup remover and facial washer that we must not skip. First is its outstanding cleaning and removing ability. It is a foam formula and when it comes to meet the makeup layer, it will be liquidised and wash off everything. Even waterproof products. It contains a surface active element called Myristic acid only found in nature and in most plants and animals’ lipid. The best thing of it that is it causes rare irritations and can be polarised into negative ions help soften the skin, reduce surface tension, loosen dirt’s bonds on the skin and clear all dirt including make-up. Besides, there are also some surfactants extracted from coconut oil. The second reason I love it is that it doesn’t dry out the skin. It contains moisturisers like squalane, olive oil, vitamin E and ceramide. My darling cleanser is Lancôme micellar water. It’s ingredients are not so complicated First, it contains no alcohol. Second, rose extract, a iconic ingredient in Lancôme products, it softens the skin and has a relaxing scent make me feel like I’m in France, so fancy and luxurious. It is tested not to cause pimples, irritations by agency. It is best for sensitive skins. It costs 950,000 VND. It is 2 to 5 time more costly compared to a drugstore product. But if you can afford for your sensitive skin, it is a excellent product to benefit your skin. Another product from Lancôme called Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleansing Makeup Remover It’s a facial cleanser and makeup remover. When comparing these 2 in removing ability, this one deserves 6/10 and this one 9-10/10. Lancôme’s ingredients are beautiful with Acacia honey, which is high-class after Manuca. As you may know, Acacia honey contains acid amin, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances and AHA gently purifing the skin. I like its formula so much! It’s thick like honey when pumping out Needn’t water, just massage. It emulsifies itself. Add some water and you will have a perfect foam formula. It will radiate heat onto the skin You will feel so cleaned on the skin It cannot wash away waterproof products but will not dehydrate your skin. The product I use the most is Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam Face Wash This is the third bottle I use and there’s only little left. Kiehl’s calendula series is so popular. This facial wash is unforgetable. Its highlighted ingredient, Mediterranean calendula can soothen the skin which is suitable for sensitive skin. Besides, glycerin can moisturise so well you won’t feel so tight on the skin with standard pH at 6. Some feedbacks from you say that this product still dehydrates you and that the calendula toner causes you itch. In fact, no product on earth can match every skintype despite its good ingredients. Nahh I’m still crazy for this for it cleans so well and the calendula scent on the skin is so relaxing. My skin is semi-dry but still, it’s so soft. Next one is a newly introduced one. It’s Shu Uemura Nutri:Nectar Gentle Cleansing Oil In Emulsion. Shu Uemura is well-known for its cleansing oil. So what’s new about this? Like its name, it’s not oil, but it’s a rather thick emulsion gel. This one is thicker than cleansing oil when massaging it on the skin. So be gentle when using it, don’t be so strong. It can emulsify well. Just add some water and it will turn into a milk-alike formula. The thing I love the most is the softing feeling on the skin after using it. I used to be a fan of Shu Uemura Ultime8 And their abilities to soften and moisturise the skin are nearly the same. Like the name ‘Nutri:Nectar’ There are quite alot ingredients that help soften, moisturise and reduce irritations Like Acai, Magnolia, Reishi mushroom and Nectar that will moisturise and soften the skin and strengthen the skin defender. Of course, do not expect the anti-aging or moisturising ability too much in a cleansing product. But obviously these ingredients do soften the skin One thing I wanna say is that this product has strong herbal adour like in spa. Botáni Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover. First, its ingredients are 100% organic which are nutritious for the skin There are Squalane (Olive), Calendula Officinalis Extract, (Jojoba) Seed Oil and Lavandula Angustifolia. In short, it helps soften and soothen the skin. It is claimed to soften, anti-oxidise and strenthen skin defense. I’m not sure about a cleansing product’s anti-oxidising power. But based on its ingredients and how I feel when using it, it does well in softening A well hydrated skin means less irritations and stronger defense. The thing I love the most is its organic ingredients which go on well with all skintypes even prenant women. So instead of using some synthesised surfactants cause high risk of irritation it uses natural surfactant that is coconut oil and fermented sugar. It is creamy with little or no foam making substance. So it is like applying nourishing cream with extra cleansing function. It lays a softened and smooth skin. Despite the formula, it is suitable for even oily and combo skin. It is writen with ‘Eye makeup remover’ It is ok as a cleanser except for waterproof products. It costs 969,000 VND, so consider carefully. The best for last, those are 2 products from Clinique. Just kidding, I’m reviewing in no order. The last 2 are coincidentally from Clinique in Take The Day Off series. Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for lids lashes and lips is so well-known and there are a similar product, that is Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. There are no differences between these 2. These have 2 part, those are sillicone and micellar water. Therefore, shake it well before use. This sillicone acts as a lipid, or oil, helps wash off dirt and makeup easily. Sillicone may make you fear, but these sillicone is easy to evaporate that causes no annoying feeling. I love this eyelids remover so much! Just one wipe, all waterproof and mascara will go away. Clinique products contain no spices, no paraben and no irritative factors. Clinique is founded by a dermatologist, so it may fit many skintype, especially for sensitive skin. I copied Linh Truong from Themakeaholic, she gave a positive review on Clinique Take The Day Off Balm I saw through my trip to Korea that these days trend in Korea is using balm instead of oil Every Korean brands produce at least one cleansing balm for it has many advantages. First, it is portable for traveling for its wax formula. You don’t have to worry that it would spill out and you can carry it easily. Second, it cleans everything well. Take out a little amount, apply to the skin, gently massage, emulsify and wash off with water. Do not use naked hand to take it out. You can use a cotton swab like this. I have fell in love with this from the first use. It’s like melting on my skin I feel so soft with no itch. And its cleansing ability is totally out of question. Every makeup layer will go away. This one contains no mineral oil and paraben Besides, it contains rum seed oil which has high level of linoleic acid, so it fits both oily and acne skin. Out of that, it has coconut extracts, glycerin and vitamin E, help nourish and moisturise the skin. Go and check the description box to get the price and where to buy it. Like I have said, it’s give-away now! Not 1, there are 5 gifts for you! #1 Lancôme Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleansing Makeup Remover #2Beuins Makeup-up Crush Bubble Cleanser. #3 Clinique Take The Day Off Balm #4 2 Shu Uemura Nutri:Nectar Gentle Cleansing Oil In Emulsion Like and share this video, comment which one you want to use I will choose randomly 5 of you to give these. Good luck and see you!


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